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    Navigation fault.

    Started to get a periodic ' Cannot read the medium' message' when not even using navigation. Inserted a dvd laser cleaner but after this went through its programme it does not recognise the disc at all. It was working ok even though it is an old genuine BMW disc. Don't use it much anyway but is it goodnight for this part of the system or is there anything else I should do?
  2. oldjohnny

    Navigation fault.

    Many thanks Jason. The car is so old now perhaps I will just ask for directions!
  3. oldjohnny

    Recommendations for garage shelving.

    I have always found that unless you go into heavy gauge shelving the units will be a tad flimsy when used upright and heavy things are placed on the upper shelves. Simply cured by fixing them to a wooden batten fastened to the wall. My neighbour has the Amazon units mentioned above and side by side they are perfectly adequate with no need for fixing.
  4. oldjohnny

    And it's goodbye from him too.

    John's big smile reflected how I used to feel when I found one of his manuals in a second hand book shop in the 60s and 70s. No money to buy new ones, it was like winning the pools on discovering a copy. Cars were much simpler then and my old Vauxhall Velox, Ford Zephyr and Zodiac owe their lives to the 'Bible' as it was described then. Sure they were never perfect but for no choice DIY people back then they were a Godsend. Our tools were mostly meant for bicycles but between them and all-sorts 'borrowed' from the kitchen we managed. I can still hear the whistle of the cup flying past my head, thrown by my Mum on discovering I had used one of her best knives to adjust the carburettor on the Velox, my first car. Every time I slammed the door a bit of the bodywork fell off! 'Try telling that to young folk now-days and they won't believe you'
  5. oldjohnny

    E60 brake shoe backing plate

    The backing plates, or dust shields can build up quite a bit of rust. It comes off the discs via the pads and general road dirt over time. If the discs are bad they will build up rust to the extent they rub against the plates. They are a horlicks to change so a good clean up is preferred as long as they are not totally corroded. Just had the same problem on our Merc c class estate. Found one to be in a bad state and will have to replace it , come the good weather of course.
  6. oldjohnny

    Brake Fluid Reservoir.

    I thought this E60 530d was mental regarding the countless digits required in the 'hidden' menu to find the temperature. Then I discovered the delights of simply fitting a new headlight bulb. Brake fluid service light appeared today. Thinking that even I can sort that out I raised the bonnet but no sign of a reservoir. Took the engine cover off but no joy. So retired to seek directions on you tube and suffering f..k hasn't some masochist buried it under the micro filter. God only knows what the future holds. If I ever meet any of the guys who designed this car I would have to invoke that old Irish prayer. 'Oh God, keep my feet out of him'
  7. oldjohnny


    We had a wee shite, all of fifteen, on a small scrambler who was a bloody menace, roaring about like a maniac. Then one glorious day he came off in a big way, wearing would you believe just a dressing gown and pyjamas! Nipping round to his mates don't you know. He wasn't killed but I hear he's in wards three and four!
  8. oldjohnny

    Brake Fluid Reservoir.

    Just discovered how to reset the brake service light. Thought it was a warning to top up but it's just a notice that it's time to change the fluid. Will do it in the warmer weather. At 14 years old it will hardly invalidate any warranty.
  9. oldjohnny

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    Many years ago on our first visit to Turkey (Bodrum) we were having breakfast at a huge seafront restaurant. It was before 10am and I said to the wife that I could murder a pint. Go ahead, she said as you are on your holidays. I replied that I didn't want everyone talking about me. She looked at me quizzically and told me to take a look around. A quick scan through bloodshot eyes revealed that I was the only one without a pint! About 80p soon rectified that.
  10. oldjohnny

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    Hate to point this out to you Andrew but it has affected your time clock badly as this is the 8th of February. I was off it myself for a while. It was the longest nine hours I have ever put in!
  11. oldjohnny

    Question Time £5.19 for a pint

    You lucky, lucky, bar stewards! Here in Belfast a pint of the black stuff and most beers in the suburbs of Belfast is always north of £4.00. Dare to venture into the city centre then see your bank manager first for an agreed overdraft. It's like a cartel with little variation no matter where you go. A glass of wine for a £5.00? The bottle is about that price in an off licence. There are a few pockets of sense here and there but they tend to be in areas which are a tad iffy. The most blatant is a bottle of Corona at £4.20. All of 80p in the supermarket. Thank God for Lidl. Due to their food prices I was able to cut her 'wages' in half and continue my studies into the effects of Guinness on the over 70s.
  12. I recently had a problem with the air flow mass meter and the following fault appeared as well. Intelligent battery sensor. No communication (signal wire). Is this the same as the topic discussed above?
  13. oldjohnny

