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  1. Coilovers or oe?

    well a mate has a full set of se struts that he was willing to give to me for free thats why i asked would they fit onto my m sport? i dont mind if the car will sit abit higher i would rather have abit more comfort
  2. Coilovers or oe?

    what if i was to put se shocks and springs from a friends car would they fit?
  3. Coilovers or oe?

    hi does anyone know of any good low priced coilovers as my suspension is awful and needs replacing at the minute iv managed to find fk ak street for £225 or should i just spend the extra and replace oe shocks and springs?
  4. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    well as khile said its well worth it. had mine flashed stage 3 yesterday its shifting much better and feels like a different car!
  5. Car warranty companies?

    yh same i given up trying to find good warranty for 120k+ mileage i recently got my gearbox serviced but didnt do the mechanatronic seals i dont think do you know if this should be done? i paid £350 for new zf oil and sump :S
  6. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    ill let you know soon but judging by facebook replys to stage 3 everyones saying it transforms the drive so should be worth it
  7. bmw e60 231hp xhp flash stage 3

    Tunes for 2005+ 535d (272 HP) and 530d (231 HP) are ready! Vast shift-speed improvements in all modes, quicker reaction to driver inputs and instant closed torque converter clutch combine to a whole new driving experience! Get ready for Sheer Driving Pleasure! Stage 1: ====== The Stage 1 file maximizes the comfort by early upshifting and downshifting later. This helps to reduce noise, mileage and wear on your car. The shifts itself are a little tuned, to make the trans feel more modern, while retaining full factory smoothness. - Shiftpoints optmized for low mileage and wear - Shiftspeeds slightly increased Stage 2: ====== The Stage 2 calibration wakes up the transmission to give it a more sporty touch. Shiftspeeds are increased in all modes, combined with recalibrated Shiftpoints in D mode to give you an overall more modern and fun driving experience. WOT shiftpoints are changed to keep the M57 engine in the optimal torque range during acceleration. In manual mode you will experience faster shifts and a removed Kickdown to avoid unwanted downshifts. - Recalibrated Shiftpoints in D for better response on driver-inputs - Recalibrated Shiftpoints in S to keep the engine in the happy rev-range - Shifts noticeably quickened in all modes - Kickdown removed in M - Torque limiters removed - Torque Converter clutch closes in 1st gear Stage 3: ====== You won't recognize your good old auto transmission with our Stage 3 file. Shifttimes under WOT have been cut by over 50%, reactions to gear lever inputs in M are instant and trigger really firm, fast shifts. At the same time, the Stage 3 keeps the comfort and smooth shifts during normal driving. All shiftmaps have been recalibrated to create a way more lively driving experience than before. Last but not least we removed the auto-upshift in manual mode, to let you have fun, when you want it. - Shifttimes under WOT cut by over 50% - Recalibrated Shiftmaps in D and S to facilitate active driving - True Manual Mode - Shift delay after corners removed - Torque Limiters removed - Torque Converter clutch closes in 1st gear
  8. hi now they have released stage 3 for my car does anyone know where to buy these cables? USB/OTG Adapter & OBD/DCAN cable i was quoted £250 from a xhp dealer near me thats why i want to flash it myself thanks
  9. Car warranty companies?

    i want the same and eventually found https://www.motoreasy.com/ but reading the terms and conditions for the mileage we want to cover they only pay 50% towards parts i think
  10. Swapping sat nav screen for wide screen(Pro)

    i want to do the same but im not good with electrics how easy is the retrofit?
  11. Wheel housing/arch bits

    hi i need all the nuts bolts washers whatever is needed to fit this part i have a second hand one ready to fit but on my car some of the screws rivets etc are missing Cover, wheel housing, front right (51717033750) also i need the nuts bolts whatever is needed for the FRONT of the bottom plastic cover not the whole set but just what is needed for the front to recconect as a few are missing also UNDERFLOOR COATING CENTER (51757154142) and finally just 1 top engine cover bolt i beileve its this one Fillister head with washer (M6X20-ZNNID SW ) (07119906086) reg is CX06 KNF thanks for your help jason
  12. Where to find these grilles?

    haha thanks for all the replies i did want to get the headlight eyebrows along with this grille i thought it would look better than the old man chrome at the front im only 24 but i cant find them in stock and carpartstuning wont respond ohh well cheers guys
  13. hi all as the title says i would like to purchase these grilles but cant find anywhere that sells in uk any help would be appreciated thanks jason
  14. m sport bumper mounting kit

    hi i need to correct the front m sport bumper as its not sitting strait and on inspection i see a few screws that are not meant to be there could you quote me on a new oem set please i think this is what i need Set, mounting parts, bumper, front (51112411732) reg is cx06 knf thanks jason
  15. both thermostats please

    hi thanks for the speedy dispatch of the wiper arm. im now thinking of changing both thermostats main and egr can i have a price please reg cx06 knf thanks jason