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  1. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced the tailgate part of the lock as it was causing intermittent problems. The tailgate wiring had all been done by me previously so I knew it wasn't that Symptoms were: Not opening Soft close motor not functioning correctly Rear load area lights staying on. Rear load cover release not working on opening tailgate. The lock motor/sprung return/switch unit attached to the tailgate side of the lock was faulty. I removed and opened it up and think it was a combination of a lazy motor and dodgy microswitch. Cleaning and lubricating had it working for a day or so but the symptoms returned. Ebay and £15 later and all done and functioning perfectly.
  2. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Replaced pan sunroof seal. Big reduction in wind noise on the motorway. It took around 40 mins in total.
  3. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Had to repair the tailgate lhs loom. The other 3 were done last year. It wasn't opening the full tailgate so I was having to pop the glass and use the manual release. A pain in the arse when you have to open and close it multiple times a day. Anyway, new wire grafted in and sorted. Three tyres fitted and then 12 months Mot done this morning. 204k miles and counting.
  4. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Well the old girl has been pulling 1.2 ton of caravan this last week from Manchester to Cornwall and back. With the mileage done on days out it came to 807 miles averaging a snip under 30mpg which is 5mpg less than the previous e46 320d on the same journey. Very happy with that as it tows so much better, it didn't miss a beat and the seat was good with no back issues since the repair and air bladder inserts In the process the car hit 200k miles.
  5. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Added a 12s socket and split charger to the factory towbar and electrics. The osf leg and arm fitted the other day has cured the slight wander on the motorway. Feels more flat and stable.
  6. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Changed front offside leg and the osf rear arm.
  7. Syemondo

    Bluetooth audio?

    I also have the fibre optic one. If you code bluetooth and professional phone you can use the steering wheel controls and dial through the idrive. No phone book or call logs but works good. Usb, sd card and a2dp. I use amazon music and radio player on my phone and the steering wheel buttons scroll through tracks and radio stations. Doesn't show up on idrive though. I use google maps for nav and it mutes audio momentarily while giving turns etc.. I toyed with an android head unit but I have a Galaxy note 4 so can watch vids, iptv and do whatever with the audio coming through the car audio. With android I'd have to tether or use some other way of getting data which is too much faffing. I put phone in the cradle, plug in charger which switches bluetooth on automatically, it connects and the radio player loads and runs. As the phone is closer to me than the idrive screen I'm not losing much screen size plus I can adjust it to eliminate reflections.
  8. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Tailgate struts fitted and work great. £42.95 inc del for a pair was money well spent.
  9. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Ordered 2 new tailgate struts as I banged my head when it didn't stay up properly this afternoon. . Ebay £43 and seems to have good feedback. A bit pissed of because I ordered 2 from a german ebay seller not long after I bought the car but they only sent one. I fitted that one knowing the other was getting lazy but it was the new one that split it's outer shroud and gave me a bastard headache. Rant over.
  10. Syemondo

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Managed to eventually get the volume down on the pdc as it was painfully loud after the audio filter coding. Had to modify the daten file with ncs dummies to change the default parameters but it's nice and quiet and audible over the stereo. I did the same to the gong which took a bit more trial and error. Also coded the SBT terminal as disconnected as it intermittently gave me an airbag error. I did the resistor mod first as whoever changed the battery before I bought it managed to break the wire at the terminal.
  11. Syemondo

    Errors - fuel?

    Fuel filter?
  12. Syemondo

    Milk Top Dust Cover.

    How about mayo on the bottom of the oil filler cap
  13. Syemondo

    Sports seats are killing my back.

    Play time again. Bought some of these They came in a zip pouch with foam so I removed the foam and used the pouch to protect the bladder from a puncture and slid it into the lower part of the seat. I had to disconnect a couple of the side support springs to ease access but it went in. The inflation bulb is run between the door and B pillar. I also fitted a bare bladder to the seat base where I put padding in yesterday and run the inflator to the same place. Plenty adjustable and worth the effort. I still may go for Comforts in the future but there's no rush My Mrs thinks I'm mad messing around with my car all the time but as well as a workhorse it's a hobby. o2 sensor next when it arrives
  14. Syemondo

    Sports seats are killing my back.

    Well it's been an interesting afternoon. Had a couple of hours to spare and thought I'd have a play. Looking at my seat especially the base with my tilt issues it seemed that if the base is worn and I sink lower in the seat that my lower back may not be in the ideal place for the back of the seat. Giving it a press confirmed it. So I bought a mattress topper so I could cut shapes and it would keep the shape after fitting. So, seat out and unhooked the rear of the base leather cover to get access to the rear cushion. Cut out enough for 2 layers and slid in with a bit of jiggery pokery and refitted the cover. Then I cut a triple layer to fit between the base foam and springs and fed it in. A bit fiddly but got there in the end. A lot more support and the base looked a bit more like it should. Then I checked ot the lower lumber which at first glance looked ok but pulling on the big spring at the bottom revealed this.. The spring on the door side had sheared off. I suppose 200k miles can take a toll on a seat frame. The other side looks like this So I've ghetto fixed it for now by bending the sheared piece through the hole and winged the edges so it stays put. Trusty cable ties to keep it in position and it's solid. I know I need a replacement back frame but this fix will last as long as I need it to. A bit pissed off about the frame but also glad there was specific reasons for the discomfort. The seat is back in the car and the tilt isn't an issue as I'm about 2 inches higher on the base which has also moved the base of my spine higher up the rear of the seat which is now properly sprung. A very noticeable difference but time will tell. I thought I took a before pic but it didn't come out but there was a pronounced sag at the rear of the base. The only thing I have to do is use some flame retardant spray on the exposed material underneath the seat. Still looking into an inflatable adjuster for the back though. One other thing is that I can use the headrest now as I'm higher up. It was unusable before. Long post but it may help others.
  15. Syemondo

    Sports seats are killing my back.

    Memory foam is interesting. I'd prefer it to look stock but some extra foam in some specific places may be an option also.