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  1. Speed Limit Display?

    It may have nothing to do with it, but if you spec ACC then speed limit display is included. Mine is definitely not wholly based on a camera system, it frequently gets confused when you drive over or under roads with different speed limits, which must be GPS related. My colleague has a volvo that does exactly the same thing.
  2. Speed Limit Display?

    I had it on my last car, it was the only option that I considered an absolute necessity on my new one. It should be standard kit really.
  3. Speed Limit Display?

    It doesn't need coding it's a standard part of the adaptive cruise. It can't be totally camera based though, as it gets confused if you drive over a motorway bridge for instance.
  4. Speed Limit Display?

    Speed limit is part of active cruise, mine seems to be sat nav based as it’s frequently wrong. It’s a handy function though so it’s forgiven the odd hiccup.
  5. G31 Touring Dog Guard?

    I bought a hatchbag for mine, it was by far the sturdiest material that I could find, I haven't bothered with a dog-guard yet as I was thinking about getting a variocage if I can ever encourage the dog off the back seat.
  6. 530d SE or MSport

    I went from a diesel to a petrol, I visit the petrol station far more often - but it's a nicer drive to get there.
  7. 530d SE or MSport

    I've got a 540 touring on 19" wheels and the variable dampers and the ride is absolutely fine, I would have gone for 18" wheels, but wasn't an option on mine. Ivory leather is fine to keep clean, I went for nappa on comfort seats rather than the standard stuff as the feel/noise is totally different. You can get the radar cruise control by itself, it's called ACC (adaptive cruise) - I've got it and it's fantastic. The only thing you're missing is a petrol engine!!!
  8. Rattles and annoying noises

    I've definitely got the seat-belt rattle, luckily there's a little knob on the dashboard - a slight clockwise twist and the noise disappears. Conveniently there's a "+" button on the steering wheel that seems to do the same thing.
  9. Cooling fan running with engine off

    My guess is that it’s the latter I’m afraid.
  10. Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights - not working

    I'm just glad to hear that it's not just me!
  11. Adaptive LED Matrix Headlights - not working

    You haven't turned the automatic light switch off on the dial to the right of the steering wheel, have you? I used to do that on my E60 all the time.
  12. comfort seats or heads up ?

    I'd go with the seats, especially if they've got proper leather, they're miles better than the standard ones.
  13. That's a very nice looking car, mine stayed clean for about 2 days - it's absolutely filthy now.
  14. 520D - Oil Service

    I think it’s all BMW branded now, but supplied by shell. Must have been a couple of years ago, there were quite a lot of shell adverts featuring M cars a while back.
  15. 520D - Oil Service

    I only got a 3 year warranty pack with mine but it was less than £300 so I though it was probably worth it.