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  1. The grand tour

    Watched it yesterday, and thought it was great. The way they totally ignored speaking about Hamsters accident was brilliant!
  2. Eratic Rear Wiper

    I know that the wiper will stop working if the car thinks the glass is open, so my money would be on either that switch, or the wiring to that switch.
  3. Cruise control coding

    Thanks for that..
  4. Frozen washer jets?

    Even if they're heated, they won't thaw instantly. Try again in the morning, but give them a minute or two after starting up before trying?
  5. My E61 didn't come with cruise control. I'd like to fit it. I have fitted the stalk, and taken it to a BMW specialist to code it, but they couldn't do it, as 'the instrument panel hasn't been coded before'. Whatever that means. I have the Carly app, and I 'coded' the instrument panel this week to get the digital speed readout. Could this have caused a problem? The garage wants to update the software in the instrument panel and then try again with the cruise control. I'm not 100% sure about wanting them to do that, just in case. So, I'm wondering if there's a local(ish) NCS Expert expert who fancies having a go?
  6. Cruise control coding

    Well, the BMW specialists couldn't help today. They said the instrument panel 'hasn't been coded before'. Not quite sure what they mean by that. I 'coded' it with Carly this week to get the digital speedo on the display. Could that have caused a problem? Anyway, they say they need to download the latest software for the instrument panel, and then update the car, which will take a couple of hours. Then, they can try to code the cruise control. I'm not convinced.... So, wondered if there are any NCS Expert experts in the Gloucester area that would like a go? If not, I might just take the stalk out and forget the whole thing...
  7. Cruise control coding

    I bought Carly thus week, and have now got the digital speedo. Also recoded the button in the footwear to open the glass on the tailgate, so I can now finally get that open to fix a few issues in the tailgate! Getting there......
  8. Cruise control coding

    No, not got it working yet. Have decided against trying it myself. It's booked in at a specialists on Friday. Can you recall exactly what you had to change to get it working?
  9. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    ISTA+? I've just bought a cable off Jimmy, but have no idea how to use it yet! And I don't have ISTA+.
  10. What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I took the covers off the inside of the bootlid to try and open the glass tailgate, so I can get the spoiler off, to have a go at repairing the broken wires and washer hose. I got the covers off, but failed at everything else. So far.
  11. Cruise control coding

    I know this was a while ago, but can you remember how you got it to work? I fitted my stalk today, and have bought a cable and software from Jimmy. Installing it all now, ready for a go tomorrow. But I am a COMPLETE novice! ANY help gratefully received!!!
  12. Software updates/info/tweeks

    Good idea, but it soon gets very confusing for us novices!
  13. What are you currently drinking...?

    Hobgoblin for me tonight...
  14. Software updates/info/tweeks

    Evening! I can't help you with your quest, but I'm in pretty much the same boat, so am interested in any clever replies to this thread!
  15. Cruise control coding

    Could be! Where are you, and what do you want for it?