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  1. tonyjoc

    Removed faulty swivelling towbar

    That's fantastic, thanks. Exactly the information I needed. I've been reading how to code with NCSexpert so just need to apply what I've learned. Regards Tony
  2. tonyjoc

    Removed faulty swivelling towbar

    Thanks Andrew, That's exactly where I'm at - the towbar and ecu have gone but I need to know how to code out the modules. Any idea which software I will need and how to do it? Cheers Tony
  3. Hello, replaced my faulty Westfalia electric folding towbar with a conventional detachable hitch and connected socket via a towing relay so all the caravan lights work correctly. However the error still shows on the display 'Towbar not locking' or if I disconnect the Westfalia ecu I get the error message 'Towbar electrics faulty'. How can I program out the old towbar? I have INPA /EDIABAS from BCables but can't find anywhere to delete the ecu. Help and advise would be most welcome Thanks Tony
  4. tonyjoc

    Leaking power steering coolant pipe

    Thanks Welshpug, that looks like the answer. Less than I expected and i might try to bypass tomorrow so I can use it Tuesday for work. Happy New Year to you. Tony
  5. Hello, my 525D LCI has developed a leak in the power steering coolant pipe ( the aluminium pipe which runs in front of the rads at the bottom) Any suggestions on whether it's possible to by pass the pipe? Thanks Tony