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  1. Biotoxic

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    From what I read in online forums and and studying technical literature the difference is in one extra solenoid. Check out the Sonax zip kit. Long story short. 6HP26 unit itself can withstand up to 1000Nm if you use uprated parts. TCU is the limiting factor on stock gearbox. Like one transmission rebuilder said, you can fit the most expensive parts in a gearbox, so it could hande 1000 HP for example, but if the computer is not calibrated, it wouldn't do much good... Its like you fitted a piper-cross filter, uprated valves, custom camshaft, larger injectors, polished inlet/exhaust manifold ports, straight pipe, removed the cat/dpf but you didn't do a rolling road remap.... result would be not the way you want it to be... lucky for us 6HP26 owners(ZF in general) there is xHP flash tool available that uses android phone without the need for a winKFP to optimise the standard ZF gearbox, although you will still need a power supply as the first flash will take about 30 minutes to complete. Biggest gearbox killer is the high oil temperate/cooling system problems. Too much heat burns up the clutches in gearbox/torque converter. the material from those clutches clogs up the oil channels, solenoids other stuff. That's why there are two magnets on the sump. Unfortunately not everything gets filtered... That's why ZF updated their ''Lifetime'' oil and now they recommend to change it every 62k miles. ZF Services experts recommend to change transmission oil after 100,000 kilometers or after eight years at the latest. So in short too much heat will destroy your transmission.... This will be my next project...
  2. If somebody likes technical literature read this 6R80 Component Upgrades If somebody wants to upgrade the gearbox, it is possible to use parts from Ford 6R80 gearbox. more to follow ...
  3. Did a quite a lot of "deep web" digging, a lot of coffee, long nights finding all the info.. now I more or less got it. Soon to be continued in my projects thread. There is one thing that I need help with.. Maybe somebody had to deal with someone who specialises in gearbox parts, could be in scrapyard or online shop. I need some parts from a Ford gearbox. To be specific a 6r80 gearbox. The OEM ones cost quite a lot... don't want to spend aprox $900 for a input shafts and about $300-450 more for three other bits.. I could source everything else, but at the moment I can't find those parts. If I can't find them, there is not much of a point to uprate the gearbox although it has done 207k miles (mostly motorway tho)...
  4. Biotoxic

    Windscreen cover question

    Hi folks, Although I have a windscreen cover from my insurer, is there anything specific that I should know? Insurance will be renewed in August. I read that there is a specific windscreen for e60. Some kind of thinner coat near the rear view mirror for the tag readers for the toll roads for example... Maybe there are a UV or anti reflection covered one as well?
  5. This would be a diy project. Doesn't look too difficult it's just the downtime that concerns me. If a ford gearbox is a straight fit, I wouldn't have to rush anywhere and slowly build it myself. Had a pleasure to strip the engine and put everything together and it worked. Gearbox looks easy enough to do at home...
  6. Hi folks, since I have a "cattle grind" effect(rpms flactuating while cruising, but not in a MS mode) I came to to conclusion that a torque converter needs to be refurbished/uprated. Found a company called Sussex autos, they also uprates/reinforce the TC locking mechanism(or something along those lines) Since the gearbox oil will have to be drained and new sump pan fitted anyway I thought that I could Google the other stuff that I could change it while at it. Besides mehatronic sleeve and other gaskets seals I found complete refurbishment kit/kits. Some of them comes with a nozzles(or something like that)and some don't, fair enough. Then I stumble upon different articles regarding this gearbox like stage 2 exedy sport clutch package that fits zf6hp26 AND 6R80(gearbox wich is a uprated gearbox but from Ford, straight fit would be nice..). Then there is a company in Autralia or NZ that does a uprated gearbox internals like drive shafts and other parts including TCs.... Anyway. . Has anybody bothered here to upgrade/uprate the gearbox for 535d? Got a remap and all but the gearbox and the TC is a limiting factor at the moment. I could change the oil and the TC + the seals/gaskets for the gearbox itself but for a extra £450 from exedy I could improve the gearbox so it handles close to 900-1000Nm instead of standart 700 Nm.. The other thing, is there a trader here or somebody else who could point me to the right direction where to get the ZF longlife 6 (or something like that) gearbox oil? I think I need a 10 litres of that stuff.. offcourse with a member discount and all.. Not too keen on ebay as one seller was offering 10 litres for £104 and the other one just offered 6 litres for £94.... something dodgy over there.
  7. Biotoxic

    E60 530d engine tapping noise

    When the old thread cames back from the dead (although the solution wasn't posted).... if anybody stumble upon this, the tapping sound is mostly caused by bad/bent valve. If this is a case then whenever you undo the oil filler cap, you should see a noticeable steam/exhoust smoke coming out of the crankcase suggesting a blow-by. If you are good enough with a spanner and a socket set, you could remove the valve cover so you could see the camshaft with all the lifters and other stuff, if the valve isn't seated enough or is damaged/bent causing a blow-by you should see a sludge on the lifter/rocker springs or around the area where the exhoust is entering the crankcase. It will look like a sludge/gunk/soot that you can normaly see at the EGR valve/inlet manifold. If that is the case, you have found the culprit. I bought the endoscope off the ebay, it cames handy. Lidl is selling something similar at the moment. You could remove the Inlet manifold and check the inlet valves, but you couldn't see the exhoust ones. See attached images, I took them while manifold was up for the cleaning. The other thing that it could make the sound perhaps is the vacuum pump. Run the engine and remove/move back the one way valve held place by a star type bolt (I think it was size 10) if you do that and the sound isn't there a vacuum pump is making a all the metallic tapping noise.
  8. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Looking goooood.
  9. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    pi3 +B (latest version) MULF is messing with the audio(random cut outs/silence). Since I removed it and there are no problems I was thinking to buy a raspberry as it has a Bluetooth 4.2!!!!!! built-in and Spotify premium will make great partners. Besides youtube and some other applications, It will be used as an Android mirror link(android for raspberry) and for the torque pro just to see some extra dials But will see how it goes. MOT is coming up, need to do some other stuff otherwise it's an instant fail
  10. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    That's a video sorted, now it's just the audio connections and wiring to do and the passenger footwell will be free of cables and stuff.
  11. Biotoxic

    Long Overdue TLC....

    I did a terracleaner. It was connected to the pipes under the bonnet. Mpg improved straight away. No more shakes and usual stuff. Just change the engine oil and filter after you do the terraclean, that's a must.
  12. Biotoxic

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    I will check the history of my codes later on. Might be the same ones. Is there any other errors besides the boost pressure error? In ista there is a option to check for a bad boost pressure converters. Not too sure about the carly... London. .. if you would live somewhere in Northern Ireland I might be able to help you out more.
  13. Biotoxic

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    I think I had the same error ( boost pressure too high and boost pressure too low, can't remember the error codes.) I changed the sensor on top of the inlet manifold, but I got it from the dealership. All fine now. Where are you based?
  14. Biotoxic

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Try to delete the shadow memory.
  15. Biotoxic

    535d power loss after 3rpm

    Start with cheapest things like a vacuum hoses. They might look ok visually , but when you inspect them, they are brittle. Start with vacuum hoses. I had the same problem after a remap(like you had) a piece of vacuum hose coming from the pressure converter and going to the actuator, after I changed that, everything was fine after that.