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  1. Also side view mirrors should retract but they don't. I have set them to close and it happens during the normal lock procedure. So there is no visual indication its locked Not impressed with this app. Too many shortcomings with it, including no indication of windows , sunroof tailgate open closed status I should add that I am outraged
  2. 530d SE or MSport

    the 530d x drive is a superb power train - incredibly smooth, quiet and powerful once you take off. The other options are icing on the cake . I have the visibility pack and the panoramic roof. Those are well worth it . Plus walnut veneer (suits the SE) and a reversing camera. I also have the comfort pack and the wave foot under the tailgate thing doesn't work for me very well. The other electronic driver aids seemed to be unreliable or not especially useful HUD sounds a good idea though But if I had to choose one option out of all of them I think I would go for the panoramic roof. It transforms the look of the car both from the outside and inside
  3. 530e Tyre Pressure

    I changed the units to PSI I just setup the tyre size on the iDrive and go by their recommended settings
  4. 520d SE nearly here

    yeah I'd third that (or 4th?) that
  5. comfort seats or heads up ?

    I'd also go for the HUD. I also have the standard SE seats and they are fine, excellent in-fact. The only thing missing in this car is the HUD
  6. I hate gritters!!

    that's rough - beyond a simple touch-up IMO. The dent looks a body shop job Where did you pass the gritter if you don't mind me asking. That looks like a big stone. I passed a gritter on the M1 recently and it felt like I was being sprayed with tiny pebbles. But fortunately there doesn't seem to be any damage , yet
  7. Cooling fan running with engine off

    I've been trailing Shell V power diesel and it hasn't done that since. Maybe it extends the regen cycle or it could be my imagination
  8. Cooling fan running with engine off

    if it happens you need to take the car on an Italian tuneup the next day to complete the job ....
  9. Cooling fan running with engine off

    yeah its happened to me as well, oddly enough after a long hard run Its weird to see the active grille open and the fan churning like mad It suggests an incomplete DPPF regeneration, which is not good news in a way , not in in the long run
  10. Some annoying teething problems

    mine are 18's 245 - 45 profile the iDrive also hadn't been setup with the correct tyre pressures on mine
  11. Some annoying teething problems

    the handling on mine felt a bit vague at first but it was the tyre pressures - they were about 2-3 psi below recommended. I was a bit surprised because new cars are usually over pressurised as they spend a lot of time sitting, waiting.... Other than that no problems. The brakes take a while to bed in. Its possible that 225 tyres are not enough. You tend to push this car harder than you realise
  12. 520D - Oil Service

    If its on PCP it could affect your valuation . The car has a fixed value on trade in, but things like too much mileage, scratches and above average wear and tear will be adjusted. Including I think a BMW service history If I was a second buyer that's what I would look for. The first oil change is important - mostly to ensure the correct grade of oil has been used My service is due on May 2019 so there is time to think about it anyway for me
  13. Dodgy parking sensors

    there is no separation between the two. If you have active cruise control, it will be integrated with the stereo camera. And ultrasonic detection is used for close range stop and go ( not the PDCs) The stereo camera image is used in fusion with the radar. The stereo camera can detect a car merging in to your lane and adjust the speed of your car. I think its better at understanding the meaning of images than a radar. The stereo camera and the radar can both detect the car in front on the car scenario The radar has a range of 200 metres, the stereo camera 500 m (but I'm not sure what that exactly means. Maybe it can detect brake lights at that distance)
  14. Dodgy parking sensors

    true, but its a fusion of image data and radar data. Most of the work on autonomous driving seems to be heavily camera based - that's object recognition and so on There is a stereo camera - fortunately its placed at the top of the front windscreen - for - active cruise control: - front collision warning - daytime pedestrian protection - lane departure warning - road sign recognition its acknowledged limitations are - - Heavy fog, rain, spray or snow. - Strong light in the camera lens. The side collision avoidance uses radars (one on each corner bumper). Its acknowledged limitations are : dirt on bumper , fog rain or snow There are multiple systems - so one or two of them could degrade without you realising. The problem is knowing which
  15. Dodgy parking sensors

    I've also noticed the rear view camera is pretty unusable when it rains or a bit of spray gets on it. On another note this is a pretty good reason not to trust autonomous cars, or even advanced cruise control. Would you really feel confident with it on a bad day on the M6 where a thin film of grime seems to get everywhere?