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    330D down on power :(

    Thanks for the input, the low pressure fuel pump has been changed. latest is- its been to a BMW specialist, all systems checked and found ok. They can't find anything wrong and suggest that the turbo may be worn and not spooling up properly. Expensive thing to try though if it doesn't find that 100hp that's missing.
  2. Downhilljack

    330D down on power :(

    Yes I have tried another new Bosch unit. Now I need to try and return it unless anyone is in need of one!
  3. Downhilljack

    330D down on power :(

    Hello I am really hoping one of you wise folk can help. Right story so far- My 2003 330d sport has been lacking power for a while, it feels sluggish and when you hit 3000rpm the power tails off sharply. It had a maf fault so this has been changed with new Bosch unit- no difference. To confirm this I had a dyno run and it was only making 145bhp. It was remapped after the first run and now makes 185bhp, but the tuner told me it should be making 290bhp and something is holding it back. Live data from my modis shows that the actual maf signal is way below expected signal even though it's a new unit. Any help greatly appreciated! Many thanks Jack