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  1. Markn47

    What do you all get on full tank?

    My 520d N47 will normally do about 700 miles to a tank of Tesco's finest diesel.
  2. Markn47

    EGR Recall

    Had my recall letter turn up yesterday so will get it booked in as and when my local dealer can do it.
  3. Markn47

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    My car has VDC and when pushing on on a twisty road it does make a difference much more planted and less body roll. Most of the reviews that are on the net recommend VDC and you can see why once you have driven one with it.
  4. Markn47

    poor fuel economy

    I do a 60 mile round trip commute A roads and motorway and my 520d returns 47 mpg but driven with a bit of thought I've seen 51 mpg. My wife used it for work a few weeks ago for a week and her drive is through rush hour traffic and only 7 miles so plenty of stop start driving and the difference in the car afterwards was notable it did feel quite sluggish. Again a good run and it was back to normal.
  5. Markn47

    F11 520d Over filling issues

    When I fill up the pump clicks off and I don't try to squeeze anymore fuel in as it ends up on the floor, the wife''s Seat however you can add another half gallon once the pump clicks off with no issues of over flowing.
  6. Markn47

    Advice on buying, please

    There are hundreds of thousands of N47 engines out there but I haven't heard of hundreds of thousands of them failing, some yes especially the early engines but they are not all bad. My 520d has done 116k with no issue and my indy has a customer who's car has over 200k on it with no timing chain problems. You pays your money and takes your chance but thats the same with anything.
  7. Timing chain rattle you would probably hear all the time but you say it only seems to happen under load. If your car is a manual then it could be the clutch release bearing or input shaft in the gearbox.
  8. Markn47

    520D Msport F11 Auto Gearbox

    Although no help to you I had my gearbox oil changed by Autokraft a few weeks ago and while they had the sump pan off they changed the seal were the shifter goes into the box apparently a known leak point.
  9. Markn47

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    I've read somewhere the N47 runs rings round the B47 mpg wise.
  10. I would of thought if a disc is warped you would feel it most of if not all of the time, could be a wheel balance issue if its only happening at a certain speed
  11. Markn47

    Engine noise under load

    Yep Autokraft were recommended to me by ZF uk.
  12. Markn47

    Engine noise under load

    Hi Andrew.. I didn't tell them of a possible issue with box as I think it was the old oil going through the torque converter when cold causing what seemed like the car wanting to move when stationary. It is like chalk and cheese the difference and I'm well happy with AutoKraft's service.
  13. Markn47

    Engine noise under load

    As promised I'm reporting back and I have to say what a difference. Autokraft changed my gearbox oil and pan etc and also re-coded my gearbox and the noise under load when holding on the brake when cold has gone and the gear changes are also smoother so a gearbox service is a no brainer if you ask me.
  14. Markn47

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    Well I'm more than happy with my 520d done 8000 trouble free miles since I bought it last August and it returns 45 mpg all day long. Sure the N47 isn't the most refined of engines but it does the job for me.
  15. Markn47

    Considering F10 M-Sport...

    My indy has a customer who's car has the N47 engine and its done 295k with no timing chain issues. More regular oil and filter changes are the secret apparently every 6k if you can.