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  1. RightHandGoose

    Windscreen Side Trim clip Replacement

    Selfless commitment you guys, love it.
  2. RightHandGoose

    He from Edinburgh

    Welcome...... I would place your queries in E60/61 section to get best coverage... Enjoy
  3. RightHandGoose

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    On my first rear wheeler Movember last year and first thing I did was to organize winter tyres on another set of alloys. Thank Fook I did as here in North of the better belt done me proud. However I will also state that the winter gob shite tyres are not for only snow..... But rain and heavy winter rain but the scaredom promotion has goosed that.......
  4. RightHandGoose


    Hey Jake, nah the disc is goosed, tried all this morning again. My VPN had not let through some emails including Jimmy's but got his now and a link. I've not tried anything today with new link... Cheers for asking..
  5. RightHandGoose

    E60 gearbox slipping

    That's nice to hear.....the bridge seal are next to the mechatronic sleeve but do not get replaced with the service. However after Andrew pointed this issue out in another thread and I checked online. These seals do wear and tear over time and guess what leak oil...…..there's a few videos on you tube about it and a young American guy replaces them when showing to how service the box.
  6. RightHandGoose


    I've e mailed Jim but not sure he'll be answering on a sunday..this is what I've sent him. Trying to install orange k+d can disc. I’ve go as far as bmw tools and on restart cs update will not install. Dvd menu has not responded then when I thought it had I try to install cs update and not responding then continues with the overall menu page fadinf out in colour. In the start menu, bmw tools is present along with inpa, ncs expert, nfs, tool 32, winkfp and two pdf’s- edibas and winkfp. I’ve clicked on of them and have not taken the laptop to the car...
  7. RightHandGoose

    E60 gearbox slipping

    Greetings...….I've had my diesel E61 525 M Sport M57 T2 Autobox serviced at Mackies ZF Specialist in Glasgow with 116k on it. I've had it since 104k. This is the only service it has had, like I said earlier in this thread a slight gear slippage but that's all. I did however suggest the bridge seals be replaced also with the service and was questioned as to why as this is " not a high value threat". But it was also suggested I had read up on the internet on the bridge seals subject too, it was done as it was my money and no questions asked. My last 3 cars have all been diesel and I understand the need for these cars needing to be driving miles daily and not left to sit around. I've had no hassle with these cars neither and will continue to buy this type until I can't. I also buys cars knowing they will need some work and money put into them too which is part of the buzz. I do not buy for the brand as most cars all fail in many ways. I'm looking to have this car beyond 200k hopefully but if not so be it. I appreciate people have different ideas and thoughts about these cars and in particular dirty dervs. It is also down to the individual to spend more or not on their beloved car...…... Oh...and I probably have the wear and tear wiring loom gremlins and throttle body to replace....
  8. RightHandGoose

    Touring rear brake lines

    Are we talking the same for an 07 touring? What's the difference between HEL lines and the cuNiFer...
  9. Is there internet write-ups about via and forums etc. Interesting though....
  10. RightHandGoose


    Don't know if allowed but here's some links that may interest some folks. https://m.facebook.com/groups/153117971529893?multi_permalinks=1020086898166325&_rdr
  11. RightHandGoose

    How to pick a good boiler

    Good one Karl, spot on about the Viessmann systems and needing a fully trained up engineer to fit them, not the mickey mouse ones they give out now. Very interested in your suggestions so appreciate that pal. Cheers. Had my solar hot system 10 years now and missed a beat. Prost!
  12. RightHandGoose

    Normal to lose coolant in sustained hot weather?

    Any links pal.....
  13. RightHandGoose

    E60 gearbox slipping

    Got the car back from Mackies today and it is much better. John, suggested we take it out so he could assess anything. A little slip in one gear and that's all... Thank crunchie....... The rattling is something else... Highly recommend these guys and nobody else like them here... Thx Andrew..... Of course it all goes belly up then that's just how it is..... Because wear and tear from owner before me was not into driving like some of us are....... but yes it will go at some point....
  14. RightHandGoose

    How to pick a good boiler

    I have the Viessmann Condenser Boiler System without Tank. But that will probably because of solar hotwater system...
  15. RightHandGoose

    How to pick a good boiler

    There are shit loads of glossy sites still out there that seem very genuine and connected to the energy schemes. DO NOT BE FOOLED....!!!!! go and speak to a local community energy saving scheme..... https://www.viessmann.co.uk/