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  1. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Just picked up a lovely E60 535D. Quickest 4 door car I think I've ever been in. Pulls like a train. 377hp and 700nm of torque I love it.
  2. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    This Friday it’s in for a gearbox service. Also lower lip spoiler being fitted as well. Can’t wait to see it on.
  3. The BMW5 random picture thread

    Visit to Leith Docks through the week there. Love driving this big bus now. 535d.
  4. What's being worked on today?

  5. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Limo black rear tint fitted today. Really darkened the side tints nicely with it. Also got the sunroof tinted as well as the wee one is always getting the sun in her eyes. (On the rare occasion it’s out)
  6. What's being worked on today?

    The guy just seemed half asleep to be honest. Not very interested might be a better way of explaining rather than no confidence. If left me thinking do I really want this guy touching my car sort of way. I don’t know just got that feeling.
  7. Sunroof issues.

    When my sunroof is just on the up position it rattles quite a bit. Is there any way to tighten it? Also when it’s fully closed there seems to be quite a bit of wind noise from it. I have a new sunroof seal to get fitted but not sure it’s that as it doesn’t leak at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. What's being worked on today?

    I just got a call back from them and they said they can do the flash. The guy on the phone didn’t give me great confidence to be honest but He said it’s £270 and takes a couple of hours. He’s getting back to me with a date for it.
  9. What's being worked on today?

    Thank you very much for the info. I have emailed them so I’ll see what comes back. If they don’t do it I may well be making the Trip to you.
  10. What's being worked on today?

    Awesome! Where in Glasgow do you know? Tried google and don’t see it. Where are you based?
  11. What's being worked on today?

    Thanks for the advice there. I did ask for for a software upgrade for the gearbox to Ecotune but they said the don’t do anything for it. I haven’t heard of xhp before no. What does that involve and how can I get it done so far North? I’m in Aberdeen and Edinburgh through the week.
  12. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Great thread what a guy. That’s a talent for sure.
  13. What's being worked on today?

    Hello Mr Mashed Potatoes. Great thread and what a tremendous gift you have for having the patience of a god. That would vex me to pure rage even attempting that. I’ve a 535d e60 on Hybrids and Wagner done at Ecotune in Glasgow. I’m just wondering what kind of magic you could do to it. Currently running 414hp and 793nm on pre lci car. I know the box has limits and it’s just about to have the gearbox serviced but out of interest have you worked on a similar car? What results did you get? TIA.
  14. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    500 is achievable with meth etc but would the box take 1000nm and be reliable? 500hp is a new set of turbos altogether. Although I’d love to push the limits of it I’m not stripping mine again to go for more. Before the kid came along I was in a 650hp big single turbo Supra so chasing big numbers is a thing of the past for me haha.
  15. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Thanks Gstarrr. Gearbox is away to be serviced soon. Torque is limited on the pre lci box so that’s all she will take kinda safely.
  16. Is the car in limp mode? I’d take it back to whoever mapped it.
  17. First detail since I got her.

    Very nice. Great work.
  18. Expansion tank empty twice in 4 days.

    EGR cooler pipe was split on mine. All good now.
  19. I’ve only just recently bought my 535D and had a warning on the dash to top up coolant. Any filled the expansion tank and drove for about 400miles and again it’s empty. Is there any common issues with these that I’ve missed? It’s only done 110k. Is it possible a fill of the expansion tank wasn’t enough to fill the system to the required level? At what level does the warning in the dash alert... thanks in advance.
  20. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Thanks Jimmy.
  21. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

  22. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    I had the car at Ecotune one Glasgow end of Feb for Hybrid turbos and Wagner intercooler. Also got a stage 3 remap. It made 414hp and 793nm. Very happy with it.
  23. My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Hi bud sorry I’m not on here much. They are Vossen CV3’s. Reps I think.
  24. LSD options for a 535D?

    What options are there for an LSD on a 535D if any? I’m assuming it needs to keep the 2.56 ratio or the gearing would be altered. Thanks in advance.
  25. LSD options for a 535D?

    Did it transform the car much?