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  1. Will there be a 518d?

    BMW have always talked about offering the 518d, along with the 518i and 550i. Can only presume it will be later this year?
  2. BMW Longest Drift Record!

    Ace. Great driving.
  3. Still doing it. Contacted lease company to get it looked at.
  4. There are 4 air vents across my dash - 2 in the centre, then 1 on each side. Despite the climate being set to the same temperature on each side (22c) the temperature of the air coming out these vents is different. It would appear that the right hand ones are lower than the left hand ones. It is especially noticeable for the 2 centre ones. Anyone had this before or known why it could be like this?
  5. To coat or not to coat

    Here's mine. Any dealer applied products are not worth it - generally they are inferior products, not applied properly (due to lack of knowledge and time available) and over priced. Some dealers / manufacturers offer such products for hundreds of pounds for a product only costing £30-50; they are hugely marked up and this is where a dealer seeks to make some profit on the sale. I use the GTechniq system extensively across my cars and have recently re-applied C2v3 to my F10 over the weekend. The Crystal Serum product which GTechniq offer is a fantastic product and I've seen it applied to a number of vehicles with some outstanding results, but for maximum protection should be applied by an accredited professional detailer. Their "consumer" products are widely available online and are very easy to apply. C2v3 will offer months of protection and can be applied without specialist products or preparation. Of course, there are hundreds of other products about and some people will prefer other brands.
  6. Size matters! F10 v E39

    Simple comparison of width and length of 5 versus others: Width (mm) Length (mm) BMW 5 2126 4942 Jag XF 2091 4954 Audi A6 1874 4933 Audi A8 2130 5172 BMW 7 2169 5098
  7. Newbie-How do I get Spotify Working?

    I tried the Deezer £1 trial through Connected Drive. It downloads tracks / albums but once the trial as expired there is no access to the tracks. I suspect they are deleted upon expiry. Otherwise everyone would just have the trial and download everything they want to listen offline.
  8. Mine is absolutely ditched. Grime is baked on the headlights despite the headlight washers - think it just sprays them and if they are constantly on the heat just dries it dead quick. Going to get it washed tomorrow, luckily the GTechniq is protecting it underneath the grime.
  9. I've already imported some music onto the iDrive via USB - no issues, no problems, only taking up 48% of space. Now got the same USB stick with 3x folders on it with 3x different albums: Album 1 - 950MB, MP3 file format - iDrive reads OK Album 2 - 1.5GB, FLAC format - iDrive reads OK Album 3 - 520MB, MP3 file format - iDrive doesn't even show it ?? Album 1 and 2 play from the USB and also import to iDrive. Album 3 does show up, but is there on the USB?
  10. Interior Colour Choice

    And that's Bluestone?
  11. It doesn't generally do short journeys - I have a 120 mile round trip commute each day. I'll monitor it over the next few weeks and perhaps get dealer / indy to look at it.
  12. SUrely that would have had happened whilst in the dealer for PDI ? Forgive my ignorance with the " i " model.
  13. Likely to be freeze/thaw effect in that chip eventually making it bigger and bigger until it cracked.
  14. TV guide....

    Didn't know the BBC were showing a Blue Planet in 4K - will take a look tonight.
  15. Yeah thought it was weird at first that the centre vents were blowing cold when the AC was set to high temps then realised what the central wheel did! Is it worth getting the heater valves looked at?
  16. TV guide....

    Agree with that - SD to HD is totally different. I've watched some 4K stuff via Youtube on my 4K enabled TV and the difference over HD is very very slight.
  17. TV guide....

    Both my TV and BT YouView box are hard wired to the router, and the quality is the same as if I were watching it live.
  18. My small crack has increased this week, centre of screen. Then got another in bottom right, piece if ice jammed in-between bonnet, screen and wiper arm. Unlikely to be the preconditioning.
  19. Death in the family

    Sorry for your loss. It's hard but take each day as it comes. Talking to total strangers on here is sometimes easier.
  20. Never had any issue with it tbh. I don“t know the freeze point but it's that cheap i can run with it virtually neat
  21. I use the ECP Triple QX stuff https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/car-accessories/engine-oils-and-car-fluids/antifreeze-and-screenwash/concentrate-screenwash/?542771151&0&cc5_701&gclid=Cj0KCQiAgs7RBRDoARIsANOo-HjxMBOaMdOfhhFjEIDzmftEgG51TiYJSijzcieXYGPAlg4cjZx81qAaApGpEALw_wcB Usually comes round on offer every now and again and you can get 4x 5L for £10 delivered.
  22. Cleaning leather

    Thread revival Batman! Gliptone Leather Cleaner or the Intensive Cleaner.
  23. Best interior glass cleaner?

    Depending on how dirty or soiled - AG Glass Polish followed up by AG Fast Glass. Outside of screen and side windows are covered in Aquapel so generally only use the Fast Glass.
  24. 530e - First long run

    Unfortunately if you want a large hybrid estate/tourer you looking at Merc C-Class C350e.
  25. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    Why can't you stream over bluetooth?