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  1. Munich1

    Quote please

    Hello Cotswold, can I have individual prices and a lead time for the following please; Reg C381 NMW 2off 41141934653, bracket left Rear Subframe 1off 33311130487, subframe bushes, pair 1off 33323628167, knurled bolts, pair 2off 07129922745, nylock nuts, pair 1off 33311123982, pushrods, pair 1off 07147201571, pushrod washers, 4pack 1off 07119903039, pushrod bolts, 4 pack 1off 33329061946, trailing arm bushes, 4pack 1off 07119914667, trailing arm bushing bolts, 4 pack 2off 07129900047, nylock nuts, 4pack 1off 33321125665, pitman arms, pair 1off 07119914848, pitman arm bolts, pair 1off 07119905829, pitman arm washer, 4 pack 2off 07129922745, nylock nuts, pair 1off 07119914816, pitman arm bolts, pair Suspension 1off 33521129241, shock absorbers, pair 1off 33521125649, supporting cup, pair 1off 33526762325, plate, pair 1off 33521124507, spring pad, pair 1off 33521126680, guide support, pair 1off 33521118480, washer-gasket, pair 1off 07119905374, nylock nuts, six pack 1off 33521125651, universal joint, pair 1off 07129922436, nylock nuts, pair 1off 33521119067, protection cap, pair 1off 33521124573, absorber, pair 1off 33521124575, protection tube, pair 1off 33521124572, spring pad, pair 1off 071199141829, hex bolt, pair 1off 33521125260, washer, pair Stabiliser bar 1off 33551129225, stabiliser rubber mounting, pair 1off 33551129195, stabiliser support, pair 1off 07119903039, hex bolt, pair 1off 33551124375, stabiliser link, pair 1off 07119905955, hex bolt, pair 1off 07129922716, nylock nuts, pair 1off 07119905549, hex bolt, pair 1off 07129906196, nylock nuts, pair Side shaft/wheel bearings 1off 34111123072, inner hex bolt, pair 1off 07119934749, lock ring, pair 1off 33411134549, angular ball bearing, pair 1off 33411129859, ABS drive flange, pair 1off 33411123428, collar nut, pair 1off 33411123973, securing plate, pair 1off 07119919682, filister head screw, pair ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Front Subframe 1off 07119913843, hex bolt, pair 1off 31111124702, washer, 4 pack 1off 07119900237, hex bolt, pair 1off 31121132353, left suspension rod without bush 1off 31121132354, right suspension rod without bush 1off 31129058819, suspension rod bushes, pair 1off 07119914829, hex bolt, pair 1off 31112606010, washer, pair 1off 31106769443, nylock nuts, pair 1off 31121139991, left wishbone without bush 1off 31121139992, right wishbone without bush 1off 31121124622, wishbone bushes, pair 1off 07119914684, hex bolt, pair 1off 07119904119, washer, pair 1off 07129900047, nylock nuts, pair 1off 31121125662, rod 1off 31121125714, collar screw, 4 pack 1off 31121125715, nylock nuts, 4 pack 1off 07119916967, hex screw 1off 51711801066, blind plug Stabiliser bar 1off 31351127390, stabiliser rubber mounting, pair 1off 33506779734, stabiliser support, pair 1off 07119904115, wave washer, pair 1off 07119903039, hex bolt, 4 pack 1off 31351130075, stabiliser link bars, pair 1off 07129964672, nylock nuts, 4 pack 1off 31351128229, washer, pair Guide support/spring pad 1off 07119905374, nylock nuts, 6 pack 1off 07119901766, washer, pair 1off 32216769539, nylock nuts, pair 1off 31331110196, dust protection collar, pair 1off 31336776760, washer, pair 1off 31331128524, plate, pair 1off 31331128523, spring pad upper, pair 1off 31331124322, spring pad lower, pair 1off 31336765744, pin, 6 pack Spring strut/shock absorber 1off 31321129243, shock absorber inserts, pair 1off 31321130025, threaded ring, pair 1off 31321128548, rubber boot, pair 1off 31311127285, ring, pair I need guide supports but am unsure of part no, 31331139452 or 31331139484, Which one is correct please? I need a set of front suspention strut covering caps, am unsure of correct part; 31311139453 or 31331124335. Wheel bearing 1off 31211128423, cup, pair 1off 31211128336, collar nut, pair 1off 31206777789, cap, pair I need a set of front and rear springs also please, am unsure of part no's. Many thanks Nik
  2. Munich1

    Ecs tuning, bavauto

    Il give em a call. Thanks
  3. Munich1

    Bracket right 41141934654

    Hello all am looking for support bracket 41141934654 for e28 please htrps://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=DC82-EUR-07-1985-E28-BMW-M535i&mg=41&sg=10&diagId=41_0157&q=41141934654 Many thanks
  4. Munich1


    Hello Cotswold Do you have stock of 41141934654 please? many thanks
  5. Munich1

    Ecs tuning, bavauto

    Hello all Have searched the forum for an answer with no success. i need part number 41141934654, support bracket. https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/part?id=DC82-EUR-07-1985-E28-BMW-M535i&mg=41&sg=10&diagId=41_0157&q=41141934654 its NLA according to realoem, the only places that appear to stock it are ecs tuning and bavauto (both USA based). The goods are only around 8$ but shipping to the UK for both sites is around 80$. Does anyone have experience ordering from the above mentioned sites, are they reliable and do they have the stock they claim to have? many thanks
  6. Munich1

    Price please

    Hello Cotswold Price and availability for 2 off part no 33329061946 please. thanks
  7. Munich1

    Price please.

    Hello Cotswold looking for 80932413782, it’s the toy car. Can dealers supply this and what is the cost please. I know it’s available in black and also in white with M colour stripes, can I have a price for both please many thanks nik
  8. Munich1

    E28 fuel tank

    Sent via PayPal. My thanks
  9. Munich1

    E28 fuel tank

    Hello Cotswolds BMW can I have a price for a fuel tank please part no 16111178881 many thanks nik