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  1. JASON530D

    Halo upgrade so confusing

    i tried to buy them mtec v3 but they are out of stock
  2. hi people wondering if this noise is the crank pulley its not as bad now but can still hear a slight noise from the front of the car IMG_1671TrimTrim.mp4
  3. JASON530D

    Top tips

    very nice job just ordered for my steering wheel so just soak in water and ill get results like them pictures?
  4. JASON530D

    E60 gearbox slipping

    around £600 all together i think because the tc needed a few litres of that lifeguard 6 before they put it back in. i done the same thing had i serviced but didnt solve the problem with the slipping so i got the tc done and shifts and moves much better only slips abit when warming up also got rid of rev fluctuating also get xhp gearbox flash and it will feel like a different car
  5. JASON530D

    E60 gearbox slipping

    i had the same problem with it slipping now with a recon torque converter from doug and a gearbox service its cured the slipping i used to get and also shifts properly good luck anyway
  6. JASON530D

    E60 gearbox slipping

    i know a gearbox specialist that delivered a torque converter for my e60 530d his name is doug a great guy been reconditioning for years this is his ebay ad for the 525 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E60-E61-525d-2002-2007-6HP26-Re-manufactured-Torque-Converter-24407551821/272837871233?hash=item3f86678681:g:ttcAAOSwgKpZsVWP i can also pm you his contact details if you want
  7. JASON530D

    530d E60 - sudden power loss.

    dpf could be blocked?
  8. JASON530D

    EGR Thermostat

    hi can i have a price for a EGR Thermostat delivered please reg is J15 SSN thanks
  9. JASON530D

    Coilovers or oe?

    well a mate has a full set of se struts that he was willing to give to me for free thats why i asked would they fit onto my m sport? i dont mind if the car will sit abit higher i would rather have abit more comfort
  10. JASON530D

    Coilovers or oe?

    what if i was to put se shocks and springs from a friends car would they fit?
  11. JASON530D

    Coilovers or oe?

    hi does anyone know of any good low priced coilovers as my suspension is awful and needs replacing at the minute iv managed to find fk ak street for £225 or should i just spend the extra and replace oe shocks and springs?
  12. JASON530D

    bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    well as khile said its well worth it. had mine flashed stage 3 yesterday its shifting much better and feels like a different car!
  13. JASON530D

    Car warranty companies?

    yh same i given up trying to find good warranty for 120k+ mileage i recently got my gearbox serviced but didnt do the mechanatronic seals i dont think do you know if this should be done? i paid £350 for new zf oil and sump :S
  14. JASON530D

    bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    ill let you know soon but judging by facebook replys to stage 3 everyones saying it transforms the drive so should be worth it