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  1. I've only got BBQ flavour Pringles in the cupboard - s'that ok? Still work yeah?
  2. Coops

    Safari park in Holland VS French people

    Could have ended very very differently.
  3. Coops

    New 520D - max £40k

    It's your money spend it on what matters to you, not us lot!!! Seriously, if it was my money - I'd be ditching the wood and high beam assist (agree it's just waste) - then add in a decent sound system. What do you need fog lights for in this country, don't have severe fog that warrants it!
  4. Coops

    Time to Change the Company Car

    The option lists on german manufacturers is immense. Contrast this to Lexus (company are considering adding to our CC list) - just two options on the IS model. Two.
  5. Looks a fair comparison that. I know my 520d is running at approximately 40mpg on the OBC but with a probable 10% overread on that it's more than likely closer to Retset's figures of 45mpg.
  6. Coops

    Time to Change the Company Car

    You can get dedicated bug removers - something else to add to the detailing arsenal. As long as the car is well protected - sealant, wax, LSP etc then they should just come off easily with the jet wash. I sometimes leave a wet soapy microfibre over the front of the car before i wash it, tends to loosen them up a bit.
  7. Coops

    Any British Leyland fans here?

    I remember my Dad having a Morris Ital which was converted to run on LPG - this was back in late 1970s / early 1980s! I think it could only run on LPG but couldn't be sure. There was only 1 place in Leicester which he could fill up at (LFE Services) so it was a family trip out at the weekend to fill it up! Progress eh.
  8. Coops

    Garage turning off gps tracking

    Appears to be working ok in Connected Drive for me.
  9. Coops

    Erratic RTTI

    Friday just gone it was playing up on mine. I generally have it on just to give an estimate of what time I'll get home, usually have a good idea of where I'm going. One minute the RTTI was on and there was a 70 minute delay, then it was off, then it was on, then it was off. Luckily I'd come off the M42 and was going North via the back roads.
  10. Can you switch the halo's (drls) off permanently? Didn't think you could.
  11. Coops

    Another big fast estate :)

    850 R Estate in here: https://www.goodwood.com/grrc/road/news/2018/4/from-cl500-to-850r--flagship-hh-sale-bargains/
  12. Coops

    Autoglym Polar Blast snow foam - recommendation

    Personally I don't use snowfoam but that looks a good product.
  13. Coops

    CarPro HydrO2 (Lite)

    ^^ looks great. I do much prefer the M Sport front bumper/valance. Mine is an SE and it just doesn't look at nice iMO.
  14. Coops

    Another big fast estate :)

    A must for an Ultimate Q Car. Not many kicking around on Autotrader at all - just one which looks OK - 53k miles, £8k