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  1. Can you switch the halo's (drls) off permanently? Didn't think you could.
  2. Another big fast estate :)

    850 R Estate in here: https://www.goodwood.com/grrc/road/news/2018/4/from-cl500-to-850r--flagship-hh-sale-bargains/
  3. Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam - recommendation

    Personally I don't use snowfoam but that looks a good product.
  4. CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    ^^ looks great. I do much prefer the M Sport front bumper/valance. Mine is an SE and it just doesn't look at nice iMO.
  5. Another big fast estate :)

    A must for an Ultimate Q Car. Not many kicking around on Autotrader at all - just one which looks OK - 53k miles, £8k
  6. CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    Any pictures of the finished result? I've not tried a Farcela Clay Mitt but heard good things - I'll probably try one on the F11 replacement later this year. PM sent ref Aquapel
  7. Wheel cleaner

    Pretty much as above I'd say. I use Autobrite Very Cherry Wheel Cleaner which works for me but my wheels aren't generally too bad as they are protected and coated so the build up comes off easily. If you've got really stubborn brake dust it would be worth investing in some "Dragon's Breath" (https://www.valetpro.eu/Wheel-Cleaners/61-/Dragons-Breath) or any form of fallout remover.
  8. ^^^^ do like that style of alloy. very nice
  9. Pointless BMW accessory of the week

    I agree. I wouldn't want to leave my road bike on the roof whilst I was in the services unattended. This would make sense in this situation but as @Seesure comments not really very good for a MTB.
  10. Towbar for F11

    Long shot but looking for a towbar to suit F11 to tide me over the summer.
  11. CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    Guess it depends what you are looking for but preparation is the key with any product. I tend to top it up after every wash so haven't really had any issues but I can see what you mean. Problem is the size of the cupboard because if it's big you'll spend a fortune on filling it up with stuff you then never use. My advice - get used to a system (range of products) and stick to it !!
  12. CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    Gyeon Wetcoat is only £10 so relatively cheap. GTechniq C2v3 will give you longevity - 6 months I tend to find. I use Gyeon in the winter and GTechniq in summer. RainX doesn't last that long either. I use Aquapel - supply in the UK is tricky, I've imported from US before. One application will easily last 6 months.
  13. Detailer Recommendations

    http://www.beautechnique.co.uk/ I've used Scott before - great guy. Based on Loughborough but does travel.
  14. CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    I don't use Hydro2 but Gyeon do a similar product - Wetcoat. Actually did my car at the weekend - rinse with pressure washer, wash with GTechniq G Wash, rinse again, loosely dry off and then apply Wetcoat with a mitt (gives better coverage), rinse with PW to activate then dry. I always dry afterwards because otherwise you end up with water spots.
  15. Conversely, I'm the other way - I don't really use CC at all these days. Traffic is generally too heavy and you are constantly having to adjust. I had ACC on my Superb and it was very good, I would spec again if available. Limiter on the other hand is great in roadworks as you say.
  16. Pro Navigation Slow

    Strange - mine has also started running very slow just recently (last few days). Calculating of the routes is much slower than previous.
  17. F11 tailgate release button

    This is a really useful mod IMO. The button is currently in a right PITA location. As above, was there enough slack to do it easily? Bet it relatively easy if so.
  18. Collection day!!

    Most do, yes. My last one was transported but the one before that was driven up from London to Midlands.
  19. What an absolute pile of tripe! FB strikes again. Insurance is always valid BUT the insurance could try to prove negligence on your part, very unlikely though.
  20. Auto stop start, nearly caught me out

    My S/S annoys me. I normally switch it off but was stop start on the motorway this morning and as I've been in Eco Pro mode recently the SS was active, as was auto hold. So I pull up to a standstill, S/S kills the engine, auto hold is on. As I lift my foot off the brake pedal (as AH is on), the engine starts up. A flick the parking brake on as I don't want to have brake lights glaring at the guy behind me but then S/S won't shut down. Stupid thing.
  21. That's a 520d F11 on 68k miles. I can quite easily do a 210 tank aswell.
  22. I've been running mine in Eco Pro during the last tank of diesel. The stats on the dash suggest I've saved / gained an additional 40 miles. Managed 630 miles off the tank. It feels like the engine is detuned and as others have said it's not as responsive but if you're pootling on the mway at 65-70 with cruise it seems to work. However I'll be going back to comfort and sport now I've filled up.
  23. 530e - Just orderd

    Maybe, maybe not. They are considering whole life costs from a number of leasing companies. In fact some evidence suggests that whole life costs increased when switching from petrol/diesel to plug in hybrid, mainly because users weren't actually charging them up and therefore no savings were gained (petrol consumption increased).
  24. 530e - Just orderd

    Early news from our Procurement is that plug in hybrids won't be added to the list, so that rules out 330e and 530e, which is real shame. That means that "self charging hybrids" are likely to be the way forward for us, a la Lexus I think.
  25. Update - it's now been into a repair agent twice for them to look at it. No fault codes showing and they couldn't get it to replicate in the workshop - well they wouldn't because it only does it whilst driving! Gone back to lease company who are looking at options - possibly to a BMW dealer next?