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  1. Bor3sz

    E39 M5 Brake

    Thanks. Btw which I linked before, is that a fake item? Beacuse from the distibutor from the us the set price is almost as much as the shipping price but from ebay both prices are lower.
  2. Bor3sz

    E39 M5 Brake

    Hi everybody! I am right before a full brake system change ,and I looked at some options: (No BBK!!!!) 345mm (13.583") Does any of you use or could say something helpful about the Stoptech brakedisc/brakepads? I mean NOT the BBK but also the original drilled, 345mm (13.583") one including the compatible pads. I think this set is pretty reasonable price compared to an original or Zimmermann. Ebay - 590$ +78$ shipping Or can someone use alternative solutions? Thanks
  3. Bor3sz

    BM24 Aux / USB

    Yes, I do not go to English :(, google translator is not perfect. Sorry! I know OEM amplifier + BM module + 16: 9 display will not communicate with this hi-fi installation. Only the computer shows what it does not have to control anything. The CD changer would only be on the way to the smaller Mosconi amplifier, so it should only be removed from there. Physical dimensions are smaller than the CD storage space, so it can fit in. In the trunk there would be a sublage. Everything else would be under cover. The new Pioneer head unit, with a 3 year warranty, costs as much as a used BM54 module. Amin has no RCA, crossover, Bluetooth, DSP, Flac playback. That's why I'm thinking that you should buy / make it. I was thinking about the Eonon unit, but navigation is not important, I do not know what it is and it's pretty expensive. So the OEM hifi will be silent, just showing on the display the time, consumption, anything . Maybe a rearview camera would be attached to make it a picture and ready. The built-in hi-fi is parallel to the factory with all the music / radio in a better-than-quality. From the steering wheel I can write and have ARC App.
  4. Bor3sz

    BM24 Aux / USB

    Maybe this option? A Pioneer x580DAB (3way xover, DSP, 4V RCA) in the luggage compartment MK4. ARC App can be controlled from the phone. This allows the factory unit to be completely discharged. That's right: -Bluetooth -flac / USB -remember player (this was missing most) -I do not need to carve anything (only the CD changer is flying) On the factory 16: 9 display, you can go to the factory computer. Van-damme cables have long been available, I bought this as RCA and speaker cable. I imagined an active system without crossovers (the Pioneer head) For silence Silent Coat (2 doors, luggage compartment). (The BM54 breaks down as much as this Pioneer.)
  5. Bor3sz

    BM24 Aux / USB

    Hello. Thank you for your reply. Yes, I want a more serious installation to leave the OEM stuff, but leave the radio. What's up to now: -Mosconi Gladen 120.4 + Focal PS130 -Steg K 2.02 (sub @ 2ohm) + Rainbow Germanium 12 I would not disable the 16: 9 display because I would listen to the radio. But so I can not listen to my own music because there is no external source attached. What can I do? Another BM54 module to connect an aux?
  6. Bor3sz

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hello. I'm Péter, I live in Hungary, E39 has been for many years. My first car is a 530DA, and the current is an M5.
  7. Bor3sz


  8. Bor3sz

    BM24 Aux / USB

    Hello everyone! What’s the criterion of attaching an aux-input with a pendrive or a jack to the original 676a hi-fi (BM24+6CD+16:9navi) 2000/03 Europe version ? Pendrive or DAP would be the source of music. The plan is the following: an audio-processor goes on top of the original device, and then a 4channel- and a mono-amplifier go on top of the audio-processor. (The change of wires and the speaker is provided.) Now I have the amplifiers, but I haven’t thought about the aux. The processor out there : Audison bit ten D +DRC (used at a good price) http://www.audison.eu/download.php?file=assets/1486468383_Audison_bitTen_D_Tech_Sheet.pdf&name=bit_ten_d_tech_sheet_tech_sheet And I don’t want to buy the processor if it’s not necessary. What would be the simpler, easier choice? Thanks for the help.