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  1. 520i lux spark plugs

    That’s great. Thanks John
  2. 520i lux spark plugs

    Hi, new to the forum. I bought a 1987 520i lux last year and will be ready to carry out my fist service; After checking a webpage for the correct plugs I purchased some NGK BP5ES ones recently which have a 0.6mm gap. I'm sure when I looked in the Haynes manual it mentioned 0.7mm gap. Will these BP5ES plugs be ok?
  3. Rear apron

    Thanks for your help, Dan.
  4. Rear apron

    Sounds good. Any idea what I might be looking at for the part?
  5. Rear apron

    Oh right. Yes, it looks like that. Does that mean replacing isn’t an option?
  6. Rear apron

    Yes, they’re chrome
  7. Rear apron

    Thanks Dan, not as clear cut as I thought. other than getting under the car and having a look, is there any other way of telling whether M Tech kit is fitted?
  8. Rear apron

    Hi, new to the forum. Recently bought an E28 1987 and looking at changing the rear apron. Are these welded on or bolted? help appreciated, thanks.