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  1. gine39530d

    Beam Headlights are on

    Do I have to reprogram bimmer's brains when installed new LCM ? I want to replace just a transistor, is it BTS vn750-e ? which transistor is responsible for both lights on off? I need schematics of the wiring, anybody does have them? Please help, I am blinding Belorussian drivers down, they are angry at me can I reset somehow
  2. gine39530d

    Beam Headlights are on

    This is the problem Inverted high beam on https://youtu.be/5yKFUNxBxgw
  3. gine39530d

    Beam Headlights are on

    beam headlights are on when lever is off, and when lever is on as if I wanted full lights permanently on, beam lights are off what to do? in this position all lights are on :/
  4. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    Fixed 4 silent blocks for 555 belorus rubles Unstable ass wiggling on the roads
  5. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    Wait a minute....my car has navigation and climate mesh?
  6. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    Also for your information I'm not a snowflake and I appreciate you to not call me a flower please next time
  7. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    You sure there is no tiny clean spot on the windshield?
  8. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    Not cool, man
  9. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    How could bmw not consider toll roads and toll transponder placement?
  10. gine39530d

    Toll transponder position?

    Metallic mesh window Signal from beltoll cannot pass Tested with special device. Everywhere failed signal Had to put auxiliary transponder outside Is there a special place on the windshield?
  11. gine39530d

    anti theft screws for license plates. Drill through ok?

    condom never hurt nobody ever love bodge I think it looks great and practical and cheap
  12. gine39530d

    anti theft screws for license plates. Drill through ok?

    so double sided sticky tapes are no good? gorilla glue is an interesting idea though
  13. if i drill license plates front and rear and add screws wagon universal will it cut through parking sensors wiring? or anything else? i don't want to remove bumpers really... really lazy and still got no garage yet and going to Ukraine and belarus soon especially afraid of ukraine... worse than russia no chance of damage?
  14. gine39530d

    Manual wheel alignment?

    have you done it before?
  15. gine39530d

    Diesel vs. Petrol

    bugger off troll me love bimmer long time