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  1. 530d manual gearbox strength

    Been a few dsicussions about this very recently, porobaly even days. Check out the threads via search, Mash Potatoes has infinite knowledge on the matter....
  2. Remap of 525d

    A number of solid discussions on the autobox service. Get it done and by a garage that knows what it's doing. But also with the only service kit by ZF..
  3. Winter times & bmws

    I remember walking about Prague many years ago and it was -14 FFS...!!! but did not want to upset my Czech B-law. But that was when there a plenty of the old traditional schnapps type kiosks. It all ended well....
  4. What's being worked on today?

    Just read through your post and it's a brilliant read, not to mention the expertise,genuine enthusiasm and the various car you work on. Pure Dead Brilliant. I actullay visited Chester last year after many years and promised to take my wife next time. So our private conversation maywelll lead me to visit you down there instead...lol
  5. LG Blu ray player problems

    Result......my Panny is afew years old now was top gear at the time with it's own full codecs built in. I there is an update for it so I'll now git it a go. Did buy a back up recently from Richer Sounds with 6 year back up for peanutz. Now to finally get my surround sound set up too.....
  6. What did your wife do today?

    I'm not into consumerism at the best of times so the wife bought a bunch of T.shirts and Joggers for V day.......had a dilema for 30 mins. Decided to keep them....
  7. I mean, where do you start on how wrong this is?

    The words 'Purple' and 'Helmet' come to mind......
  8. LG Blu ray player problems

    Hmmmmm......howz it going..?
  9. M5 deposit paid

    Where you live is not always the case and whether it's needed for a robery etc these coontz will watch and prey on any area and swoop when needed.....
  10. LG Blu ray player problems

    Interested to see the outcome of this as I have Panny I need to update....
  11. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    It sure is and I would have kept it for a few years more but was offered the BM at a great price and well looked after...the mondeo that's been mentioned is a no brainer but models/years spoken about had inherent design issues with injectors and DMF and EGR. But if your lucky and the car has been looked after your onto a good thing for a period of time...
  12. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    Probably double..
  13. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    I'm actually selling a Skoda Octavia estate but not your price range. It's beauty of car and well looked after too. Had a few things done to it as well.... Now I have the E61.........
  14. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    But..I tell you what..a campaign to out the company that has used the products that has shafted you and the car sounds good to me....and money back...
  15. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    No, not at all....there are plenty of solid BMW Indys across this country that this Forum will tell you to go too....and they work, just ask but do search the forum as well.........not is all lost friend.