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  1. Biotoxic

    535d Turbo and Intercooler Hoses

    I used the hoses in your first image. Get the proper jubilee clips(forgot the actual name of them). Recommended! You will have to use the Dremel to get the metallic bits off the aluminum hose where the boost pressure sensor is located in order to fit those hoses a.k.a. you will need to order 4 jubilee clips instead of 2. I got pre-LCI 535d.
  2. Biotoxic

    Anybody had a carbon clean on e60 d

    go for it, it will feel better afterwards.
  3. Biotoxic

    Quick NCS Dummy question - what module should be selected?

    To add to this. Once you select the module and it says get coded.. under the Jobname = SG_CODIEREN there usually will be three modules listed. They are the files what NCS uses for fitted specific module. For example KOMBI in this case will use a file name KMBI_PL2.c05 this is what you need to select in NCS dummy. see attached image for details. http://codinge90.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Screenshot-5_11_2014-4_54_21-PM1.png
  4. Biotoxic

    NCS Questions

    In C:/NCSExpert/CFGDAT (or something similar) there is a .txt file containing the error log with all the error codes. check it out.
  5. Biotoxic

    Anybody had a carbon clean on e60 d

    I did this for 535d in May. Money well spent. Engine oil change after its done is a must. I got mine cleaned from the fuel lines at the engine bay so its from the fuel side only but still it increased my average mpg by 2. It is possible to to do it from the Fuel tank and from just behind the MAF. It will cost a bit more, but it will clean the Inlet manifold and valves leading to the cylinders. I didn't do it myself as I manually cleaned the EGR and inlet manifold before Carbon cleaning.
  6. Biotoxic

    Torque converter

    I will have to change it soon, where did you find that they have a upgraded one available? Some time ago I found a link about the upgraded parts whenever you send your TC for a refurb for slighly increased fee somewhere here in UK. Ugraded/uprated parts included, shafts, turbine wheel or something and other bits and pieces. it would definitely suit me then.
  7. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Made backups of all the modules fitted to my car, slow and steady one by one, but in the end they might come handy if I mess up something. Lol
  8. Biotoxic

    Oil in the intercooler and intake pipe 535d

    Haven't seen the one you describe. You can get one that fits M57 engine and universal ones. More or less they are connected to the crankcase ventilation system that connects to the air intake pipe after MAF. It filters the gases coming from the crankcase breather. You could fit the old toilet rool type in your vortex case to lower the oil residue in the intecooler, but you should change it once in a while. It will almost eliminate oil getting into the intercooler if combined with a oil catch tank and you would then see if your turbos are sucking out the oil through the seals or not (the do that from the factory, but not much).
  9. Biotoxic

    Oil in the intercooler and intake pipe 535d

    I am considering to fit a decent oil catch tank. Might be suitable for you as well.
  10. Biotoxic

    Not another angel eye bulb question!

    It will be a check control notification, hot and cold monitoring for the bulbs you will change in CAS-LMA and LMA-LMA modules. If your car is LCI one then it should/could be LMA2 module. Check online for the guides, if needed. In pictures bellow I was comparing two trace files, but to you will need to set them to Nicht_active to disable check control error messages.
  11. Biotoxic

    Not another angel eye bulb question!

    I bought something similar but for pre LCI. Although it said canbus error free they were fine as coronas (angel eyes) but the stuff I bought for fog lights gave me an light bulb error. I coded them out and no more error on the dash. Can give you the module name and what you need to code if needed. Regarding the bulb not working I suppose you have the same connectors and they fit in it. Get two spare wires (isolated off course) and then just change the polarity of the wires. If they work use the pliers to cut off the wires and reverse the polarity on the bulb connection side. Worked for me, but in different occasion.
  12. Biotoxic

    Dyno runs and search for more power...

    Hold the DSC/DTC button for few seconds untill you get two warning messages. Then you can shift it in DS mode and you can actualy start moving off at the second gear (M2) once you are on the move you can shift in 4th. As far as I know most dyno's use 4th gear to do a test runs. Oh yes, whenever they started to test the car regeneration kicked in (although it shouldn't because of the stage 2 remap, something else needs adjusting.) So once in a while car smokes a lot because of it (but not with the DPF fitted. This needs to be addressed. . Will look into it whenever I will remove the DPF off the car.
  13. Biotoxic

    Dyno runs and search for more power...

    I asked them to fit the DPF from 2.5 litre engine as it has a 3" as well and I asked them to fit in a way so I could remove the DPF myself whenever I need it and fit a straight pipe back on the exhaust itself. I didn't gut it because later on in a future mot centres could be able to measure if I actually have the element itself or not. So now I only have to remove the DPF and leave it in a shelf for the next mot to be hustle free. No idea about the dyno configuration. DPF I got it from a scrapyard for £160 with other bits and pieces. There is a brand new ones available on ebay for about £170.. I would suggest to get the brand new one, as you wouldn't have much hustle to clean them. Power wise feels like big turbo doesn't work. It is that bad... it only has some I mean some low down power...
  14. Right, so... In order to pass my MOT I had to install a DPF on my existing 3'' straight pipe. Whenever I did that I mentioned that I would like to do a dyno before and after It's done. MOT sorted now, but I wasn't expecting this... Specs: 03/2005 E60 535d, K&N panel filter, Stage 2 remap to 330HP, DPF/CAT removed, 3'' straight pipe, Silicone vacuum hoses, Inlet manifold cleaned, boost pipe/hoses changed to an aftermarket silicone ones So on the first run with just the straight pipe fitted it was: So 345.6 HP and 579.06 Nm on a rollers with the engine warm(car was parked for about 30 minutes before the dyno) then shortly after they did the second run, this time it was: 313.8 HP and 562.39 Nm So on the second run, I lost 31.8 HP and 16.67 Nm Then, after the DPF was fitted I was shocked of the power figures... First run after it was fitted:...... Second... and the last one......................................... So...... it feels like I a driving a 525d now or worse..... My conclusion: I lost about 110 HP after I fitted as it turns out now, a badly blocked DPF When I checked in ista, my back pressure was 320 bar, but after the cleaning, the backpressure now is about 4 bar on idle... Taking about ''No power or low power'' topics in here... that's the problem, most likely. Another thing that bothers me. There is a power loss just after the first run. Guy said it's most likely because of the stock intercooler not having enough time to cool down itself. Now I think I will be getting a Wagner one, but then I found alternative ones, although some modifications will be necessary. Mostly a 335 performance intercoolers look the same as Wagner ones, but the holes and positioning of them are a bit different. About £300 for one. After it will be sourced then some modifications to freeze the intercooler on request and I would use the dyno again just to see the difference how much HP and torque gains a larger intercooler can do.