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  1. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    About the right price that, my indy is doing mine for 350 + vat and includes the sleeve replacement.
  2. Remap of 525d

    My indy has quoted me 375 for a full service including rear brake pad change and £350 for a gearbox service and they are also ZF recommended.
  3. Engine noise under load

    My 520d auto does something much the same from cold but is perfect when warmed up, hold it on the brake in drive and its quite loud and you can feel the car under load pop it into neutral and the noise goes almost completely. Could be the torque converter or old oil in the gearbox so going to have a transmission service when the car goes for its normal service in a few weeks time and I'll report back.
  4. F series Gearbox video made by ZF

    I contacted ZF UK earlier this week regarding a gearbox service and they have pointed me in the direction of one of their recommended service facilities local to me who I will be contacting in due course.
  5. F10 530d buying advice please!

    With the car having an auto box there's no clutch. My F10 520d has just clocked 112k with no problems and yes the rear airbags do play up. As long as its got a full service history you should be ok if the price is right.
  6. Gave the old girl a much deserved wash this morning in fact washed it twice to get all the road salt off it. Then the wife came out and said I should do hers as well knackered now. Have a good one everyone and safe motoring.
  7. Yeah I think a bit of poo came out lol.
  8. Had some fun yesterday. The company I work for finished for xmas yesterday and we all went off to a pub a few miles away and I volunteered to drive so off we went 5 up . Pulled into the car park which was facing down hill and hit a large patch of black ice and from then on we were just passengers as the car slipped down further into the car park and I could do nothing about it. My attention was soon drawn to a dry stone wall which was getting rather close and as luck would have it the car stopped 6 inches from it. Relieved or what, the lads helped me get the car back onto the main road and all was well.
  9. Took the F10 out briefly in the snow and I must say it drove better with the traction control switched off.
  10. My 2013 520d is just about to clock 110k and touch wood it has never let me down. Oil change every 10k and the N47 lump is still going strong without issue.
  11. New to the forum.

    Hi all I live in the Midlands and own a 2013 520d se F10.