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    '64 F11 520d SE
  1. 530e - Just orderd

    Early news from our Procurement is that plug in hybrids won't be added to the list, so that rules out 330e and 530e, which is real shame. That means that "self charging hybrids" are likely to be the way forward for us, a la Lexus I think.
  2. Update - it's now been into a repair agent twice for them to look at it. No fault codes showing and they couldn't get it to replicate in the workshop - well they wouldn't because it only does it whilst driving! Gone back to lease company who are looking at options - possibly to a BMW dealer next?
  3. F11 luggage cover not lifting smoothly

    Same here - booked it in with suspension creak but it was in fact the luggage cover! Apparently the springs in them wear which results in them creaking. They replaced the springs under warranty on mine. It is a known issue.
  4. E60/61 - F11 Towbar

    Thanks for the info. I thought it was a long shot. Might look for a cheapo F10/F11 one. It's purely to tide me over the summer as kids like to go out with me and need to carry 3-4 bikes and already have the bike rack.
  5. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    Mk2 Skoda Superb?
  6. E60/61 - F11 Towbar

    Thanks. Thought I'd check. Would have only been for a few months to tide me over.
  7. Anyone know whether a Witter BM19C towbar would fit on an F11? Been offered one for less than £100. I suspect it won't fit but thought I'd check.
  8. An electric BMW with a difference

    Was actually watching some of his videos on Youtube last night - Tesla Model X, 330e, Passat GTE.
  9. Welcome. Nice example that - might have been quicker to list what you didn't spec!!! How are you finding the gesture control, heard mixed reviews about it?
  10. ^^^ agree 100% with that. Don't want me or my family threatened over a car - take it you can have it.
  11. Goodyear Excellence in 225/55 R17 flavour.
  12. Had two new front tyres fitted.
  13. That would be very nice but not available to me in the fleet list. Company car.
  14. I know what you are saying and I would but car is going in the latter half of the year. Replacement will have one spec'd so no issue, except if it's an 530e !
  15. I had a towbar rack on my last car (don't have towbar on the F11 ) and it was great. Usually take 3 or 4 bikes out so much easier than putting on the roof. I know someone who put new roof bars and bike barriers on his Jaguar and halfway down the M40 the whole lot (bars, carriers and 3x bikes) came off !!