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  1. It's one of those soulless industrial estates I'm going to!
  2. On a bit of a deadline, so don't really want to faff about, plus the company are paying! Been looking at uber - quite reasonable rates to be fair.
  3. Anyone recommend a taxi firm out of Glasgow Central station? Need to get out to Cumbernauld and back tomorrow from the station. Are the local ones OK to use?
  4. Coops

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    Yup, and also free tartan slippers. The pipe is an optional extra though.
  5. Coops

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    Yes suppose they do. Interesting though that the Skoda and Volvo have more rear legroom that the BMW.
  6. Coops

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    I know, I know! £1000 that paint - Bursting Blue. Needless to say that I'm having a metallic grey (which is FOC to lease company)
  7. Coops

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    Definitely, one of the reasons for me choosing.
  8. Coops

    An MOT, a sensor and a Volvo!

    It's the D4 190, coupled with their 8 speed auto (it's standard anyway in much the same way as the G Series) I really like the Volvo styling at present, both exterior and interior; and also the technology included which I've already mentioned.
  9. Things always tend to come along in three's don't they? Firstly, the Lease company informed me the F11 was due MOT so I had it booked into the agent together with it's 5th service. Passed with no issues. But the lambda sensor has a permanent fault on it which it needs to go back in for. Strange because the car has only recently been into BMW Rybrook for brakes and rear boot cover so I'm surprised they didn't pick it up then unless of course it's failed only recently? Finally, I've decided to replace the F11 with a Volvo V90 as it's lease is up in December. Due to the CO2 emissions scandal and the new testing schedule WLTP, all emissions seem to have gone up across the board, and as a result I was resigned to paying slightly more BIK. Initially I was looking to stay with the marque and have a 520d M Sport Touring but it's slightly cheaper for me to get a V90 R Design with a few options. It would have been no options on the BMW. Looking forward to the change and the Volvo drives very well and very smooth, with more standard toys aboard then the BMW such as semi autonomous driving and adaptive cruise control.
  10. Coops

    F11 Navigation Upgrade - BMW won't Help

    It looks like the OP would like the maps updating as they are showing a date in 2010.
  11. Coops

    Top Gear to get worse.

    ^^ this is 100% the problem. It's scripted, we all know it and JC/RH/JM ploughed through it. The last lot of "presenters" just read the script and you could tell it was wooden. I fear that this time round it will be just the same. Feel sorry for Chris Harris being dumped with these two.
  12. You;re not wrong there pal
  13. Coops

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Start in the Spring with a really deep clean & full detail including clay, polish then sealant - could probably take 6 hours!. That lasts me over the Summer where I will probably only do it every 3-4 weeks (quick wash and top up with sealant so 30-45mins). Once the weather starts getting bad (rain) I'll probably do it every other week. By topping it up every other wash keeps it going.
  14. Coops

    G30 530e Msport Arrived Today

    Do it yourself - it really doesn't take that long but preparation is the key.