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  1. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    I think I’ll find a proper used gearbox from an iX to have but keep this low mileage one and still experiment with the case at some point. At least then. This will all probably take some time but I’ll be sure to report back with my findings. In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll find other questions! thanks again for all the ideas.
  2. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    Indeed I meant for a manual gearbox but thank you Dongiov. I've read through some of the info you've put up on here and it's been most informative. This is a great board. This is promising if the output shaft is actually shared across RWD and AWD gearboxes and it does cross-reference...I'm really tempted to try this.
  3. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    Thanks for all the replies. I was hoping that internally it would be the same because many of the numbers on the actual gearbox also appear on the 525iX gearboxes I've seen but of course it makes sense that the output shaft could be different.
  4. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    This is exactly what I'm thinking. If the internals are the same I would think the 525iX case would fit but I'm hoping somebody can confirm.
  5. 525iX gearbox compatibility

    Hello E34 experts, Lots of great info on this forum. I come from the Volvo side of the enthusiast world and am a big fan of delicate old, AWD systems. I've had my sights set on a 525iX and since I live in Germany have acquired a few "spares" already. I recently bought a gearbox with 18K kilometers on it and the company said it was for the 525iX. The ZF number on the case "1053 401 097" is correct and the BMW part number on the case "1 221 937.9" does seem to correspond to the S5D 320Z gearbox. However, after receiving it I can clearly see that the rear part of the case is wrong. It must be for a RWD not AWD because there is nowhere for the transfer case to attach. Is it possible to simply buy the rear housing from BMW Classic and swap it onto this gearbox? Or is this not possible...it's nice to have a gearbox with only 18,000 kilometers...would be a shame to waste it. Thanks for your insight! I've attached to photos. The first is an actual 525iX gearbox. The second is the one I bought.