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  1. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Good to know. I do have it, have only fired it up once and got as far as making a minor modification to enable remote folding and reverse dipping mirrors... but haven't had time for a proper look/play yet.
  2. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not too bad though a little fiddly. I’d found a couple of guides online. When I first planned to change it, the issue was that the glass would pop open on its own, but by the time I got around to it, I could no longer open it at all. The biggest issue i had was that you really need the glass open to replace it! There is an emergency release under the interior tailgate trim, but you need the glass open to remove the trim... viscious circle! In the end I removed the screws from the inner trim, removed a screw from the tailgate latch enough for me to loosen/wiggle the interior trim away from the tailgate, so that O could get a torch in and used a small screwdriver gaffer-taped to the end of a cable rod to operate the manual release on the glass. A YouTube video of someone doing it with the trim fully removed helped - I’d not have known where to poke the screwdriver else! After that, replacing the switch was easy enough, next hardest part was that after removing the wiper, there was a metal insert that was ‘stuck’ onto the wiper shaft, some plusgas and mole grips required to remove that - not worried about damaging it as it’s replaced as part of the new switch. It’s a plastic part on the new switch, presumably to prevent it corroding and welding itself to the shaft again! Was about 1.5 hrs total, although I don’t rush, but it would be less if I had known how to open the glass, or if you can still open your glass occasionally! Worth doing though - new genuine switch on eBay for £40, and everything working as it should again have had the part sat on the bench a couple of months - wish i’d got it done sooner now!
  3. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fixed a couple of niggles: Wired in my phone holder/charger (Brodit system) to a permanent power source by fitting an additional 12v socket behind the steering wheel fascia (wired to the existing 12v sockets in the centre console) - no more visible wires! Replaced rear tailgate glass switch - can now open the tailgate glass again! Next step - give it a good clean and fall back in love with it!
  4. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Gave it a (much needed!) wash, replaced the rest of the trim in the boot after finishing off the towbar wiring, ordered a replacement wiper relay (wipers gave up on me on the A30 yesterday and have been intermittent ever since) and booked in for a brake fluid change and 'thorough going over' at the local independent specialist on Friday!
  5. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Fitted a removable towbar at the weekend. Just need to finish off the wiring internally, and refit the rear bumper properly. Can't seem to work out the angle / technique required to get the bumper back on - will have to have a go during daylight I think as all attempts under artificial light yesterday evening were unsuccessful - couldn't get everything to locate back in place. Probably much easier with two people so that someone can see what is going on each side.
  6. I was fitting a towbar (and associated electrics) at the weekend, and so as I was already dismantling much of the load area interior trim, decided to have a look at the spare wheel well. Mine's a '59 plate E61, only bought in Nov/Dec last year, so still getting to know it. No electrical issues. Found a small amount of water beneath the polystyrene, perhaps a few tablespoons. Nowhere near the modules, so cleaned/dried out and refitted. I'll take a look at the drain tubes over the week. Need to take a look at the front scuttle drains next, I think.
  7. JimmE

    Winter Tyres

    I had 4 Goodyear Vector 4Seasons (gen2) fitted on Monday. Having had the car only a week it's difficult to say how much of a difference they made, but as I had a trip up north with a reasonable amount of snow and ice last week, and at least 2-3 similar trips in Jan/Feb planned, and it's my first time in a RWD car, I figured it was worth a go. Might not have been my first choice of tyres but they were the only ones I could get fitted on the day without needing to be ordered in. Although described as '4 seasons' I'll likely switch back to the normal tyres come the spring. They seem to have good reviews and whilst I'm sure pure winter tyres are better, they did well on my trip last week, no problems even on an iced-over carpark and an ungritted single track uphill back lane (last time I trust the satnav on that route in winter!)
  8. JimmE

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Finally collected it from the dealership yesterday! This morning had an early start and fitted the Parrot mki9000 kit that I removed from my previous car before I sold it. The wiring was surprisingly straightforward, thanks to a pre-assembled kit from justcarkits.co.uk, including steering wheel control. Plugged in and working within a few minutes. Removing the various bits of dashboard trim etc took longer than I expected... the car is very solid and well built compared to my last few cars Nice to see more things held together with screws rather than flimsy plastic clips... All done and put back together within a couple of hours, and working well.
  9. JimmE

    E61 towbar

    I’m collecting my E61 (non-M Sport) this week and after a towbar if anyone has one they’ve removed, or on a car they are breaking. It seems from looking at new ones that most will fit both E60 and E61. I’d prefer Detachable given that I hear the fixed ones are likely to interfere with parking sensors (unless anyone can confirm otherwise) I’ll likely end up buying a dedicated wiring kit new, unless someone has the same for sale, so looking to save a little on the towbar itself if possible. I’m located In Devon but can also arrange a courier to collect. Cheers!
  10. JimmE

    Moving from CCC to CIC

    Bit of a thread resurrection, but did you ever get this sorted? Might be interested in doing this upgrade in mine in the new year. EDIT: Since seen your post in another thread about this radio issue being specific to E61’s (as opposed to E60’s) due to and requiring additional programming. Something I’ll need to look further into I guess.
  11. JimmE

    Soon-to-be E61 owner!

    Hi all, Joined up today after putting down a deposit on a 2009 BMW E61 525i - looking forward to picking it up in a week or so! Previous cars have been a 2007 Saab 9-3 TiD, a 2001 Peugeot 306 HDi, 2003 Mondeo TDCi and a 1997 Ford Ka. I'm based down in Devon, work in IT and have a preference for large estate cars as my main hobby, scuba diving, involves lugging around a lot of kit! Cheers, James.