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  1. Marc_86

    Front Cup Holder Broken

    Mine work but never use them. As soon as you put a hot drink in them...the climate control sensors think the car is roasting and then bellows out cold air...not pleasant in the winter ha.
  2. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Smashing. I could live with that...tbh I doubt I would hear it over the 3" exhaust system and sub woofer porting to the cabin ha.
  3. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Just been doing a bit more reading on the c-hooks Lots of feedback about having great initial bite...but then downsides are more pad wear and also they can be noisy? How do you guys both find the noise and pad wear on them? thanks again
  4. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Ooops didn't scroll down. Mtech pads a few quid cheaper. Happy days.
  5. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Thanks. Seems a good price on discs and pads. 140ish for c hook x2 and minted pads.
  6. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Cheers Dan, Dont suppose you have any links to the c-hooks so i can review? Thanks
  7. Marc_86

    New pads and discs

    Hi All, I've got a 2003 525d with 296mm brakes. I'm in the process of getting some 324mm callipers/carriers from Tims on here from a 98 540i. I've been on real oem and the part numbers required are: 34116757747 - 324x30 discs 34116761252 - pads So the question is - what pads/discs do you guys prefer? I've always used pagid and never had any complaints. I will be getting blank discs as im not keen on the whole drilled/slotted style as heard so many horror stories about them cracking etc...so discs will be blank. Now for pads - im keen at looking into EBC redstuff and ive read their latest versions are much better that the original ones which were outright dangerous when cold. I only do circa 6000 miles per year but i do like driving "very spirited" so a good pad would be a bonus...or would even standard pads be sufficient? Advice/recommendations welcome. Thanks, Marc
  8. Great...can you PM me payment details...assuming PayPal is ok?
  9. Hi Tims. Thanks for confirming. Assuming the sliders, pistons and bleed nipples are all free? Will you also include the relevant bolts and bits (calliper and carrier bolts and brake pad retaining clips) so i can literally buy new pads and discs then im good to go? Thanks
  10. Marc_86

    RTU5024 SMS Webasto switch and constant 12v relay

    Ive found the ideal solution to all your webasto related issues. https://www.amazon.co.uk/PORTABLE-FISHING-CAMPING-HEATER-BARBEQUE/dp/B00CAU3SYI?ref_=fsclp_pl_dp_1 #threadclosed HTH
  11. Hi Tims, I'll leave the mirrors for now as other things need sorted...namely the brakes. Has this got the 324mm front brakes? If so...how much for front callipers/carriers posted? Thanks
  12. Hi, Are the wing mirrors folding and n/s auto-dip on reverse? Also - does this come with the drivers door switch pack and passenger door module? Thanks NB - is this titan silver?
  13. Marc_86

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    As for MOT - this would be a fail as they are not factory fitted and you would also need automatic headlight leveling and headlight washer system too. Literally pull them out and replace with H7's come MOT and then swap back. HTH
  14. Marc_86

    RTU5024 SMS Webasto switch and constant 12v relay

    Totally ghetto and not really recommended but you could try the following (at your own risk) Spray loads of WD40 on the nuts Fit socket on nut with breaker bar resting on the floor Jump in the car and gently rock forward (literally rock the car - dont actually drive off lol) and rock back and forth repeating this method. The engine torque should help. As above - try at your own risk