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  1. capese21

    Windscreen Wipers

    Decent quality hook arm blades came ready to fit though. Lift insert click done. It took 30 seconds to fit both. Wiperblades.co.uk have the Bosch for £23 and another version for £26 not sure what the difference is.
  2. capese21

    New car time - decisions decisions

    Is the F10 ice that great though?. I am not overly impressed. I had to upgrade the speakers on mine to get even acceptable sound quality. The connected services don't seem to have any practical use. Its an ok system overall but nothing exceptional imho. It connects to my mobile but will not read read out texts or emails. It probably can be coded but it should be standard. I have the pro system on a Luxury spec. Why no sync button for the heater controls?? Why BMW why? The interior is pretty solid and rattle free is a plus point and the seats comfortable enough. I am of the age so may well go Jag next BMW seem dull in comparison.
  3. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    Try a battery off reset. Disconnect the main terminal for a few minutes to reset everything.
  4. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    Turn the drl on in idrive then do your headlights turn off if switch is on position 0?
  5. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    If you select drl to on in idrive can you then turn off the headlights as normal? Assuming drl`s are mandatory then the fail-safe if you turn them off in idrive may be that the headlights stay on?? As I say there is no option to turn drl off on my lci f10. Ed
  6. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    F10 Luxury 520d LCI 15 reg.
  7. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    The only setting I have is to adapt the lights for driving abroad. No option to turn anything off.
  8. capese21

    2010 F10 headlights not switching off

    Could you turn them off before you coded it?
  9. I was tempted with the Bimmertech powered boot lid retro fit. They also do reverse cameras. https://www.bimmer-tech.net/shop/bmw-5-series-f10-f11-f07/park-assist-retrofits Ed
  10. capese21

    Wing Mirror Tilt On Reverse

    Like many aspects of the F10.
  11. capese21

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    My 520D is also showing error P22AE. MPG seems ok and it runs perfectly with no issues. It is going into the dealership next week for its first MOT & check over. I will see what they say. Thanks for posting the update. Ed
  12. capese21

    Trip to ZF dortmund

    To do all that work for £470 is superb value. I thought it was just a basic fluid change. Ed
  13. capese21

    F10 door corrosion

    I had a similar issue on my previous Lexus and they agreed it there and then repair done two days later. No letters to head office no hassle. Ed
  14. capese21

    Trip to ZF dortmund

    Thanks very interesting. There are UK based specialists who carry out the work to which would save a journey!! One is 20 miles from my house. I am not planning on keeping my F10 that long though. Ed
  15. capese21

    Shocked at trade in value of F11

    My F10 was 2 years old and has the new engine. Later euro 6 diesels are still selling but agree residuals have dropped by a few %.