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  1. Which music streaming service?

    @mobilejo @Hudds.taz thanks both, especially the video. I think where I've probably gone wrong is my car came with a Spotify app "pre-loaded" so I didn't go through the connection assistant (I didn't know I needed to use that). So, not 100% sure how to fix the problem, but will try running the connection assistant tomorrow and see if that helps.
  2. Where do you put your iPhone?

    Agreed, a bit confusing, but with 2 small boys still worth it to me
  3. Where do you put your iPhone?

    @mobilejo - ah, I read (from the BMW builder web app): "An additional 12V power socket including a USB adapter is integrated into the rear centre console and can be used to charge such equipment as mobile phones or external audio devices." ...as the included USB adapter would be integrated into the rear console. My bad. I guess people who don't go for that option don't have the rear 12V socket or the USB adapter supplied.
  4. Hatchbag on a G31/ pics & mini review

    Cheeky! He's only 70KG, a lightweight for a newfie. I keep the poor boy slim because he has hip problems.
  5. Which music streaming service?

    Correct, nothing else can be accessed, you just go to Spotify.
  6. Just in case anyone is interested, here's a few pics of a Hatchbag installed in my G31. My dog comes to work with me, so I wanted something that completely covers everything and gave him a nice comfy area. Everything is wipe clean and so no lingering doggy odours. Options selected were the split fold, the bumper flap and 2x doggy mats. I didn't select the rear seat flap (AKA drool guard) as I'm using the divider net to stop the little fella stick his head over the seat backs. The mats seem expensive, but are good quality vet bed and cut to shape, so I think they are good value. Overall I'm pleased with the quality and it was relatively easy to fit with good instructions. price was £215.37, which I feel is reasonable value for the protection. Once fitted, it seems pretty easy to remove sections to get access to things and the split seat drop down seems to work fine. First pic is without mats & divider put back in: next with divider & doggy mat installed final one with his majesty trying out his new mobile palace... happy to answer questions if anyone's thinking of getting one of these.
  7. Which music streaming service?

    @SuperDave thanks for the suggestion, but no, it doesn't let you access your Albums, Podcasts or anything else. It just "takes over" and you have to use whatever you can access with Spotify, i.e. Spotify downloaded content on your phone. Also, with my car (I presume this is the same with all G3x), once you've selected music service from either Bluetooth or USB, that's it, you can't chop & change without reconfiguring. Incidentally, I'm finding that the Spotify app is very buggy. As well as the whole stopping any other iPhone access thing, it's occasionally dropping out altogether (i.e. the app disappears from iDrive and then reappears) and it also randomly "losing" content and "finding" it again shortly after.
  8. Where do you put your iPhone?

    Thanks all. @G Whizz - that's a great idea that I'll copy immediately. I'm sure that I would have come up with it sooner or later! Incidentally - I ordered the £45 option for extra USB points in the rear of the car (charging only). A suspiciously cheap option from BMW? Turns out that £45 option just simply gets you a 12V socket to twin USB adapter! I was expecting actual USB points, not a £7.99 adapter.
  9. Intro & Question Before Purchase

    @mobilejo thanks, great explanation. I wish the BMW sales staff knew this stuff! Turns out that I made the right decisions (completely by accident)
  10. Intro & Question Before Purchase

    OK, I'm going to show my ignorance here, go easy on me. Isn't EDC the same as VDC and doesn't this option just allow you to "tune" the suspension to Eco / Comfort / Sport? So it does give you the option of "harder" or "softer" rides, but I thought that the option that you really needed to go with the 20 inch wheels was the much more expensive Adaptive Drive? Can't offer any help with the 2.0 vs 3.0 except to say that I'm really happy with my 3.0, though the sound is much more muted and less sporty than my previous E60 3.0.
  11. Where do you put your iPhone?

    @farzad - no extra USB in the centre bit, at least not on mine. Yes, I thought the 7 would probably fit, as the 7+ is just a bit too big. @sjak92 - do you have a case on your X? I'd destroy any smartphone in minutes without a case! The contract's up for renewal in May, might get a new X then, so am interested in whether it will fit with a case on. @Monkeyfinger - I've got nothing against Android and had some of the older ones, but the 7 edge I had was really fragile (broken screen twice from not very big impacts). Plus, I know that Apple, Google and Samsung are all just big amoral businesses, but Samsung does seem to have strayed a little bit too far into the "evil empire" territory for my liking! So, interesting factoid for future G30/G31 owners: iPhone 7+ won't fit in the caddy, but most other things will...
  12. My G31 has a little cubby with a USB connector at the front of the centre console, which I assumed was to put your phone. Trouble is, an iPhone 7+ with a slim case won't fit in there (I guess the same will probably be true for the 8 and the X). The options I can think of are (a) put it in the centre storage bit and have the wire dangling from the USB socket over the gear change lever etc or (b) get a Brodit clip or similar and try to hide the wires. Don't really like the last option as I don't want or need my phone "out" on the dash or close. What's the bmw5 Brain Trust come up with to solve this? And why couldn't those nice people at BMW make the cubby hole a bit bigger to fit modern smart phones? I guess that last comes down to the long development cycle with cars!
  13. Which music streaming service?

    So, I've switched to Spotify Family (same as Premium) and the iphone syncs fine with the app in the car. It all works well, however I have one niggle. Once I've started Spotify via the car, it "takes over". So I can't go back to my iPhone through the bluetooth and play any of my albums for instance. My guess is that to "fix" this, I'd have to close the Spotify app on the iphone, which I can't do while driving. Anyone else get this? Any solutions found?
  14. remote viewing?

    is remote pre conditioning is to do with the hybrid versions?
  15. remote viewing?

    Sorry, another question... I was looking forward to the "remote view" feature (sorry, probably am calling it the wrong thing) and have the Park Assistant Plus, which is what I thought it came with. But, no option for remote viewing online through the ConnectedDrive web UI or through my iPhone app. In the ConnectedDrive Store, I see there is a £60 option for "Remote Package". Do I need to buy this as well?