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  1. this made me chuckle so I could get a new cluster but keep the milometer? any idea on a rough price for window trims? cheers all!!!! much appreciated
  2. To be discussed! Around 6 he reckons it's worth
  3. any idea on a value? I'm struggling to find anything comparable online
  4. hi all thanks for the replies, you seem like a decent bunch! I did wonder about the egr, as I thought the car was too old for that! apparently, the mechanic was saying the egr needs replacing as the car wasn't breathing properly when idling, and the revs were a bit erratic - nothing major but something worthwhile in sorting for the long term. sooooo any ideas what it might actually need?? I'm really not very knowledgeable with cars, I just love the look of the e28! any ideas on the worst case scenario for sorting the dash instruments and the digital clock? i.e. the money and hassle that might be involved? I've attached some photos and would be interested in getting your assessment on the car's value. Pretty much totally standard and original, 68k miles, 2 owners, original bill of sale and concise service history, loads of paperwork, bodywork in fair/good condition, engine in good condition visually and mechanically, interior in very good condition, period alarm fitted with key fob, no rust that I know of, engine bay is all very clean and sills, floor pans etc all look good. Bad points: - slight dint to the rear driver-side chrome bumper - front and rear window fittings look tired, chrome faded (what can I do to sort this??) - BMW badges need replacing - paint chipping on the front left of bonnet - rear right arch scuffed. All input gratefully received to aid me in my decision of whether to make the purchase All the best, Dan
  5. Hi John! Thanks for your reply. I can confirm that I am very English and live in England haha! Do English folk not say mate or beaut? The clock is the digital timepiece to the side yes. Why might the other dials not be working then? As I say, only the fuel gauge currently works. Any idea on an egr replacement cost? I'll have to find the vin number from my mate, no idea on the injection system. Thanks again for all the links etc Dan
  6. Good evening I'm on the verge of buying my 1st e28, a 1986 520, 68k on the clock. My mate is selling it and he bought it from the original owner, a lady who had it from new until 2016. It looks like a real beaut. I just have 3 things to ask about at this point.... Please can you direct me to a good buyers guide? Things to check for and advice on living with them. The dashboard clock is faulty and so the only dial currently working is the fuel gauge. I assume if I replace the clock everything else should come back into action? Any idea on a clock price and source to buy one? A mechanic has recommended a new egr valve in the near future - any idea on a price for one including fitting? THANK YOU Dan