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  1. MPPSK for 540i

    Thanks, are there any details about the other bits yet (remap and torque converter)? John
  2. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Car is booked in for an MOT later this week as I need that for p/ex anyway, might wash it and get a few more pics then. If anyone is keen to see more piccies, drop me a note and I'll pop some up.
  3. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Thanks, it's good to know. I'd let it go for 7k as it is at the moment, if I could guarantee that there'd be no hassle, otherwise I'll just part-ex it for a few hundred less. Thanks for the help though.
  4. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    I took a photo of the dents, i had a quote of £300 to fill and respray a few years back. Don't know how significant this is? John
  5. MPPSK for 540i

    Hi, Any chance you could let me know the cost of a power and sound kit for a G31 540i if it's available yet? I'm afraid that I don't have the VIN as I wont get the car for another month. Thanks John
  6. 2007 BMW 535D M Sport LCi - Immaculate Condition!

    I had a bit of ebay abuse for the first time a couple of weeks back, it happens unfortunately. Lovely car though, I hope the right buyer comes along for you.
  7. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    I'll give it a wash and a hoover and then take some snaps. Cheers.
  8. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Thanks for that, dents are pretty small, never bothered sorting, but there's no corrosion anywhere. It's been a great car, just got a 540 coming in a few weeks so it's time to say goodbye. Oh and it needs a good clean.
  9. Can I do a what's it worth here?

    Okay, now in classifieds. Thanks.
  10. Jan 2008, 535d MSport

    Hi All, I'm about to part ex my 535d for a new car, just wondering what it may be worth as a private sale first. 535d MSport, 57 plate, 89,000m Full dealer service history, always had comprehensive bmw AU warranty Deep sea blue, beige leather, dark anthracite trim Adaptive cruise with stop and go Adaptive lights Professional media/navigation Loads of tread left, still on run flats Front pads due in 3800m Couple of minor marks on bumpers Car park damage on rear nearside wheelarch (a few shallow dents, easy repair) MOT due to expire end Jan, so will probably renew. Will only sell privately if it's worth more than part-ex / WBAC. Any advice on what it may be worth is welcome. Thanks John
  11. Can I do a what's it worth here?

    That's fine and the reason for checking. Thanks for the prompt answer.
  12. Hi All, I don't want to break the rules here, but can I post a "what's it worth" thread for a car here? Simply put I've got an '08 535d that I'm planning to part ex for my new car. If I need to pay my tenner to stick it in the classifieds that's fine, just not sure it's worth a private sale yet. All advice welcome. John
  13. Hello again

    Hello from another newbie, Get one, they're fantastic cars. I've had an E60 535d for several years, should have got a touring in hindsight, it's been a great car. Good luck with your search. J
  14. Hello, I’m new

    Thanks, yes I’m looking forward to the new car. I still have the E60, planning on shifting it when I know the delivery date for the new car. It’s a jan 2008 car, full dealer SH deep sea blue and just under 89,000m. Couple of car park dings. I can stick it in classifieds if there’s any interest? cheers. John
  15. Hello, I’m new

    Hi All, Just ordered a new 5 series (540i touring) to replace an E60 535d, it doesn’t arrive until Xmas so no pics yet but thought it would be a good time to join and start asking questions. I look forward to having a good read. Cheers John