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  1. Alexbell911

    Can't read mail

    Hi, I'm starting to believe it actually is magic cause when I got back in the car after this post it all worked again.
  2. Alexbell911

    Can't read mail

    Hi, still getting to know my car but this is a bit tricky.. When I first set up connection with my phone I could both read email via Bluetooth and get album covers when playing music through the usb. But now both of them are gone, can only read sms and no album art. I still have all functions turned on and I haven't consciously changed any settings. Is it magic or does anyone know what the cause could be? Thanks Alex
  3. Alexbell911

    Voice command problems

    Lol, so I guess just getting "cancel" isn't too bad then. Alright, sounds like a problem not worth chasing I suppose.
  4. Alexbell911

    Voice command problems

    Hello people, I've got a 2012 f11 which I'm just getting to know the voice commands for. Generally it's working well but for some reason I can't get the system to understand the commands Call... Navigate to.. Call is consistently interpreted as "cancel" and can't remember what navigate does at the moment. Anyone else experienced this? There's only so many ways to pronounce "call" so I can't believe I'm doing it wrong, lol. Tried lots of other commands long and short and it works fine Cheers Alex