    Insurance Hike

    When you refer to 'certain people' that should not be on the road does that mean the Grand old Duke of Edinburgh or everyone with white//grey/no hair? I can tell you from years of experience that your particular occupation, regardless of hardly using your car at all will dictate the higher premiums you pay. They will assume you drive everywhere, have liquid lunches and will constantly be in a hurry to get from one meeting to another, regardless of what you declare on your application. Tell them something daft and without a category, like you are a Coronation Lamp Lighter.
  14. It looks as if it's been in an accident!
  15. oldjohnny

    Insurance Hike

    Have you tried either of them recently? Maybe worth it or trying them directly. My low quote was down to the fact they consider me to have one foot in the grave coupled with low annual mileage. They seem to be in the top five for quotes at present. I'm off to the local for a swift one later to celebrate my result.
  16. oldjohnny

    Insurance Hike

    Further to my above comments and in relation to Seesures post about age having its benefits, Check this one out. Received an email from Moneysupermarket that my insurance was up for renewal and based on last years details the following was the best quote they found. Only Tesco again would you believe and £251.00 compared to the £397.69 they quoted me!!!!! Rang them this morning and an 'error' had occurred regarding my age and low mileage. Really nice guy went through the whole thing again and cover is now actually less again at £210.80, although it will be £236.71 in total as I pay by monthly direct debit. In short I will now pay £19.72 per month as opposed to the original renewal quote of £37.25. God is great but he hasn't a patch on the internet.
  17. oldjohnny

    Insurance Hike

    I have been with Tesco Bank for a few years now. Last year it was up £1.85 to £392.88 . This year up £4.81 to £397.69 so I can live with that. Every year I check the major sites for comparison quotes and Tesco are the lowest every time. There were a few reports in the press last month that for the first time in ages, car premiums were actually lower than the previous year. Ironically, Tesco, for no reason put up our house cover by £100, but a quick call soon wiped most of that out. The thing to remember with all first time insurance quotes is the 'new customer' discount which disappears on renewal hence the big hikes at times.
  18. oldjohnny

    HIDs and the MOT

    Hi Duff. Don't know if you are aware that the MOT test in Northern Ireland, whilst being fairly stringent has one great bonus. They only do the 'smoke' test visually. There is currently no equipment to measure it in any center. Stems from the old 'Elf and Safety' check some seven years ago which concluded that due to possible inhalation of diesel fumes by staff that proper extraction equipment must be installed. Glad to report they are still waiting for it!
  19. oldjohnny

    Air Flow Meter.

    The air flow meter on my 530d was suspect so took a chance and bought a 'pre - owned' unit on the bay and it has paid off. I am now driving a completely different car. Acceleration and kick down vastly improved. The hose to the egr may also be blocked but it has simply been 'unplugged' so that could be contributing as well. This started off because of the emissions warning light coming on. Now dialled out it will be interesting to see if it reappears. If so a clean out will be next or a complete blank off, although I know the egr valve is functioning ok. I am starting to think they are more trouble than they are worth.
  20. oldjohnny

    Glow plugs and controller

    Certainly a site to be jotted down by all for future reference. Must be the best deal available anywhere.
  21. oldjohnny

    Glow plugs and controller

    It was a Beru controller that I replaced, but no way of knowing at this age if it was the original of course.
  22. oldjohnny

    Glow plugs and controller

    There is the full kit on ebay at present of a Beru controller and six Bosch plugs for £117.85. This problem only raises it's ugly head when the cold sets in and replacing the lot made a huge difference to my 530d in winter. I described it previously as a world war two destroyer laying a smoke trail to escape the enemy, but no trace of it now. As Edward stated, undertaking this with a warm engine makes all the difference. (Just noticed the postage for this is £15.00, but still pretty good value).
  23. Our house backs on to a mini 'rain forest', a greenway of trees, bushes and a walkway. It's a yearly battle to keep the moss at bay which includes the car. I tackle this with an old toothbrush and a lot of elbow grease. I also use a bottle of decorators liquid moss/mould remover, but be sure to dilute this to protect the rubbers. It's a pain in the arse but using this liquid keeps it down to a twice a year job. Beware the power washer if your car, like mine, is not in the full flush of youth as the rubber surrounds may be slightly dozed.
  24. oldjohnny

    EGR and Emissions Warning.

    With the EGR air intake hose removed we can see the valve seems to be working ok. However there is absolutely nothing coming through as would be expected with engine running as in loose soot or gunge etc. Would this point to the mass air flow sensor at fault hence the emissions warning light? Driving now with the EGR temporarily disconnected, and throttle response is much sharper especially reverse which is a bit scary.
  25. oldjohnny

    Phone line rental advice.

    Send all of these details to Tony Hetherington of the Daily Mail who is shit hot at sorting things like this out