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  1. Windscreen Wipers

    I don't have the link to the tech note but there is a particular angle (I think it's 84 degrees for the driver's side and 87 for the passenger side) that the wiper arms are supposed to have. There's a procedure that describes using a protractor to measure and then set the angle (carefully with a pair of vice-grips). It may be that the arm's angle is slightly off causing uneven pressure against the glass. Just a thought.
  2. Windscreen Wipers

    That adapter is still available and should be pretty easy to order.
  3. Windscreen Wipers

    I didn't notice that it made much difference on mine when I left it off temporarily. My driver's side wiper judders a lot even when its got a new blade. Maybe it was because I initially used an SWF one instead of a Bosch but I think clay-barring the glass will probably make the most difference.
  4. Battery tray question

    Just thought I'd update this thread. I installed a new Varta E43 680 CCA battery that fits more properly than the enormous one that was in there before. In terms of dimensions, this battery is 278 x 175 x 175 mm. I think the key dimension is the 175 width in terms of being able to access the bolt hole for the clamp. You should be able to fit up to 315 x 175 x 190 mm if you really needed a big battery. Once the new battery was in, it revealed a mounting point for either the rod and bolt style system or the battery clamp. I opted for the latter with part numbers 61211370816 (clamp) and 07119913589 (bolt), and replaced the mucky vent hose with some new tubing. I looked for the access panel for the ground and there appeared to be a plastic cap as described above but at least on my iX it's just a dummy plate that doesn't open. Maybe this wasn't a feature of all models?
  5. Battery tray question

    Thank you. That was very helpful. I hadn't noticed an access for the ground.
  6. Battery tray question

    Hi all, I took a peek at the battery under the rear seat of my iX and noticed that there was no battery tray. The previous owner installed a very large battery but there was no tray and no battery holder to be found. The vent was there thankfully. I noticed that the BMW battery warning label is actually installed on the floor leading me to believe that there never was a battery tray. I'm curious, is that the experience of other iX owners? Did your battery have any kind of mounting hardware to hold it in place? Thanks, --Will
  7. New e34 525iX owner

    I've gone to great lengths for manual gearboxes even importing the proper one from Sweden for my V70 AWD and then swapping it in as the AWDs were only available as automatics in the U.S. (These days I'm in Germany) An Alpina Allrad replica would be pretty neat. I've seen a few originals for sale in Switzerland but their prices are either sky high or the car is in quite a state of need. Cableguy - thanks for the name of the wood trim! I've wondered what the correct name was for it.
  8. New e34 525iX owner

    Hi there. I've posted a few times already and appreciate what a great resource this forum is. I come from the Volvo enthusiast world (specifically 850/70 series cars) but am excited to learn more about the e34s. I recently found an e34 525iX touring with an 09/94 production date. It has fairly low miles for its age and is in great shape cosmetically. The car was off the road for some years and needed a few items replaced to be in good form but everything is in order now and at a good "stage 0" in terms of maintenance. As it needed new front shocks, I took the opportunity to install the "sport" suspension and corresponding springs. I think the stance is actually well-matched to the normal height iX SLS rear suspension. Unfortunately on my drive home, the car began to have a starting problem as the DME was failing. That was an adventure!
  9. 525iX won't start

    Agreed My other car (in the U.S.) is a 1998 Volvo V70 AWD and through 98 you can swap the Motronic 4.4 ECUs as you wish. 99+ goes to ME7 and its all coded to the car so it's only possible to swap ECUs with the help of someone with sophisticated software.
  10. 525iX won't start

    Thank you! Yes I guess that happens with age And the intermittent brake light failure warning is related to the previous owner's bad wiring job of an aftermarket trailer hitch which I'm guessing was poorly grounded.
  11. 525iX won't start

    The diagnosis is in: After replacing the CPS with a Genuine part, the readings from the sensor were apparently in range but the car would not start. They did indeed check the EWS and confirmed that it was not preventing the car from starting. One of the technicians apparently has the same car and put his DME into my car and it fired right up. So now I'm searching for a used DME pn: 12141427006 EDIT: It's an M3.3.1 unit (incorrectly wrote 3.1 earlier)
  12. 525iX won't start

    Hey thanks for all the additional tips and things to look into. I did indeed check for a loose battery cable initially though that would certainly be preferable to a failing DME for example! It does indeed have the double-sunroof. Hopefully I'll be able to report back today.
  13. 525iX won't start

    That's fair. You're probably right that a BMW dealer doesn't regularly see these older cars. I know of one independent BMW garage with a good reputation in Berlin but it's quite far away on the extreme western edge of the city and was way outside where I was able to get towed. My shop options were pretty limited initially. I'm also at the mercy of needing to get the car running so it can have and pass its HU/AU (inspection) in order to get properly registered.
  14. 525iX won't start

    I appreciate that the same old questions get tiresome. This particular situation seemed like it could be more engaging given the difficulty it's given both an independent shop and BMW dealer. Whiskeychaser, you write as if I should have been the one grounding spark plugs to see if they spark and measuring fuel pressure while the car has been at two different shops. I had just bought the car. This began to happen at night on my drive from one country to another and the car would start eventually on that drive back hence why a 5 hour trip took 14. My tools are on another continent. It's not like I have a convenient place to work on it and the day after getting it to where I live, the car truly wouldn't start no matter what. I was sitting in front of a gas pump...there's a limit to what one can do when you're blocking a lane at a gas station. I'm not throwing parts at it thank you very much. I didn't tell the first garage to replace the FPR, they did that on their own after apparently determining that the fuel pressure was too high. When that didn't work, they were stumped and called asking me what I wanted to do. I asked if they had checked the CPS knowing that it's a common no-start problem. They said they thought that was a possibility but had not. It seemed worth trying a new CPS before paying to have the car towed from their shop to BMW. When that didn't work, they told me they had "accessed the computer and it's an immobilizer problem" and only BMW can fix that. The car has a production date of 09/94 and my understanding is that it therefore has EWS I and if I understand the system correctly, if the immobilizer were causing a problem, the car wouldn't crank at all as the starter would not be engaged so to me, this explanation wouldn't make sense as the car cranks. But given that the car alarm and hazard lights go on when you try to unlock the car with the keys (manually not electronically) ever since the first time this happened on my back from picking up the car, I figured maybe there's something I don't understand about this anti-theft system. These details were all in the hopes that maybe someone on here has had something similar happen. The car is at a BMW dealership. I would hope they know what they're doing and after what I understand was many hours worth of data collection and practically every technician they have contributing and baffled, they believe that the problem is indeed the CPS but that the new Hella unit is defective as it's reading out of spec. I wouldn't have expected a Hella part to be defective out of the box but I hope that's the problem.
  15. 525iX won't start

    Thanks for the link to the wiring diagrams. Yes, I imagine I'm going to be needing those. When I was stranded on my own I had no way of measuring fuel pressure but at the first garage they claimed it was too high leading them to replace the FPR. When that didn't get the car to start they asked me what to do next. Given that the starter fluid didn't get the car to start that lead me to believe fuel was not the issue but since the fuel pump and motronic relays are inexpensive we tried that. As the CPS seems to be a common problem and isn't so expensive, we tried that next. If it turns out that the Hella CPS is defective and a Genuine BMW part fixes the issue, then I'll have learned my lesson. I was always under the impression that Hella carries OE quality parts? The car has a manual gearbox By the way, this is a great forum. I look forward to participating more once I get the car up and running.