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    '64 F11 520d SE
  1. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    Why can't you stream over bluetooth?
  2. Interior Colour Choice

    Any black is truly horrendous to keep clean. White isn't too bad in fact except in current weather conditions when the salt dries on the paintwork. A good sealer / LSP helps.
  3. I think mine has full black panel display then. Thanks.
  4. Interior Colour Choice

    ^^ are they the comfort seats?
  5. The grand tour

    I've recently downloaded the first series of the GT - so far watched 4 episodes and to be perfectly honest not really sure why I bothered. Only watched the car pieces so fast forwarded through the studio (tent) bits! Not currently rushing to watch any of the other episodes. Guess it's because I was so used to watching the same on TG that this doesn't seem any different.
  6. Interior Colour Choice

    Welcome to the forum. I can't say I'e ever seen a car with white exterior colour then a white (light) interior colour - think you need the interior to contrast the paintwork IMO.
  7. @535i Andrew how does your car info appear in the middle of the cluster? Mine appears to be spread all over in different places?!
  8. I'll send you some of ours up your way then! Plenty down here. Managed to get the 5 out of the estate this morning - attempted yesterday but gave up. Much better today though despite -5.0c
  9. Just long enough. Barely wide enough in my case - only just the OH Ibiza in let alone a 5 series.
  10. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    Good news.
  11. This months stupid award goes to....

    Waste of oxygen.
  12. Problems with New 530e M-Sport

    I'd go back to the dealer and tell them you are not satisfied with their response / rectification, and that it needs escalating.
  13. Problems with New 530e M-Sport

    " A characteristic of the vehicle " That's new terminology.
  14. Any watch Fans if so let’s see them

    Amen to that! And all the plethora of "Fit Bit" type watches!
  15. Cleared some snow off it!