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  1. Munich1

    Removing Windscreen?

    Good job John, good luck dealing with the rust
  2. Munich1

    Removing Windscreen?

    Unfortunately no progress shots. A before, a couple of after and one of the crate. I'd defo go fingers over screwdriver, more control and no risk of damage to screen or seal.
  3. Munich1

    Removing Windscreen?

    I've got all original BMW glass which I needed to remove in one piece prior to paint. After getting silly quotes to remove glass (£150 per screen just to remove with no guarantee it'll come out in one piece, National Windscreens) I decided i'd have a bash myself. It wasn't going to be much more to buy a replacement screen should it all go tits up. Took around 90 mins front and back, did it earlier this year. Started with a good squirt of silicone grease all around top and sides of screen between glass and seal from inside. Lift the seal a little away from glass and squirt. It then took 10 mins or so of pushing seal out from inside, having it return to its original position, repeating until seal was warm, greased and supple enough to stay out once pushed out. Once you start disturbing seal and screen, itll move back and forth slightly within the frame further encouraging the grease to spread. I began top centre for both screens, worked my way round both sides, had a helper lift each screen off bottom lip into a storage crate. It took over an hour for first screen, far less for rear once my confidence grew. I began with screwdriver but soon ditched it and went with fingers only. The screwdriver hit the screen a couple of times and scratched the rubber seal a fair bit so I went with fingers. It's much better than screwdriver but your fingers do ache a bit after. I cant remember if I took pics, will dig em out and post if I have any.
  4. Hi Dave, thanks for your pointers After a bit of investigating, I have found that BMW still have the sound deadenener. They sell it in large sheets, 1160x700, which I can cut to shape. Haven't identified what was used to stonechip the e28 at factory but have found something very close to OEM. Terosion Terostat 9320 is a match, comes in OEM beige, can be sprayed en mass and used to seam seal with the gun availaible for it. My stonechip will defo have to come off as I can see bits of rust through cracks in the rubberised paint, who knows what's hiding underneath there. Nik
  5. Munich1

    Ecs tuning, bavauto

    Thanks for your reply, no stock from US sellers despite what their websites state, no luck from Park Lane either. Il put a post up on fb, failing that il have a bracket fabbed. It wont look identical but it'll be functional.
  6. Munich1


    I'm in Iver, so Autobody Technik is close. Have had a couple of quotes so far, both on complete opposite ends of the spectrum for cost and also quality of job. I'm planning on removing stone chip and paint prior to sending to bodyshops for further advice and quotes.
  7. Munich1

    Sound deadener

    Hello Cotswold Vin 0660149 Can I have a price for part 8165271, sound deadener please. probably around 6 sheets. Many thanks Nik
  8. Munich1

    E28 rear bumper centre and boot carpet set

    Hello Tims, yes it is
  9. Hello all, does anyone have an e28 rear bumper centre piece please? Chromed/primed not important, will consider items in any useable condition. e2a: also does anyone have a boot carpet set laying around please? Many thanks
  10. Munich1

    E28 handbrake console

    Wanted, E28 handbrake console, pearl beige please. Many thanks Nik
  11. Munich1

    E28 front bumper

    Hello Dan, you’re correct you listed one the other day but it’s about the same condition as mine. the centre of your bumper is toast too, I can find corners for sale all over but centre pieces are rarer than rocking horse poo now.
  12. Munich1

    E28 front bumper

    Hello all As per title, am looking for e28 front bumper as I think my one is toast under the mtec kit. Anyone selling one or know of where I could get one please? Primed or chrome is not important. Many thanks
  13. Munich1

    E28 sound insulation

    Hello Cotswold C381 NMW, VIN 0660149 Is E28 interior sound insulation still available please? I need front and rear floor panels and also trunk panel.
  14. Was wondering if anyone knew what the hard stuck covering was on e28 (and probably other BMW's of the era) floor pan and trunk partition. Looks like it was supplied in sheet form and heat set onto applicable areas. If it's not available, is there a modern equivalent? Also, looking at the underside of the car, does anyone know what stonechip was used by BMW and it's equivalent today?
  15. Munich1

    Brake calipers and carriers

    Thanks for your replies, I've got a reliable local guy for acid dip and zinc plating, will post results when done