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  1. E60 535d - Gearbox Service (6HP26)

    Just about to get my autobox done with my guys at the garage. It seems everyone in there dugg are going to these Bristols for the service and the trade guys too. But also trade asking for the kit to be sent but with no real discounts......Can anyone tell me different...
  2. E60 525d M-Sport Brake disc size

    Are Zimmerman's good for the rear as I will them quite soon....
  3. Swirl Flap Blanks - Free*

    Right that's the car been checked...Just had my E61 525 2007/06 Facelift Touring 3.0 manifold off and no flaps. Engine is M57N2 www.bmwheaven.com/database/show.php?id=700.So these 22mm flaps are still going free to anyone. Postage will be paid by me as per previous agreement on this thread. realoem.com should now give people the answer to whether or not the car needs them and 'the size I think'. Hope Xk8 ebay are happy to take them back with the gaskets too. Thanks Medev for pushing me on to check this.
  4. Swirl Flaps confirmation please?

    Just had my E61 525 2007/06 Facelift Touring 3.0 manifold off and no flaps. Engine is M57N2 www.bmwheaven.com/database/show.php?id=700.
  5. Reduced traction with winter tyres?

    No run flats on this old tart but the winter combos have brought the wheels in quite a bit, especially at the back. That's why I was thinking of the hubcentrics. I was hoping they would help more at the back with the wet, cold and snow here in Scotland...... Which company do mean.......
  6. New M5 owner in edinburg

    Welcome indeed. Decent people and decent site too for anything..
  7. Reduced traction with winter tyres?

    Point taken and adheard too, so cheers for that. I'll spend the money on either updating the map or angel eyes.....
  8. Reduced traction with winter tyres?

    60 mile a day motorway journeys are forkin interesting now my winters are on and with smaller alloys too. Thinking about getting hubcetrics to balance back out the ride. E61 525 M Sport Touring 3L
  9. Forget what I've said.....lol
  10. Newbie here....where do I access these discounts . Cheers
  11. Software updates/info/tweeks

    Take the point with coding section but I am novice......so Carly it probably is . I'm not planning on re-mapping the car so unless there is some other magical stuff that can be done to the Car beyond Carly............
  12. Black Friday, don't be fooled....

    Absolutely with regards to older models.....
  13. Software updates/info/tweeks

    Greetings 1+All. I've recently bought a 2007 facelift m57tu e61 touring. Is there anyone who has the technics to allow me me to check everything about my car and tweek any thing that is possible.... Much gifts to the wise person... Scotland based but North England no probs....Cheers .
  14. Wheel spacers - front and rear - advice please...

    Can I just ask, are these because people have changed from run flats..I have just changed to winter tyres and samller size alloys with slippery riding at 70mph.I'm on regular alloys .
  15. Black Friday, don't be fooled....

    We as this Forum and others Profess to have the fountain of all knowledge with regards to this chat ......but the reality is we all don't. But a wee guide/list of do and do not's would be good........