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  1. Johnyboy

    The 7 Series then...

    The visually impaired?
  2. Johnyboy

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    The nappa is significantly nicer, softer, quieter and more natural feeling than the standard stuff. After ACC it’s my second favourite option.
  3. Johnyboy

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    Good move, it makes the world of difference.
  4. Johnyboy

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    sell one of the kids.
  5. Johnyboy

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    It would be a shame not to spec Nappa if you've got the comforts.
  6. Johnyboy

    M Sport Plus Package

    Nope, it will do exactly nothing. Well done for spotting it though.
  7. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    The EU6d one should stay fairly clean as that will have a GPF fitted.
  8. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    On pre-dpf cars that used to be done to hide the puffs of smoke that you’d see during transients.
  9. I’ve got a 540i which makes all manner of noises when you first get it, it’s an estate so the self levelling suspension is particularly noisy.
  10. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    20 years ago there were plenty of 300+ hp cars with single pipes, I haven’t looked under mine but there’ll only be a single pipe leading from the cat to the back box. id agree that it’s not unusual, it’s just not for performance.
  11. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    They really don't need them, it's only a 340PS engine, that's really not all that much air to move.
  12. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    Not exactly what I meant. Rather like having stupidly big wheels, twin tailpipes are only on these cars for aesthetics.
  13. Johnyboy

    Twin Exhausts

    Not fake, but wholly unnecessary. Not sure why they stopped at two, quad pipes would have looked better.
  14. Johnyboy

    Oil level above maximum warning

    I imagine the software update is something about the dpf regeneration strategy, as that was the cause of all of these issues on the last few generations of diesel BMW Make sure you insist on having the oil changed when the car goes in.
  15. Johnyboy

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    That makes it more special in my book, although I'd lose the wheels and put the standard 19s back on.