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  1. Carrera77

    Carly BMW

    I bought the Carly app for BMW to check up on the status of the DPF (the cooling fan seems to come on a lot) and it doesnt have the functionality for G30/G31 yet, apparently. The lite version should be able to tell you some of the DPF parameters, like incomplete regens, and the full version should be able to trigger a regen. Even the lite version doesnt work . What a waste of £40 for the connector! I thought this would help in avoiding driving to suit the DPF. Its really hard to tell when you've met the conditions for triggering passive regens and active regens come on when they like, usually when you have finished your journey for the day Bimmercode doesnt seem to go into the issue of DPFs at all So are there any other options. These seem to be the two main ones. Should I got further ahead with Carly and buy the full version ?
  2. Carrera77

    Detailing Thread for G30/31

    I'm waiting to do a sunny pic. I'm not a detailer but I've been washing the car all week becasue it has little bug splatters, especially on the windscreen and bonnet. They harden if you leave them too long Its really cleaned up and looks good in the bright sun. I've learnt a single wash isn't good enough
  3. Carrera77

    Sun Roof - Refund Post - It Has Gone.....

    not surprised in a way - the "red hot" alarm went off several times and it would have attracted attention.
  4. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    Not much and it will be very good in most cases. But the current I6 engines in the 5 series are the closest ICE analogue to all electric drive. There are lots of reasons why 4 cylinders are used - manufacturing , packaging , crash protection
  5. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    Everything is a compromise. You lose something with maxing out a 4 cylinder engine. You also gain something like a blatting exhaust Inline 6 cylinder engines are intrinsically smoother and torquey, becasue they are perfectly balanced. They will be used where that is important - bigger premium cars rather than sporty MB are also now developing a I6 engine for their S Class. It has a similar performance profile (slightly better becasue its a 48v hybrid) compared to the BMW I6. Its a proper hybrid - the starter motor starts the engine, and charges the battery, and also boosts power output
  6. Carrera77

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Not new I assume . Its a good buy second hand You were right about BMW simply copying over the spec from the 7 series without understanding it. Thats what website 'content creators' tend to do Maybe they can retrofit the autoboot function. Depends how modular it is. Soft close does really work well , its a nice touch
  7. Carrera77

    Time to Change the Company Car

    The 7 series has "Tailgate operation, soft-close" as standard. That must be electrically driven, hence the comfort access open and close option. Maybe the 5 series saloon isn't electric, though it really difficult to tell these days. If it isn't electric, there's not a lot you can do about it even if the spec says otherwise. They cant fix it
  8. Carrera77

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Ahh I see the G31 has a much heavier boot, so up and down is driven electrically as standard. I just looked at the website and it shows a single button with a lock symbol. The second button must also be part of the standard package. Its dead quiet when opening and closing . You can't tell its electrical. I've noticed that other passengers who aren't familiar with it, try to force it up or down I use the button for boot close. I guess you stick to one method and use it without thinking after a while Anyway the arguments may seem minor but its a complex auto supply chain problem. I dont know how they do it
  9. Carrera77

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Boot buttons. There are 3 ways to close the boot: boot buttons, contactless footwave and the keyfob. I usually use the bootbuttons
  10. Carrera77

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Re comfort access with waving foot under the boot, I just checked mine. It does close after a few beeps. First time I've done that I had got the comfort access package which included: 322 Comfort Access 3AG Reversing Camera 459 Elec front Seats and Driver Memory 4T8 Exterior Mirrors folding with anti dazzle I am going to check if the boot opens if you leave the key inside and lock the car (when I get home with the spare key just in case)
  11. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    you driving a 740i X or 540i x? I could live with it if the car was doing 30 mpg cause my mileage isn't that great. There is huge limitations on driving fast these days - the massive 50 mph roadworks on the M6 etc. Even if you drive in Lincolnshire, you get stuck behind traffic doing 50-60 mph and there are few overtaking opportunities. In fact the occasional mid range overtake is all what this car gets to do ;(
  12. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    I also get 600+ miles on a tank. 530 dx Right now the trip computer is displaying 45 mpg for 375 miles, with less than half tank used! Thats amazing for a car like this. I agree the warmer weather seems to be improving the mpg I remember reading the motoring reviews, who claimed a mid to high 30s mpg. They must be really flogging it, becasue a reasonably fast driver should get 40 mpg. That nearly put me off this car and I was going to go for a 540i instead
  13. Carrera77

    G31 on track

    The terms and conditions use 16 point Font : DO NOT TRACK THIS CAR ! Interesting residue on the tyres. It looks like a top layer turned liquid. I've not gone on the track but this is a very capable bus indeed
  14. Carrera77

    Door Locking

    It needs a gentle caress with one finger and practice makes perfect