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  1. Phill20d

    Classic TR6

    Been doing a bit of cleaning during the holidays, so went a bit extreme by doing the suspension components. I know what you are going to say, to much time on his hands.
  2. Phill20d

    Parking car for 3 weeks. Any precautions?

    I left my car on my drive for just short of a month plus it was not used that much for the two weeks preceding that. Guess what it started first time. Modern cars are designed to do that, unlike my 1974 TR6 which will have not been started for two weeks when I get back off hols next Wednesday, mind it has been in a warm garage
  3. Phill20d

    Classic TR6

    I might take it to the 24hrs next year, have not been the last two years
  4. Phill20d

    Classic TR6

    The colour is Mimosa Yellow Alas its a 1974 so 125 bhp enough power but its all about the sound of the straight 6
  5. Phill20d

    Classic TR6

    Picking this up on Saturday my new toy for next spring. Ground up restoration chassis and tub shot blasted and Zinc dipped.
  6. Phill20d

    520d tyres

    Good point, and one thing I did not think about, so just checked and all is good, bolts fit. Paul
  7. Phill20d

    Picked up my 520d Luxury

    After coming from a Discovery 4 let me tell you my F11 is heaven on the fuel front even in Sport and a lead foot
  8. Phill20d

    Picked up my 520d Luxury

    I have the coasting on my March 2014 F11 Auto
  9. Phill20d

    520d tyres

    For some reason I kept my space saver I bought for my Z4 3.0 SI and now use that in my 5 since ditching the horrible run flats.
  10. Only when’s it’s clean though Andrew Paul
  11. After being away all week at the lodge in Wales with the grandkids I thought I would give it a clean
  12. Another vote for the eraser my wheel as come up like new
  13. Phill20d

    Anybody carry a spare wheel?

    Since changing from Run Flats I now use my old space saver from when I had my Z4. it’s a 17” with 80 profile side wall so is the same size as my 18” with 45 profile. I just feel safer with a wheel rather then foam which knackers your tyre even if it’s only a nail in the centre which is totally repairable
  14. The Standard 17" with Run Flats
  15. Fitted these new 18 inch with Continental Contacts 5 it’s like it’s a totally different ride so much more comfortable, and drive wise it just seems more planted, no more feeling like it’s going to breakaway on an island