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  1. E39 restoration project.

    I wish i had seen this earlier! i actually binned the mudflaps on Monday as i thought they would be worthless!!! I have also already sold the SC mirrors i had...
  2. E39 restoration project.

    Finally got around to carrying out the service the weekend: - oil & filter change (5W40) oil - air filter replacement - pollen filter replacement - spark plug replacement - brake fluid change - coolant change - AC service the car seems to be even smoother than before now & the brakes feel much sharper, I don’t think it had a brake fluid change for years. I also removed the old man mud flaps which makes it look much better & gave her a well deserved clean!
  3. E39 restoration project.

    Thanks guys, I think I will stick to using 5W30 as I can get elf oil cheap through work. Will be doing a full service Saturday so will update once done!
  4. E39 restoration project.

    Not much of an update - Just enjoying having the E39 back! I have since replaced the alternator belts as they were looking very tired! Next on the list is to carry out a full service over the coming weeks... Any advise on what oil grade to use? the car is now on 123K, I was thinking 5W30 or 5W40?
  5. E39 restoration project.

    I agree with all of you. For they money you cant buy a better car than the E39. I just have to keep it forever now to justify the cost. However its such a great car i wont be planning on getting rid of it anyway!
  6. E39 restoration project.

    So finally i have the E39 back!! I collected it from Bristol Transmissions at lunch time. Everything all seems to be okay and the car seems to be even smoother than before. The fact ive just paid £1750 hasn't hit me yet! However im very pleased to have it back.
  7. E39 restoration project.

    Another update from Bristol Transmissions today to say the gearbox was almost finished being rebuilt today & will be refitted tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it will be all finished and ready to collect tomorrow afternoon.
  8. E39 restoration project.

    I agree its best to get it sorted properly. Especially as im planning a few trips to France at some stage. For piece of mind i rather it be sorted. + I couldn't buy a better car for the money so makes sense. I hadn't heard about the reverse gear problem also, I've had several E46 auto's and never had a problem. I must of just been lucky in the past!
  9. E39 restoration project.

    Had an update today to say the box had been removed & was stripped down. They confirmed it was the reverse drum which had failed. The box should be being rebuilt tomorrow so hopefully all ready to collect mid-week. I must admit im certainly looking forward to having it back! Driving a 1977 MG Midget to work everyday hasn't been very pleasurable!
  10. E39 restoration project.

    Dropped the BMW off at Bristol transmissions today. Hopefully it will be done by next week, Cant wait to have it back now!
  11. E39 restoration project.

    Thank you, I hope so too! They warrant it for 12 months/12,000 miles. Like you said i could buy another, But it could have the same problem!
  12. E39 restoration project.

    Hi mate, Bristol transmissions are rebuilding the box for me. We use them at work regularly and never had a problem. I also get trade price from them so makes things a bit better. There doing it on the 5th January.
  13. E39 restoration project.

    I certainly agree. I couldn’t go out and buy anything half as good for the money so might aswell repair it and just keep it forever!
  14. E39 restoration project.

    Yes I agree & that’s what I’m worried of. So box rebuild it is & keep the old girl going for a while
  15. E39 restoration project.

    So a slight change of plan, I’ve decided I can’t risk fitting a second gearbox. The risk of failure is just too high and I cant justify spending 8 hours fitting a gearbox that I can’t guarantee is ok. So my plan is to go for the very expenise option of having the gearbox rebuilt. £1750 but it will come with a warranty & it will be done properly and I won’t be paranoid about it failing again