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    525d m sport 2005
  1. Brake fluid message

    Thanks mate, il check it out
  2. Brake fluid message

    Hi yesterday i got a message on my idrive saying brake fluid! Stop vehicle carefully. Service menu says ok, brake fluid level is full as this was topped up less than a month ago. Cap, wires etc are ok. any thoughts? Thanks
  3. Electrics Any ideas?

    Thank you that could be culprit as that doesnt work
  4. Electrics Any ideas?

    Hi would massivley appreciate any info at all please! had a problem with my 525d 2005 150k for a while! Kept getting high rate of battery discharge message so changed battery and died on me again! Had alternator repaired and still the battery isnt charging. took it to local garage who repaired alternator and he said the problem is beyond his capability so its going to the auto electritions tomorow. has any1 experienced similar problem and most of all am i looking at huge bill? Thanks
  5. Help please

    Thank you il get them looked at at weekend Yeah plenty of fluid in there
  6. Help please

    I have a problem when driving slow my power steering goes really stiff but drivig normal its fine. The other day noticed smoke coming from engine bay (left hand side) and the burning smell is coming from right. Car doesnt smoke while on short journeys but still smells of burning but if driving 45mins ish it smokes. Only seemed to happen when last week i put water in the coolant.Any1 else had anything like this????thanks