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    2011 520d
  1. Heated seat not working

    Yes electric movement still working,garage looked at it but they only suggested it could be the module....they had car for nearly 4 hours and never gave me any real clues as to what's wrong.....presume they didn't want to do the job because they said they would email me with a breakdown of the costs for the 3 faults I asked about....never heard back from them.
  2. Heated seats on passenger side and both back seats just suddenly stopped working.... drivers heated seat working perfectly....does anyone know why this would happen.... seems strange that one seat would still work perfectly while other 3 fail. Cheers Tommy
  3. Another problem

    Wow ... big list there mate , but I know what you mean about losing confidence in a car
  4. Another problem

    Nothing at all ... no lights showing when button pressed. Cheers Tommy
  5. Heated seat not working

    Passenger side heated seat not working.... drivers side is fine , anyone had this happen to them , it's a 2011 520d. Cheers Tommy
  6. Another problem

    Update- turns out the passenger seat and the back seats not heating or buttons lighting up .... only drivers seat is working .... strange It's going to garage on Friday to get new light control unit fitted so I'll ask them to have a look at it. Suppose it is a bit of a rant .... just hoped bmw would be reliable car ... but not turning out that way.
  7. Another problem

    Passenger heated seat not working 2011 5 series ..... beginning to wish I had kept my jaguar xf. Seems to be one problem after another on this car
  8. Why did I go back to a BMW?

    Maybe I am not qualified to speak on this yet but after speaking to a few people in the car trade I think I have made up my mind to try and find an old car where I don't need to worry about things like people banging doors off it in car parks etc , and where repairs are reasonable and not cost you a fortune just to get an LED unit replaced etc. I want to spend my money on me .... not the car.
  9. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Yeh ... good point ...lol
  10. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Thanks for that ... I have a suspicion that it may be that flexible disc part but I'll get it checked
  11. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Vety good ....lol
  12. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Well that'll be another job to get done .... getting expensive this car ...lol
  13. Strange vibration at motorway speed

    Will get that checked ... it just seems as if the whole car vibrates as soon as it hits that speed ... very strange
  14. Just wondering if anyone else has come across this , my car a 2011 520d saloon drives fine .... until it gets to 70 or 80mph then I feel vibration which feels like it's coming from underneath the floorpan. Maybe it's wheels needing balanced or flexible disc ... not sure but it's getting a bit annoying. Cheers Tommy
  15. My 520d saloon the verdict

    Mine was a really good car to drive and to be honest I regret getting rid of it now.