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  1. Carrera77

    No confidence at high speed

    Its true enough to change the tyre. I had a similar problem with my mum's Mazda car (she doesnt drive anymore, so its a pool car). It seemed to be uneasy at high speed and I took it in for servicing and the dealer (still being serviced by them) noticed the front tyres were different. They put a new set on and the car is now rock steady I guess some tyre brands can be mixed and matched, and some cant so there is no definitive statement, but best practice is to change in sets. With xdrive it looks like all 4 tyres need to be changed at once. Fortunately they seem to be wearing pretty evenly. Now I'm going to put the Original Equipment brand on becasue this has got me all worried and they are working fine
  2. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    EGR cuts power in diesels becasue you are feeding sooty exhaust back into the intake manifold. Apparently it prolongs the life of the DPF because the exhaust is more completely burnt. Some people have remove the EGR because it makes the engine less efficient. But its not so much these systems working perfectly, its when then they go wrong and they mostly definitely will. After a while the EGR valve gets clogged up or stuck.....
  3. Carrera77

    No confidence at high speed

    putting an odd tyre on almost any car leads to high speed instability. This is not like it was with the Ford Sierra Anyway didn't realise all tyres had to be the same and thanks for that tip. Dont want to make any expensive mistakes
  4. Carrera77

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    I would worry about cost cutting in the welding. Have you counted the number of welds , though that would be a tad difficult in places
  5. Carrera77

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    Good to see this forum engaged in debating major issues I think its the herd instinct - manufacturers carefully watch what competitors are offering and if nobody has passenger side dimming mirrors then its cause customers aren't really bothered , except for the odd few , and there are always some
  6. Carrera77

    G30 Folding rear seats as standard?

    wish cyclists would be as considerate about not blinding pedestrians. Some of these cycle lights are intense and they tend to sit a bit higher then a car headlamp, or maybe the beam is angled straight. Had row with a bunch of late night cyclists and they simply didn't give a $%%%
  7. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    emissions control acronym soup that kills MPG EGR, wasn't this also called PCV at one point SCR, which requires DEF - diesel exhaust fluid a.k.a AdBlue DPF DOC - diesel oxidation catalyst
  8. Carrera77

    Real world mpg and range

    think so, one symptom of a bad EGR is lower MPG. An EGR valve can fail open or closed but it could be getting stuck halfway open or closed (depending on your POV). It would have been functioning with reduced efficiency long before the limp mode. Was the engine rough or not as smooth as you would expect The only thing to do is reset your average MPG counter and see what happens.... Once we are all driving BEVs, problems like EGR valves sticking will be history. The amount of sub-systems that are tacked on to an ICE engine are getting ridiculous, though EGR valves have been around for a while
  9. Carrera77

    Autowatch Ghost

    it would be great if there was a code that cut out the car after a mile and then activated the airbags .
  10. Carrera77

    Car theft trends

    I'm in a sort of similar situation. I actually park on the street which I ironically think is the safest option right now because its difficult to link the house to a car. And fortunately somebody on the street has just bought a Q8 which is a monster target IMO Also moving into a house with a driveway but I didn't think of electric bollards! The shape / configuration of the driveway is a big concern . I want the car to be visually out of sight, so atleast people driving by scouting for targets wont readily clock on
  11. Carrera77

    530e Performance without electric

    they might well do OK but the problem with an EV market is all EV cars are intrinsically smooth , quiet and refined . Thats the sort of thing you associate with BMW or premium car manufacturers. They are going to lose that. The 5 series will still be better that the opposition, but the smaller cars in the range will be indistinguishable from Hyundai etc
  12. Carrera77

    530e Performance without electric

    my neighbour has a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and it has about the same electric range - around 30 miles. Its not a performer by any means. Hybrids were always an interim measure - the electric power train with battery is very heavy, and the ICE engine and transmission is heavy. If you increase one, its at the expense of the other I've seen Teslas being charged at Motorway services and dont think its possible to scale up. Its still very niche. Even if you can do a quick charge in 45 mins, what happens if there is a queue? Sit there buy a coffee, have lunch. Is that also part of the refuelling cost?
  13. Carrera77

    530e Performance without electric

    thats really true, even though the hybrid is neither fish or fowl. A couple of years ago, probably before the VW emissions scam, the Japanese were worried they were losing the ICE race with the Europeans. BMW, MB, Audi were really starting to dominate. So they formed a consortium between themselves to share knowledge and development work Hard to see where BMW is headed, becasue their selling point is the excellence of the power train, which really does have a hundred years of evolution behind it
  14. Carrera77

    Rattles and annoying noises

    missing / failed welds are bad news. I thought this kind of thing was done by robots to eliminate these sorts of problems. Maybe its a weld they cant reach Dont have any rattles or squeaks so far, but hope BMW isn't going the MB way of 1998-2000
  15. Carrera77

    Its all about the spec

    did they dim differently or was it a synchronised affair