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  1. Marc_86

    New brake pads and discs

    Mine is a 2003 525d but mine are 296mm. Unless the sport got 324mm and the SE got 296mm???
  2. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Cheers. I did think about one of those...but i wanted to clean up the front a bit and thought the original mount was too if your face (position wise)
  3. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    After months of searching for a way to beef up my front bumpers look...i fitted one of those rubber EZ lip splitters and i think it adds a nice amount of extra depth to the front. I didnt want to do the traditional sport bumper onto an SE, the aplina splitter for the SE is barely noticeable and im not keen on the AC splitter neither. So i think this is a nice cheap alternative way to look slightly different. Opinions welcome.
  4. Marc_86

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    Perfect mines a 525d...assuming due to bigger engine torque?
  5. Marc_86

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    Picture for comparison (quick google search) My new one looks like the bottom one
  6. Marc_86

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    This one i bought is Meyle
  7. Marc_86

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    Yes 100% will make sure they point the right way. any advice on the washers? I was hoping you would reply as you seem to be the parts guru on here.
  8. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    PMSL. Some may say its not very PC, some may not be bothered. I picked it up in the correct context being innocent...it was just your question about (can i say that?) that made me laugh.
  9. Marc_86

    Propshaft Flex Disc / Guibo

    Hi all, I'm going to change the above on the car this weekend as i get a loud single thud when taking off at speed and have already bought the replacement part as per real-oem - part number 26117572664 Now i have seen various images online - some have the normal 6 holes with the metal inserts where the bolt goes through and some have the same format but on both side of the disc - they also have strong looking washers where the bolt goes through. Was there a design change at some point...both can show up as the same part number when searching for them...im just wondering if im over-thinking this? Im assuming the strong washers is a good thing? Thanks
  10. Marc_86

    Zenon replacement headlamp bulbs - Cheap Chinese

    +1 for the lunex ones Had a set in for a good while with no issues
  11. Marc_86

    Need a little help with LED angel eyes

    100% dont fanny on with wiring...just buy some fit for purpose led bulbs and be done. Quick ebay search https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PAIR-LED-HALO-RING-ANGEL-EYE-MARKER-SIDE-LIGHT-BULBS-FOR-BMW-E39-E64/162029015299?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE39&hash=item25b9ae9103:g:RLAAAOSwAodWFKer
  12. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Very impressed how these are turning out from their original colour.
  13. Marc_86

    SE Saloon quiet tyres - some feedback please.

    Ive got avon zv7's on mine. Very quiet and the wet grip is amazing. I also love the rs3's as dan suggested...but ive had them in the past and they wear down so quick with spirited driving as the compound is so soft. Literally 3 months they were shot...although i do tend to drive very spirited ha.
  14. Marc_86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Wheels balanced ok? A good while back some weights had come off one of my wheels and it caused horrible wobble? Nice cheap fix to check?
  15. Marc_86

    Sport gear knob

    Great cheers. I love the idea of the ZHP knob but no way could i justify spending £70+ on a bloody gear knob. Based on your comments - i have just pulled the trigger and ordered one too. I was worried when i first seen your thread as the image seemed to only show the M stipes off centre and no actual "M" lettering. Glad yours had both stripes and M letter once received. Cheers again