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  1. C110 Scanner can't find PDC module

    tried that version as well...again failed to update,tried contacting creater but page is blank...at my wits end now,says communication error when iI go into the pdc part on my scanner so cant tell which sensors are out
  2. C110 Scanner can't find PDC module

    I will try it,,does this work with 5 series,,I was thinking it was a clone/copy scanner I had got but on checking it all seems real thanks
  3. C110 Scanner can't find PDC module

    HI guys new to the forum as been having probs as you all mention above,I have a C110 csanner which has successfully reset my airbag light but would like to find out which pdc modules are out,no clicking from any!!!.....I understand its the 3.3 version I need for my scanner,I have tried all the links as above to other versions but somehow the scanner just fails t update....HELP