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  1. Humming noise at low rpm 800 900

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A_urAcCzxA3Etk54LOvGSW8wTVbxxHYU/view?usp=drivesdk weirdlow frequency humming noise when revving to 800 900 rpm or coasting at low speeds what could it be?
  2. wheel alignment camber toe with weights?

    so i guess then it is just another case of "specialist" bs'ing me again
  3. What's the correct way to align wheels? with 68kg * 2 front and 68 kg rear plus full tank and 21kg luggage? or this is outdated now? BMW specialist told me that they have special bmw software for alignment and 225kg not required
  4. Turbo Blanket?

    even better... heat is a no good for rubber
  5. Turbo Blanket?

    i think tb worth it...300C less heat is always good for a car
  6. -40C after mechanic repairs

    mechanic replaced one of these and i get from minus 28c to minus 40c in Moscow now is plus 3
  7. Bremslicht Prüfen but brake lights are ok

    got lucky.... just a dead right bulb... although looks intact only 3 quid to replace at the mechanics shop
  8. Lagging or not working central locking

    vl2020 Panasonic lasts for max 6 years if you are very lucky there is no reason to seal shut the keyfob other than scam you from your 200 money...but these are ze germans that's what they do
  9. Turbo Blanket?

    Anyone had experience with tb? is it good and worth 30 quid to buy?
  10. Reliable quality parking sensors

    ok will do thanks
  11. Lagging or not working central locking

    cool i ll solder on for six quid happy new year
  12. Lagging or not working central locking

    so when keyfob is in and running engine then fob is charging itself?
  13. Lagging or not working central locking

    200 euros for a keyfob battery is very unreasonable I can afford 2 euros max I really hate to over pay for just brands like Gucci or LV, all made in china sweat shops Price/Value is essential
  14. Reliable quality parking sensors

    cheers I believe it is the same parking sensor but 3 times more expensive right? did you actually buy them and tested? https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20180101191116&SearchText=66206989068
  15. Lagging or not working central locking

    exactly like mine! how do I change keyfobs battery? I see no screws in it... 200 euros it is waaay to much for battery change I have to get very close to me car's arse and point and click to open and close doors