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  1. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    modern engines are poorly made, they don't last long 5 years aaaand they are gone
  2. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    is that true? friend of mine told me so he knows thing or two about cars also said Toyota sucks at building reliable diesel engines and the most reliable diesel engine from BMW is M57 3L only, why?
  3. always full never emptied what to do?
  4. which way is better to search for loose backup ring?

    yep found one out of three
  5. What is this thing?

    thanks you are the best guarding angel how come you know so much about bmw?
  6. Help me to find twist clip

    can't find on ebay can you see fotos from google drive?
  7. Blanking swirl flaps is good?

    just do it yourself, man easy peasy task ~ 17 quid price but always cover with paper beneath intake manifold you WILL lose some of the backup rings 100% I HATE IT! do it very slowly
  8. Diesel vs. Petrol

    Diesel is just a crude olive oil No harm no foul in it Petrol is a scam, people!
  9. Blanking swirl flaps is good?

    bad idea it was. had to clean the surfaces later
  10. Loosen up injectors

  11. which way is better to search for loose backup ring?

    jesus christ black hole
  12. What is this thing?

  13. What is this thing?

    why is it empty? did I lose bolt or something?
  14. Loosen up injectors

    I spray here wd40 and dexron6 plus acetone right? and drive for a week? disassembly on hot engine? what should i know and expect besides of hours and hours of joy?
  15. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    mmmm porn