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  1. Marc_86

    Sport gear knob

    Great cheers. I love the idea of the ZHP knob but no way could i justify spending £70+ on a bloody gear knob. Based on your comments - i have just pulled the trigger and ordered one too. I was worried when i first seen your thread as the image seemed to only show the M stipes off centre and no actual "M" lettering. Glad yours had both stripes and M letter once received. Cheers again
  2. Marc_86

    Sport gear knob

    That looks really good actually. Is it weighted the same as the ZHP sport knob? Ive been after a new one for ages as i now have carbon wrap on all my trims except my gearknob which is the wood trim and it stands out like a sort thumb. Also, if this new one the same height as the standard knobs or shorter as per the sports knob? Cheers
  3. Marc_86

    E39 530d review from 10years ago

    Spot on summary. I too recently found myself slowing down (really slow - nearly stopping) on country B roads where blind junctions appear and you get those circle mirrors to see other things coming. Wor lass was saying you're clear - but i said im not looking for other cars...im staring at mine ha.
  4. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks a good finish. Tyres desperately need some tyre shine now though.
  5. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Fitted some new Bosch wiper blades. Ecp had a decent discount on so reserved some and collected after work. £16.01p after discount. Fitted in seconds...now i can see again.
  6. Marc_86

    Radio interference with led angle eyes

    Think i bought the same ones too over 2 years ago with zero issues.
  7. Marc_86

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Dont think decible measuring comes into it unless its a kit car. You may get a fail for being louder than a factory equivalent. Usually mot testers discretion. Here is the MOT text: Exhaust noise is clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar vehicle fitted with a standard silencer in average condition [7.1.2b]
  8. Marc_86

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Yeah i noticed the cb too and not keen on adapters. Turns out my wheels and lowering plans are on hold. The 306 will be going to scrapyard heaven so need to buy another motor for wor lass. The e39 will have to wait now...FFS!!!!
  9. Marc_86

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    No worries. Been looking at 18" style 32's but would consider 17s too.
  10. Marc_86

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Hhhmmmm...could be. Link???
  11. Marc_86

    Some Japanese Provenance!

    Save it for bonfire night and dispose of it in the back garden ha
  12. Marc_86

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Nar they are worth peanuts...sell them to me ha.
  13. Marc_86

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Yeah i agree...something doesn't look right. The front fog lights seem different too and that wonky exhaust would drive me nuts.
  14. Marc_86

    Power steering fluid reservoir

    Also when replacing and topping back up...run the engine with the reservoir cap off and do full lock to full lock a few times to circulate the fluid and remove trapped air.
  15. Marc_86

    Road Tax !

    Holy thread revival!!!