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  1. DaveR

    E61 boot liner

    That'd be great Steve. Sorry for the late reply. New tablet didn't remember my login details, and I didn't get an email saying there's a reply. If you still want this, let me know and I'll pm you my address.
  2. DaveR

    E61 boot liner

    Anyone want a boot liner for an E61? I took it out of my car when I traded it in, and now it's taking up space in the garage. Just come and pick it up from me in Gloucester.
  3. IF this one fails, I'd take it to a different dealership if I was you. The service you've been getting from Sytners is unacceptable.
  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! It'd be interesting to take a look and see if they have actually fitted a genuine part or not!
  5. What's the latest, GoNz0? Any news, or have they paid you to keep quiet now?!
  6. That is absolutely shite service! They know they gave a problem and they're fobbing you off! Get Anne Robinson on the case! Get Watchdog to look into the appalling customer service!
  7. DaveR

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Traded it in for an X5.
  8. I really do admire your tenacity, and fully, wholeheartedly agree with what you are doing. Some bmw guy designed it to work like that, so that's how it should work... I traded mine in today for an X5. Same engine and gearbox setup, and the xt was up to temp within 5 miles. Not like the 80 odd it took with the 5, which I fully suspect to be a problem with the gearbox stat..
  9. DaveR

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Bollocks to that now! It's in BMW's hands. If a bmw tech can't fix a bmw car with a bmw genuine part, then something is wrong and needs looking into. And then they'll realise that the problem is with the parts. Maybe start a poll thread on here, asking who has decent temps, who has done the Renault mod, etc..?
  10. DaveR

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    I should bloody well hope so! But, no matter how they test it, a dive proves that they have not fixed the fault for any reasonable length of time. I feel for you, mate. I admire your balls to keep it up.
  11. DaveR

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Bloody ell... Shit as a shit thing.. You can only do one thing now, as far as I see it.. Take it back and have a go at them. Make them replace it again. And again. And get a courtesy car each time they work on it, until they either fix it, or agree there's a serious issue, and give you a brand new car as compensation. Ok, maybe that last bit won't happen. It would really help if a few more members took theirs in, ideally to the same dealer, to have the work done too. But that will cost people money. I'd be temped to take mine in, but I'm trading it in tomorrow! Keep at it, and there'll probably be a recall in a year or so to get them all changed!
  12. DaveR

    The old thermostat questions (again)

    Incredible. Years ago, a real mechanic would be able to think for himself and diagnose a fault. Nowadays, they can only plug a computer in or follow a book. Really hope you get this sorted, but somehow, I think it's going to be a long, painful process.
  13. DaveR

    DVLA Error - 57 instead of 51?

    I've seen similar things before, and I think it was the year of import, rather than the year of manufacture that was stated. You won't be able to put a newer than a 51 plate on it.