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  1. Is there going to be a winter wheel set "promotion" offered this year? How much? Mine's a 530d M sport if that makes any difference.
  2. I haven't read all of the replies, so apologies for any duplications: favourites: Visibility pack. Icon adaptive lights are great, highbeam assist seems to work flawlessly. HUD is great, really useful especially the nav integration. Sun protection glass, keeps the boys happy in the back when it's sunny, stops scrotes from peering in. Heated steering wheel. Comfort package. I know a lot of people shy away from this for security reasons, but I find it useful. I think more so because mine's an estate. dislikes: Park assistant plus. The reversing camera is a must, but all the rest just drives me insane. 50% of the features are turned off in my car as they don't work properly for me. The incessant bonging, beeping, green lights, amber flashing, red flashing, etc. is very distracting! Did I mention that this is all coming at you from different speakers in the car? Maybe I don't play enough computer games? If I did maybe I'd be more used to the constant barrage of noise and flashing lights? The 360º birds eye view is fun for, oh about a day. Remote viewing has been used once or twice and then never again. Driver assistant. Most of this I really don't like, some bits are useful, I just can't think of any off the top of my head. Love the engine (530d), gearbox and handling and suspect that with this car it really is "less is more" and you only "need" one or two options. The spotify integration is OKish, but the BMW system sucks if you like listening to podcasts. If you are an iphone user, I'd definitely check out the Apple Play option. My dealer told me that it was rubbish and that they didn't have a demonstrator with it. I think that *probably* was a mistake on my part (not insisting on seeing it myself) as it's a "factory only" option and can't be retro-fitted.
  3. lol64

    Speed Limit Info Group Buy

    FWIW: Lane Departure Warning is one of the (many!) options turned off in my car as it doesn't work at all well for me. Basically, if the road markings are worn, it gives you a false warning, i.e. warns you that you are drifting out of your lane when you are not. As I live in England and most of the road markings are worn, the steering wheel was vibrating a lot of the time! On the other hand there is a separate feature (I can't remember what that one is called) and that vibrates the steering wheel and flashes an icon in the mirror if you indicate and the car thinks that there is a possibility of you pulling out in front of an overtaking car. As far as I can tell, that option works fine. This is one of those features that you wish everyone ELSE had as well! To be clear, these are separate "options" and can be turned on and off individually. I have the road sign recognition as part of a "Driver Assistant" pack (sorry, can't remember the exact name). It's a bit of a misnomer I think as all it does is read the speed limit off of the road signs. Nothing else as far as I am aware. The times that I've bothered to keep a close eye on it, it seems reasonably accurate, having said that I don't remember going a whole journey where it accurately read all of the speed limits. I'm not sure what the point of it is really, apart from something else in the HUD. You can't rely on it 100% to be accurate, so you've got to be vigilant as usual on the speed signs (and understand what the lack of them means in certain circumstances!). Sorry, but I can't for the life of me think why anyone would pay for it.
  4. I went to my car (g31) this morning and both front windows were opened an inch or two, exactly the same both sides. They were closed when I parked, so I’m trying to figure out how I managed that! Any clues what happened? I need to make sure I don’t do it again!
  5. lol64

    530d SE or MSport

    You sound like me, when I was trying to figure out the option list - it's very confusing (to BMW sales people as well as me!). A few things that are on my spec: Sun protection glass. Some people think it looks a bit "gangsta" but I like it and it blocks visibility into the back from the outside. HUD. Great option, but you need Driving Assistant if you want the road sign recognition. I also really like the nav integration with the HUD. Park Assistant Plus - if I had to delete one option pack from my car, it would probably be that. My G31 is in at the dealer currently for them to look at why it keeps seeing phantom obstacles and emergency braking on me. IMO the rest of that pack is a bit underwhelming, YMMV. I got Driving Assistant as I really wanted the road sign recognition and to be fair, that works well about 90-95% of the time. It does quite frequently get it wrong though. The rest of the pack isn't great and I have most of it turned off - which is slightly annoying as I now have the "warning" light on all the time on the console. For example the lane departure warning might work well in Germany, but in England it's forever going off when you are nowhere near the central line. Again, I'd probably delete this pack if I was ordering again. As everyone else says, The Visibility pack is fantastic. It's probably my favourite option pack chosen. I don't know whether "Exterior Mirrors - folding with anti-dazzle" comes as part of any of the packs you've chosen, but I'd recommend selecting that option if not. I really like the "Comfort Pack", although I know some people are dead set against it due to security concerns. I especially like the "wave your foot under the tailgate" feature (that probably sounds better in German). It's surprising how many times that comes in handy. I opted for the extra 12v sockets. If I understand it right, this gives you an extra one in the back (so you end up with 2) and one in the boot. I wanted as much gadget power as possible for the boys in the back and the option of running a cooler box in the boot is useful, so it was worth it for me. I think that's all! Edited to add... sorry, if not clear, the waving your foot opens and closes the tailgate! Handy if your hands are full.
  6. lol64

    Faulty driver seat (new G31)

    thanks for doing that
  7. lol64

    Faulty driver seat (new G31)

    Could anyone else withe the full electric sports seats try a little test for me? Turn the back support (the lateral support adjustment) completely off. Then turn it completely on. It's a pump that pumps up the (I guess) air cushions on each side. Does it feel like the cushion presses into your back on both sides? Or only on the right hand side?
  8. lol64

    Faulty Park Assistant Plus (new G31)

    Well, after moaning a bit, the dealer is going to have it in next week and loan me a mini for a few days. Not sure where my Newfoundland dog (who goes with me everywhere, that's why I have the touring, not a saloon) is going to fit. That's going to be entertaining. The local Enterprise does a full size SUV for £121 for 2 days so it's not the end of the world if the big old slobbery mutt can't fit in the mini. Though it will be entertaining to see him try! I must remember to take pig ears with me to Cotswold, he'd squeeze into a shoe box for one of those. I'm less confident that the dealership actually know what they are doing now. The service manager phoned me up and asked me to go through this issue with him. I did, but he apparently has never heard of this issue. I mentioned that his colleague was very confident that it was a known problem they could fix. His reply was along the lines of: "Really? I'll have to get him to fix it then. He works in the call centre though, so good luck with that."
  9. lol64

    I hate gritters!!

