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  1. Biotoxic

    Dyno runs and search for more power...

    Hold the DSC/DTC button for few seconds untill you get two warning messages. Then you can shift it in DS mode and you can actualy start moving off at the second gear (M2) once you are on the move you can shift in 4th. As far as I know most dyno's use 4th gear to do a test runs. Oh yes, whenever they started to test the car regeneration kicked in (although it shouldn't because of the stage 2 remap, something else needs adjusting.) So once in a while car smokes a lot because of it (but not with the DPF fitted. This needs to be addressed. . Will look into it whenever I will remove the DPF off the car.
  2. Biotoxic

    Dyno runs and search for more power...

    I asked them to fit the DPF from 2.5 litre engine as it has a 3" as well and I asked them to fit in a way so I could remove the DPF myself whenever I need it and fit a straight pipe back on the exhaust itself. I didn't gut it because later on in a future mot centres could be able to measure if I actually have the element itself or not. So now I only have to remove the DPF and leave it in a shelf for the next mot to be hustle free. No idea about the dyno configuration. DPF I got it from a scrapyard for £160 with other bits and pieces. There is a brand new ones available on ebay for about £170.. I would suggest to get the brand new one, as you wouldn't have much hustle to clean them. Power wise feels like big turbo doesn't work. It is that bad... it only has some I mean some low down power...
  3. Right, so... In order to pass my MOT I had to install a DPF on my existing 3'' straight pipe. Whenever I did that I mentioned that I would like to do a dyno before and after It's done. MOT sorted now, but I wasn't expecting this... Specs: 03/2005 E60 535d, K&N panel filter, Stage 2 remap to 330HP, DPF/CAT removed, 3'' straight pipe, Silicone vacuum hoses, Inlet manifold cleaned, boost pipe/hoses changed to an aftermarket silicone ones So on the first run with just the straight pipe fitted it was: So 345.6 HP and 579.06 Nm on a rollers with the engine warm(car was parked for about 30 minutes before the dyno) then shortly after they did the second run, this time it was: 313.8 HP and 562.39 Nm So on the second run, I lost 31.8 HP and 16.67 Nm Then, after the DPF was fitted I was shocked of the power figures... First run after it was fitted:...... Second... and the last one......................................... So...... it feels like I a driving a 525d now or worse..... My conclusion: I lost about 110 HP after I fitted as it turns out now, a badly blocked DPF When I checked in ista, my back pressure was 320 bar, but after the cleaning, the backpressure now is about 4 bar on idle... Taking about ''No power or low power'' topics in here... that's the problem, most likely. Another thing that bothers me. There is a power loss just after the first run. Guy said it's most likely because of the stock intercooler not having enough time to cool down itself. Now I think I will be getting a Wagner one, but then I found alternative ones, although some modifications will be necessary. Mostly a 335 performance intercoolers look the same as Wagner ones, but the holes and positioning of them are a bit different. About £300 for one. After it will be sourced then some modifications to freeze the intercooler on request and I would use the dyno again just to see the difference how much HP and torque gains a larger intercooler can do.
  4. How long it took to get it fixed at the garage? Did you sent it somewhere for re-refurbishment or bought as a new part?
  5. Biotoxic

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    It takes a few minutes for water to clear on mine.. maxy clogged DPF filter.. came from 2.5d fits mine 3" exhaust pipe tho. Mot passed with no problems. Power wise... some fiesta or other small car can easily overtake me ... not after this thing is cleaned tho. Now I understand "no power" or "low on power" articles and confusion. Will make a thread about it, but by fitting a clogged DPF filter (although it looked ok) I lost about 100 hp. . A ONE HUNDRED HP.!!!!!! Did a dyno before and after dpf was fitted... got the graphs and all.
  6. Biotoxic

    Brake Pads

    Anybody tried a Mtec brake disks and EBC stuff pads? They make a disks and matching pads(different brands beside EBC) for 535s from 04-10..
  7. Biotoxic

    Voltage regulator

    I changed brushes on my E46. total cost was about £4 off ebay. Time wise Saturday or Sunday depending on how long it takes to remove and assemble parts. will take some time to solder it as well. Check the power cable leading to an auxiliary heater core if you have one fitted. It was melted and gave short circuit to positive error in inpa.
  8. Biotoxic

    Novichok poisoning

    here is a conspiracy theory... The woman who died, she doesn't look like a local.. sleeper agent/agents perhaps...
  9. Biotoxic

    DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    just to clarify, I have a 3'' stainless steel exhaust without the actual dpf filter fitted on it... Supposed to be: No filter- instant MOT fail...
  10. Biotoxic

    DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    Well as far as I know in mainland you can pass the MOT in any licensed/authorised garage/car repair shop In Here we have a MOT centres like this one https://goo.gl/maps/b57vLfybETy p.s Someone posted that you could ''be friendly with your local MOT guy'' to pass the MOT without the DPF but this is way different.. .
  11. Biotoxic

    DPF removed and new MOT checks May 2018

    Anybody here from NI have passed the MOT without the DPF filter fitted? Slightly different rules for MOT in here....
  12. Biotoxic

    Replacing MAF, coding/resetting

    Engine-Activate-rough running measurements or smooth running. Might be slightly different for your car, but delete fault codes before you re set the adaptations.
  13. Biotoxic

    Auto box differences 530d Vs 535d

    From what I read in online forums and and studying technical literature the difference is in one extra solenoid. Check out the Sonax zip kit. Long story short. 6HP26 unit itself can withstand up to 1000Nm if you use uprated parts. TCU is the limiting factor on stock gearbox. Like one transmission rebuilder said, you can fit the most expensive parts in a gearbox, so it could hande 1000 HP for example, but if the computer is not calibrated, it wouldn't do much good... Its like you fitted a piper-cross filter, uprated valves, custom camshaft, larger injectors, polished inlet/exhaust manifold ports, straight pipe, removed the cat/dpf but you didn't do a rolling road remap.... result would be not the way you want it to be... lucky for us 6HP26 owners(ZF in general) there is xHP flash tool available that uses android phone without the need for a winKFP to optimise the standard ZF gearbox, although you will still need a power supply as the first flash will take about 30 minutes to complete. Biggest gearbox killer is the high oil temperate/cooling system problems. Too much heat burns up the clutches in gearbox/torque converter. the material from those clutches clogs up the oil channels, solenoids other stuff. That's why there are two magnets on the sump. Unfortunately not everything gets filtered... That's why ZF updated their ''Lifetime'' oil and now they recommend to change it every 62k miles. ZF Services experts recommend to change transmission oil after 100,000 kilometers or after eight years at the latest. So in short too much heat will destroy your transmission.... This will be my next project...
  14. If somebody likes technical literature read this 6R80 Component Upgrades If somebody wants to upgrade the gearbox, it is possible to use parts from Ford 6R80 gearbox. more to follow ...