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    530d f11...oil spots

    So...1st garage couldn't find the issue without stripping the engine! Popped it into a BMW inde, the good news is that the engine doesn't need taking apart - it's a worn oil filter seal..no major dramas (or expense). Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi all, My 2010 530d f11 has been leaving small oil spots...as noticed this morning. I've taken a look underneath and noticed oil around the sump plug (at least I think that what it is). The car is booked in for an inspection in a few day. In the meantime though, I'm wondering if this is a common (expensive) issue! Any advice gratefully received. Thanks Oil level is fine according to Idrive and next due for a change in 8k. (And as you may have guessed, I'm not the most mechanically minded of people!)
  3. Jimtrk

    530d f11...oil spots

    Many thanks for your advice/suggestions - much appreciated. And yes, I was surprised when the garage suggested it was normal. Perhaps it is, but for peace of mind it's going in for a check over. (No sign of any more oil drops currently however and the oil level hasn't dropped...fingers crossed it's ok!)
  4. Jimtrk

    530d f11...oil spots

    I'm not a customer of the garage I spoke to, so it wouldn't be in their interest to fob me off...if anything, I'd expect them to encourage me to bring the car in on the basis it represents new business for the. But, yes, I've have plenty of diesal cars before and would never accept the oil spots are 'normal' I'm not sure what the other part of the undercarriage is with the hole .either way, it's concerning, I'll see what the garage say in a couple of days. I've done 50 odd miles in the car this morning, nothing untoward noted in terms of fluid levels/warning messages etc...yet!!
  5. Jimtrk

    530d f11...oil spots

    Phoned a garage up the road with a view to getting it checked...the advice was pretty much "I'll look at it if you want, but personally, I doubt worry about it...diesals are renowned for it!" In fairness, I suppose a less reputable place would have booked it in a charged a fortune.
  6. Jimtrk

    530d f11...oil spots

    Thanks Mike. No oil burning smell....and it's probably only 2 or 3 drops over 24hrs...