    That sucks, especially as it's a little dent. I *think* the bonnet is aluminium: http://www.repairerdrivennews.com/2016/10/14/new-bmw-5-series-loses-137-lbs-has-aluminum-hs-steel-magnesium-but-no-carbon-fiber/ so, it won't rust, but I wonder if that makes it a bit softer and more prone to dents?
  10. lol64

    Faulty Park Assistant Plus (new G31)

    Hmmmm... do you know what, the red bar suddenly appears exactly over the nearside front wheel. Almost as if PA+ is detecting it's own wheel on full lock as an obstacle. Nah, it couldn't possibly be that daft. Could it? Did you see the video?
  11. lol64

    Faulty Park Assistant Plus (new G31)

    @Xtrail - the next nearest dealer is another branch of Cotswold and the one after that is just under an hour away. Anyway, the point is that they are pretty confident that they know the fix for this park assistant plus fault as they apparently sorted an identical issue last week on another G31 (I guess a 2018, like mine, but not sure). It sounds like a few people are having this same issue, so will keep the thread updated as and when it gets looked at.
  12. lol64

    Faulty Park Assistant Plus (new G31)

    @Back2Beemer yes, I wasn't happy about the whole no courtesy car thing, so phoned BMW UK for clarification. To be fair, when I spoke to Cotswold, they said that they didn't have a courtesy car for me and when I expressed surprise at that, I was told that if I could wait a month, they would sort something out. I thought that was just a polite way of telling me: "no courtesy cars". Anyway, BMW UK say that their authorised dealers ARE obliged to supply courtesy cars for warranty work. However BMW UK don't have any control over how the dealer manages their "fleet" of courtesy cars and if you have to wait a month (or two, or six, or anything really) before you can get a courtesy car, that's perfectly acceptable (to BMW UK). Anyway, I can't really wait a month (this issue is just really annoying, but the other fault with my seat is uncomfortable and giving me back ache), so will have to hire a replacement car myself. It's not the end of the world, but I certainly wouldn't treat my customers this way.
  13. This is the second of my current problems with my new G31 and I suspect this one will be a complete PITA to get resolved. (I've got the sports seats with the full electric adjustment option, so if you have any other seats, the controls are a bit different.) I've had my G31 for about a month and have never been able to get "comfortable". Generally, I love the car, but I just don't feel 100% comfortable and secure in my seat. I finally decided to take a few hours and try to get to the bottom of why I feel this way (forgive the pun) and I think that I may have made some progress. It seems to me that the seat frame is twisted (this is a brand new car, not used). If I go around a left hand bend, I'm secure in my seat. If I go around a right hand bend, my torso starts to slide out of the seat. I think that I've been hanging on to the steering wheel to counteract this without thinking about it and hence this not being a comfortable car to drive! If I adjust the backrest width, the RIGHT hand side of the seat (my right as I'm sitting there) presses into my back, the left doesn't. So clearly, there's something wrong there. It's really difficult to be sure, but I suspect that the seat frame may be bent and I'm sitting at a slight angle to the steering wheel. Can anyone suggest anything else I can do to test this? Or might it be something completely different? My dealership (Cotswold BMW) don't do loaner cars for warranty repairs, so I can't take it to have it properly looked at until I can sort out another car to keep me mobile, but I will update this thread when I do get more information.
  14. I have had a couple of problems with my new G31, I'll document them separately here in case it's of use to anyone in the future as at least one of them is a "known problem". I specified Park Assistant Plus with my G31, so this issue is only relevant to that and apparently only on G31s if I understand the dealer correctly. When reversing out of a parking space (your experience may vary), I get the normal cacophony of bleeps (i.e. detecting objects that are not close enough to be a problem) and then suddenly a red "bar" in the display on the near side, loud warning & emergency brake. There is in fact nothing there. I wait for a few seconds and the "object" disappears, i.e. that bar goes back to green. I pull back into the parking space, go back into reverse and on exactly the same lock reverse back out. This time Park Assistant sees no obstacles, as it should do as there are none. This happens very frequently, but there's no apparent logic to it. It doesn't matter if the car is clean (it literally did it within 30 minutes of picking it up from the dealer) or filthy dirty. That doesn't affect the problem or the frequency of the problem. The good news is that apparently this is a known problem with G31s (Touring) with Park Assistant Plus and BMW "know how to fix it". The bad news is that my BMW dealership doesn't do loaner cars for warranty fault repairs, so I can't get this fixed until I can sort out another car as they will need it for a couple of days. I'll keep you posted with how the fix goes at some stage! If you're interested, here's a video of the problem: https://youtu.be/sCtRWT7ssSg
  15. lol64

    Door handle scratch

    if it's painted and the scratch is just superficial, maybe you could polish it out? Or wet sand it?