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  1. Johnyboy

    G30 520d vs F10?

    One of my colleagues has an S90 and it's interior is leagues ahead of my G31 even with a few grands worth of extras (comfort + nappa), really cheap pcp deal too. But I wanted a new 540i, not sure I made the right decision, but it's not a bad place to be whilst I make my mind up.
  2. Johnyboy

    Changing Jobs - new car?

    You wont have dpf issues, I had a 535d and a 3 mile commute for several years with no problems whatsoever
  3. Johnyboy

    Re Mapping G31/G32

    Do you have a solution for the weak torque-converter on the G30/G31? BMW replace the part in their MPPSK on the 540.
  4. Johnyboy

    540 + power kit + insurance

    'afraid so, had the last car for about 8 years, this one for 6 months so far. It's not really boring just not quick enough to be exciting but far too quick to be sensible.
  5. Johnyboy

    540 + power kit + insurance

    Pretty sure when I got my insurance done, they had two options for a 540i, one with 335hp and one with 355hp - I can only assume that was without and with the power kit - that was with direct line. I thought about having it done to mine a few times, but now I'm just wondering whether to flog the car and buy something else. It's a great car, just a bit bored of it now.
  6. Just depends on the drive cycle, I had an E60 535d which did an average of 25mpg, my current 540i has an average of 25mpg over the same drive cycle. However when I’m just pootling down the motorway, the 535d use to sit at 46mpg, the 540 is closer to 36mpg.
  7. Johnyboy

    Front Parking Sensors

    I find the parking sensors on the g31 far too sensitive, they give loads of false positives compared with my previous car.
  8. Johnyboy

    Gesture Control Volume Sensitivity

    I don’t have gesture control, but I find the volume sensitivity is rubbish with the standard controls if you have increased the gain on any of the equaliser channels.
  9. Johnyboy

    Boot mat recommendation?

    I’ve got a hatchbag in mine, it’s made sturdy fabric and it’s really good, well worth the money if you want to lug stuff around.
  10. Johnyboy

    Not run flats on the new car

    Run flats are pretty good nowadays, I think the ones on my E60 were a bit stiff, but on the G31 they’re fine.
  11. Johnyboy

    Not run flats on the new car

    You can request non-runflats in the configurator.
  12. Johnyboy

    Adaptive cruise

    Checked it again, it’s quite clear. I’ll have to take it in.
  13. Johnyboy

    Engine oil level high

    Either a dodgy sensor or you've got a fuel dilution problem (most likely). Had it on my E60 when the turbo vacuum lines went. Best get it sorted, make sure they replace the lube - not just drain a bit out.
  14. Johnyboy

    Adaptive cruise

    I didn’t notice today, but had the radio on. Will try again in the morning.