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  1. Swirl Flap Blanks - Free*

    Hello there......I'll take them and have the flaps opened up on my very recent purchase and update this thread....I'm in East Lothian and work in Edinburgh..Cheers
  2. 525d M Sport Touring E61 2007

    Good point......
  3. Wheel Refurbishment Recommendations - Scotland

    Good and helpful discussion as I've got my self a 525d M Sport 3l E61 with no runflats and spare BMW alloys as well. So will bear in mind Hamilton for sure. Unless there's a good place Edinburgh way.......
  4. Winter tyres worth it?

    It's all about price and where you live to actually give people a more accurate opinion. It is a well known fact that rear wheel drives are shit in the snow and Rain... Again, depending on where you live in the uk, will dictate you spending cash on cross climate or full set of steel/alloys with good winter tyres on... very simple....
  5. 525d M Sport Touring E61 2007

    Hello there guys and girls.....just took hold of the above only days ago from some good friends of mine.5 years earlier than my plans but could not refuse the offer....very pleased so but accepted there may be some things to sort out.No complaints.....