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  1. Sid_786

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Sorted it was the starter motor. :/ No idea how it just died all of a sudden.
  2. Sid_786

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Ok so i had a little fiddle about. Seems like the left headlight internal is broken (wobbles up and down when touched) managed to somehow jam it in the highest position still self adjust at start up. Have a feeling might drop again after a pothole or two. But i have an all new problem now again i apologise. Had the lights on while i played around. Car started fine when all of a sudden it stopped starting. All internal lights, idrive and dash lights come on. Goes into ignition but then brake pedal stays stiff when turning on. No click no nothing just a faint flash of the dipped beams. Tried jump starting no luck. Check relevant fuses seem ok. Dont know what to do. One problem fixed another is born
  3. Sid_786

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Yes mate. Made sure they weren't h7r. Has to buy h7 holder for hid bulbs. They seemed to fit fine as far as i could tell they seemed to be sitting flush in the bulb holder.
  4. Sid_786

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Thanks guys I'll give that a go when it stops raining here.
  5. Sid_786

    E60/61 dipped beam poor ??

    Hi guys im new. I apologise before hand but this is the closest topic i could find related to my issue. I have a e60 530d lci with projectors with h7 bulbs (not bi-xenon headlights). I wasn't hapoy with the light output so i replaced the bulbs with 5000k hid kit. Priblem now is they are bright but the beam is too low even after manually adjusting them at the headlights. Also passenger side 1 doesn't seem to want to raise to the same level as the driver driver side. They self adjust when i start the car. Just way too low even compared to my previous e90. Appreciate any help.