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  1. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi Ninja59 If you remove the engine acoustic cover ( i.e the large cover on the engine at the oil fill cap) you will be able to identify the blanking plate at the back of the bulk head . It is held on by 4 torex screws. Stand in front of the bumper and look to the back right hand side of the engine. Removing the the engine cover gives you more room to remove the screws.
  2. Gate1

    19" Wheels - Much of a difference?

    Hi , I’m using 19” run flat tires on my f10 m sport. The ride is fine. I do not notice any difference to the handling as I have driven the same car with 18” run flats. The car came fitted with these wheels when I purchased it second hand. You will however notice a difference on price when you have to replace your tires. The 18” tires will be cheaper as they are more common across a number of car manufacturers so volume of sales will be higher resulting in lower prices.
  3. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Yes, you are right! Every time it rains, or you use the wiper washers, the rain water drains from the windscreen down though the engine bay at the back of the bulk head. On the left hand side (passenger side of a RHD car) the water drains via the panel shown in my previous post. If you test this by pouring water from a watering can on the windscreen you will see where the water eventually exits. You may also notice that the engine tray under the car will be wet when it rains or you use the wiper washers. You need to keep the area under the gas struts free from leaves at all times. Also make sure to keep the water exit at the bottom of the panel free otherwise the water may back up and eventually leak back into the car via the yellow blanking plate. Overall a a very poor design by BMW.
  4. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    The next photograph shows the cover where the water leaks down from the top. Overall the design of the plate is extremely poor! I’d suggest that you give this a go yourself and occasionally use a coat hanger to clean out the bottom of the plate and to make sure to clean out dead leaves from inside the engine compartment. Best of luck!
  5. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I decided to clean and modify the blanking plate as shown rather than drilling holes in it. This helps water to drain more easily. I then put everything back in place.
  6. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I used a plumber’s pipe spring to clean out the drain hole. I was also curious to see where the hole leads to? It goes right over to the right, near the bottom of the gas strut that holds up the bonnet. This area tends to block up with dead leaves in the autumn. I used a vacuum to clean this out.
  7. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    In the bottom right is the water drain hole. After cleaning the area looked like this:
  8. Gate1

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Hi everyone, Having read everyone’s stories to date in the post I decided to remove the blanking plate inside the engine bulkhead to see what I could find. Luckily enough I did not have any water damage inside the car but decided to remove the plate and give the area a good clean out as part of preventative maintenance. Working from the top of the engine I removed the engine acoustics cover. This gives you enough room but space is tight! You will need a T30 torex socket wrench to remove the screws. This is what I found: A complete build-up of muck (old leaves silt etc.) after 5 years.