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  1. Should I buy an used Subaru Impreza?

    Hello, I was looking into the small value sedan market. My budget is not high so that I choose to import an used car from abroad, I found out Subaru Impreza 2011 for sale at a Japanese platform named carfromjapan.com (https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-subaru-impreza-for-sale-year2011), the cheapest price is from USD 5,300. I researched about this car and they said that it has good looking, well performance in the snow condition. Does anyone drive a Subaru Impreza? Does it worth to buy it?
  2. Finding VIN numbers online

    I just googled and found out a good site. You can try it: https://www.bmwvin.com/
  3. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    What can I do to worth it . The car is amazing with beautiful color. I bet it will be very cool when you drive it on highway without traffic jam
  4. Hi, It is Nov 21st now. I'm thinking about what will I do in ThanksGiving Day. This year, I would like to do something new and more interesting than the previous years. Is there any suggestion from everyone? In every years, we just meet our family members and have dinner in outside (sometime at home). Go to bar with friends until midnight. I rarely write some messengers for everyone but I did it once time 5 years ago. An other plan, I'm making a plan to buy an used BMW 5 series before the new year 2018. I'm searching on some sites but there is no good result. If someone knows good sites, please give me .
  5. Hello again

    Hello, I'm also a newbie here. I'm working on Sale team for a Japanese company. I like BMW brands and used to drive a BMW 3 Series while color. Recently, I want to change to 5 series keep saving my money now. haha
  6. New member/owner e39

    Hello, the car looks very nice. Hope you will have more great driving experience