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  1. Looking for pre-LCI E60 535d saloon

    Currently looking to buy the E60 535d saloon. Healthy motor is a must. Preferably not remapped. Minor scratches or paint corrections will not necessarily be a deal breaker. My fundamental requirement is the Pro Nav. Everything else is a bonus. Colour does not really matter. Preferably the Sport version (M-Sport). Hit me up if you got one for sale. Thanks.
  2. Oil under/inside intake

    thanks for the info. much appreciated.
  3. Oil under/inside intake

    Long shot reviving this thread. Did you eventually find out what was the cause of the leak? I'm looking at buying the 535, but so far 3 out of 4 motors I've seen were soaked in oil. It looks like the leak originates from the inlet manifold. However, since blanking the flaps helped you only for 6k km, it seems to me like the cause is somewhere else. Maybe a daft question, but is there suppose to be any oil in the manifold? Because logically thinking, to me there shouldn't be any (unless I'm daft and uneducated in this area of the engine). So any updates on what was the cause of the leak?