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  1. baku911

    For anyone that cares....

    I was not, no. However, I used "sick", meaning it was good. Therefore, maybe I was a street punk. Who knows? I'm actually sick atm, (as in ill, just to be clear) so maybe that's why I used that word. Never mind. You got what I meant init, all good bruv. haha. Ok, enough.
  2. baku911

    For anyone that cares....

    Yeah, that may be the case considering the cold Norwegian climate.
  3. baku911

    For anyone that cares....

    Just finished watching it. It was rather enjoyable to watch to be honest. The golf turned out sick (good, mint, cool; - Yokozuna, synonyms added especially for you ). Very nice. I will definitely watch the second episode. I hope there will be an episode with a bimmer.
  4. baku911

    Donington Park 'viewer experience'

    Thank you guys for your replies. Much appreciated. I thought wandering around may be the best experience. I just hope the weather does not disappoint us on the day. Thanks again guys.
  5. Looked through the forum but I could not find anything about 'viewer experience' at Donington Park racetrack. I will be going to see some races at DP at the end of May. I have never been to a racetrack before, hence my question to you guys who might have been to see races there. Should I buy a grandstand ticket or go for a normal ticket? (to my understanding, you buy a normal ticket, you go on the track banks and view the race from there). How does a race day look like in terms of going there as a viewer? Any advice and tips will be very much appreciated! Thank you.
  6. baku911

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Thanks @Grizzle_E60. I will consider that option. Or maybe just buy new premium quality bulbs. Not sure yet tbh. Still in doubt.
  7. baku911

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Can you post any photos of it at night time, please? Was looking to fit LEDs to mine, but couldn't find any good ones that will last, don't throw up any errors and don't look like a Christmas tree lights. Basically closest look to OEM LEDs. Any errors with those? Cost? Have you bought them online or at stealers?
  8. baku911

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Got the wheels refurbished, plus new center caps and gave her a quick wash. Can't get enough of the wheels now. Constatly looking at them. Absolutely in love. Colour: dark anthracite, satin finish. Currently in the process of spray painting the wheel bolts.
  9. baku911

    2 years of 535d ownership

    Just proves how great they are and that you can't part with it!
  10. baku911

    2 years of 535d ownership

    Nice, good info, thanks. I've bought mine (saloon) 4 months ago. So far, only had to replace the battery as it died one morning. It was ten years old, it was the original battery the car left the factory with. I was well surprised and impressed it lasted that long!
  11. baku911

    2 years of 535d ownership

    Any major repairs during those two years? What's the milage you have covered so far?
  12. baku911

    Looking for pre-LCI E60 535d saloon

    bought one already. sorry. Mods, if you could delete this thread. thanks.
  13. baku911

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Checked mine today in fear of the servo being drown. All well. Only a bit wet after overnight rain. Took out few leaves to prevent future blockage. Looks like the previous owner took the grummet out (I bought the car couple of weeks ago). Here's a picture of the driver's side.
  14. baku911

    Micro Vs Pollen Vs Cabin Filter

    right. do you know if it's replaceable? edit: nvm, searched the web. found it. thanks for the info. much appreciated.
  15. baku911

    Micro Vs Pollen Vs Cabin Filter

    Changed my pollen filters couple of days ago. While changing the drivers side filter, I looked deeper into the vent and saw there's another filter there. It's situated in the middle, as if it was at the back of the engine. Don't know how to access it. Had a quick look at the glove box area, but I don't think it's how you can access it. Anyone know anything about it? Cannot find anything about it on the web.