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  1. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Cabin wind noise.

    Perfect thank you
  2. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Cabin wind noise.

    Could you post a pic of where they are please?
  3. NoSmokeNoPoke

    E60 535d pre LCI more power wanted

    By the looks of it you have the supporting mods for stage 2 so only a other remap is required.
  4. NoSmokeNoPoke

    New wheels

  5. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Cabin wind noise.

    Is this a part on the exterior or interior mate?
  6. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Reversing light issue.

    Couple of clips.
  7. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Cabin wind noise.

    This is a proper pain in my a##e now. Above 50mph there’s wind noise coming from either the top of the screen or in through the interior light centre unit where the mirror is. I thought it could be the windscreen seal so I ran a bead of silicone along it. No joy still the same I can’t put my finger on where it’s comjng from. Could it be the sunroof seal? Long journeys are getting really annoying now as it starts to whistle at 70mph.
  8. NoSmokeNoPoke

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Washed it with my new Autobrite snowfoam lance.
  9. NoSmokeNoPoke

    Reversing light issue.

    I’ve put new reversing light bulbs in the led ones that are error free. The work when I fitted them and tested before I drove away. Now each time the right side doesn’t work and puts a bulb error up. The bulb itself is fine though as works on the other side. Keeps going off on the right side. Is there a common wiring fault for rear lights at all?
  10. NoSmokeNoPoke

    E60 535d pre LCI more power wanted

    Just read your original post. What is your car just now with the stage 1 map? With those mods you really just need another remap. Odd it wasn’t stage 2 mapped already with those mods it’s already there.
  11. NoSmokeNoPoke

    E60 535d pre LCI more power wanted

    Thinking seen your post on Facebook mate. You won’t need a bigger intercooler on the stock turbos for 380hp. Only if you are fitting Hybrids really you would need to change it. A good mapper will get you to 380hp with fairly simple mods and a remap. Mine made 377hp on the stock turbos at Ecotune. Maybe look at changing the vac lines and boost pipes just in case there is some wear. With added boost pressure it may put strain on the old vac lines.
  12. NoSmokeNoPoke

    My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Some washing and polishing today. Autobrite snowfoam and poorboys black hole glaze on it.
  13. NoSmokeNoPoke

    My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    Front lower lip spoiler from KSB auto styling and a rear ducktail has arrived. Just need to get them on. Some nice wee bit to finish off Lord Vader before it goes for the bumpers to be painted. After that the god awful idrive is being upgraded.
  14. NoSmokeNoPoke

    My Stage 3 535D 414hp.

    No badge at all would be good but I still think for mine a 520d badge. Just to confise people all the more when it takes off. Haha