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  1. Direct Car Parts £64 .Will post a pic tomorrow. There is a picture on this link https://www.directcarparts.co.uk/car-accessories-c4/bumper-protectors-c29/dcp-stainless-steel-rear-bumper-protector-for-bmw-5-series-f11-touring-2010-p1325
  2. Fitted a Stainless Steel Bumper protector on my F11. Looks ace
  3. Hi im new.......

    Hi Gav and welcome, you have nice looking motor. I am paying just a little less then you as our Sainsburys is £1.09.7 and claiming the vat I am paying £00.91p
  4. Want an alternative to an F11 - don't scoff!

    A friend has one when his company put them on the list, he loves his, and I have to admit when we go out for a curry in the week it ain’t a bad car to travel in
  5. Its was purchased from Coopers BMW Reading
  6. Only hat the car a week and after reading about the woes of the N47 decide to check the state of my oil, well after pulling some out on the dip stick it was as black as coal, just did not look good. Now my car is a 14 plate so has more than likely only had one service and it as done 28000. I telephoned my independent who looked after my Z4 and he said they always recommend a interim service with any Diesel engine and especially this one. Anyway it’s booked tomorrow for a full engine flush and oil change, I think I will sleep easier.
  7. Staying in France

    No it’s not that far it’s 40 mins from Calais. W.E always start our hols from Le Touquet, it’s a beautiful town and well worth a visit just for the restaurants. Driving in France is a breeze, in 2010 I left Sonport in the Pyrenees and drove home to Staffordshire 1100 miles in 21 hrs only traffic problems W.E had was when I got back to Blighty
  8. Staying in France

    I would stay in Le Touquet all day long
  9. Rooney appreciation society....

    Very classy bird that
  10. Airport woes

  11. StopStart

    Stop start batteries are not cheap. My brother sells motor electrics and told me a new Stop Start battery for the wife’s Golf is £240
  12. Some nice watches for sale - Discount for the Forum

    Great collection of Seiko there
  13. Today we remember Donut

    Just by reading this thread he seemed a really good guy RIP Donut
  14. New member

    The Disco is a great car does everything you need but its at a price. Mine was coming to three years old and all consumables brakes discs etc were due. This 5 Series is only my second ever BMW but do like it a lot. My 08 (last of the soft tops) Z4 which was a weekend toy, it was brilliant, got to be the best straight six ever made. Lot of memories in that car
  15. I have just purchased a March 14 plate 2.0d which as covered 28k miles,after reading this thread I have come to the conclusion that I will do an oil change in addition to the BMW service package that came with the car