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  1. E39 restoration project.

    I agree with all of you. For they money you cant buy a better car than the E39. I just have to keep it forever now to justify the cost. However its such a great car i wont be planning on getting rid of it anyway!
  2. E39 restoration project.

    So finally i have the E39 back!! I collected it from Bristol Transmissions at lunch time. Everything all seems to be okay and the car seems to be even smoother than before. The fact ive just paid £1750 hasn't hit me yet! However im very pleased to have it back.
  3. E39 restoration project.

    Another update from Bristol Transmissions today to say the gearbox was almost finished being rebuilt today & will be refitted tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it will be all finished and ready to collect tomorrow afternoon.
  4. E39 restoration project.

    I agree its best to get it sorted properly. Especially as im planning a few trips to France at some stage. For piece of mind i rather it be sorted. + I couldn't buy a better car for the money so makes sense. I hadn't heard about the reverse gear problem also, I've had several E46 auto's and never had a problem. I must of just been lucky in the past!
  5. E39 restoration project.

    Had an update today to say the box had been removed & was stripped down. They confirmed it was the reverse drum which had failed. The box should be being rebuilt tomorrow so hopefully all ready to collect mid-week. I must admit im certainly looking forward to having it back! Driving a 1977 MG Midget to work everyday hasn't been very pleasurable!
  6. E39 restoration project.

    Dropped the BMW off at Bristol transmissions today. Hopefully it will be done by next week, Cant wait to have it back now!
  7. E39 restoration project.

    Thank you, I hope so too! They warrant it for 12 months/12,000 miles. Like you said i could buy another, But it could have the same problem!
  8. E39 restoration project.

    Hi mate, Bristol transmissions are rebuilding the box for me. We use them at work regularly and never had a problem. I also get trade price from them so makes things a bit better. There doing it on the 5th January.
  9. E39 restoration project.

    I certainly agree. I couldn’t go out and buy anything half as good for the money so might aswell repair it and just keep it forever!
  10. E39 restoration project.

    Yes I agree & that’s what I’m worried of. So box rebuild it is & keep the old girl going for a while
  11. E39 restoration project.

    So a slight change of plan, I’ve decided I can’t risk fitting a second gearbox. The risk of failure is just too high and I cant justify spending 8 hours fitting a gearbox that I can’t guarantee is ok. So my plan is to go for the very expenise option of having the gearbox rebuilt. £1750 but it will come with a warranty & it will be done properly and I won’t be paranoid about it failing again
  12. E39 restoration project.

    Trust me I’ve thought about it. However the car is worthless with no reverse! So I don’t have much choice other than to repair it. Will be removing the gearbox Saturday. And then fitting the new one in the new year when it arrives.
  13. E39 restoration project.

    So it’s confirmed that the gearbox is dead. After phoning around for several quotes to rebuild the gearbox they all came back in at around £1800. I really can’t justify spending that kind of money on a £2000 car. So I am going to source a second hand box and fit it myself.
  14. E39 restoration project.

    Thanks for all your comments guys, the wheels were refurbished by a company called Phoenix alloys in Bristol. So today has has been a sad day in the E39 world...... so this morning I started the car as normal to go to work, after a few minuites of warning up I noticed the engine management light was on. I gave the car a rev & it was misfiring. So anyway I traced the fault to the spark plugs (due to be changed now anyway) and replaced the full set with NGK R’s. Anyway, fired her up and hey presto all sorted.... And then things got worse.... i jumped into the car to leave work after a long day, popped it in reverse & *thud* the car jumped out of reverse and the would not re-engage at all. The car drove forwards all okay however I can no longer engage reverse gear. When reverse is selected I can just hear a metal grinding type noise coming from the gearbox. Adter some digging around online it seems the D-clutch for the reverse gear snaps off and it’s quite common on the ZF gearbox. So im not at a stage of either sourcing a second hand gearbox and fitting it myself, or getting a quote from a gearbox specialist to rebuild mine! Either way it sounds like it’s going to cost me some money!
  15. E39 restoration project.

    Hi all, small update from me on the E39 - some pictures below of the full detail I carried out a few weeks back. It made such a improvement to how it looked. I have also replaced the alternator due to the battery warning light coming on. Lastly I managed to install a aux input to my C53 cassette radio. After spending hours researching if this was possible, everyone on various forums said I would not be able to get an aux input to work on the C53 unit. But they were all wrong. So I purchased a standard aux lead for a E39 & removed the radio, I got a wiring diagram up for the CD changer & looked at what wiring done what. I soon realised that the CD changer just used a earth & L/R inputs. I then noticed the aux lead had the same 3 wires. So I removed the wires from the plug on the CD changer & did the same on the aux lead. I then put the aux lead wires in the correct pin holes & fitted it all back up. Fired up the radio and result, a fully working aux lead on a C53 cassette deck. Thats all for now.