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  1. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    My initial thoughts exactly. Think i researched them for about three months before pulling the trigger on one. Quite often come across this forum and browsed as a ninja without signing up. Initial support via email was brilliant whenever i had any feature questions, map updates etc and it come with a 2 year guarantee too. Think i may be a lucky one. To me its oem+
  2. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    To be fair ive got a chinese jobby in mine but its WinCE not android. Ive had it in about 18 months and so far...has performed faultless. Suppose its just a lottery if you get a good one or not. Im not a fan of the single din fascias...they always look cheap and scream they are only there to hide big gaps. Whereas mine nigh on looks oem. Each to their own i suppose.
  3. Should I worry about soot build up on valves?

    I wouldn't have the bottle.
  4. AC Schnitzer Mirrors?

    Did i say 120...i meant eeerrr 25 and ill have em with part x for my standard ones lmao.
  5. AC Schnitzer Mirrors?

    I would say about that price if they dipped/folded. Maybe 120ish???
  6. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ouch!!! Must have sounded like a bomb went off.
  7. Should I worry about soot build up on valves?

    That would be the only method i would try. None of the diy options sound too clever.
  8. Should I worry about soot build up on valves?

    Have you ever thought about blanking the egr valve. If you haven't already? I know egr's can clog the manifold badly...maybe even the valves/head as well. Off memory ive never heard a successful way to clean valves without stripping the head. Chances are there will be bodge ways but i wouldnt try it.
  9. Aux cable input help

    I did the same with the aux lead. Once you have the tape deck out - there is a very small access hole into the glove box just above the torch. I ran the lead through there and when not in use - it got tucked away in the glove box ninja style.
  10. E39 restoration project.

    You like blue beemers dont you lol
  11. Washing fluid concentrate tank is not working?

    +1 on blockage or pump failure. To save buying a new pump initially - swap it with the pump on the main washer bottle and if it works - you need a new pump - get one bought. If it doesn't - could be electrical wiring or again blocked hoses.
  12. E39 restoration project.

    Looks really tidy. Good find. Hands down better than e46's. The e39 are a total different class IMHO.
  13. Aux cable input help

    It is a bit of a weird setup. I remember i just threw any old random CD in there to make it work and every time it got to track 17 on the changer - my phone would stop playing?? Turned out to be a huge scratch on the disc so i always had to flick to track 18 to resume.
  14. Aux cable input help

    100% +1 on this instead. A lot safer and feels more OEM. But if its a cost saving exercise - then £5-£10 lead vs hundreds may sway you to go with the lead. Personally id go for Intravee or aftermarket headunit with this function already in. each to their own i suppose.
  15. Aux cable input help

    The cd changed still receives power - as i think this is a different lead that connects directly to the changer...not the headunit. The cd changer headunit input i believe is purely for audio to speakers. If you ever want to revert back to CD changed output...simply put the old lead back in the head unit instead of the aux input.