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  1. Wheel sizes

    Many thanks folks. Unfortunately I did not get back to the seller quick enough and the Pirellis are gone, so a pair of 275x35x18s are being fitted on Monday, which will keep the old dear original. By the way, a friend informed me there was a Yokahama tyre of this size on ebay local to me with 5.3mm tread for £55.00. I checked the 'DOT' mark which was 498 and then the makers information site. Would you believe this is a 19year old tyre!!!!! And the moral of the story is 'Tread Carefully'.
  2. Wheel sizes

    Cheers. Obviously best to just remove one of each to check but you comment about one size below made me think that they may all be the same as 35x18 would fit on a 40x18 rim.
  3. Wheel sizes

    I have been offered a virtually new set of pirellis x 4 which are 245x40x18. My current 2003 E60 set up has these on the front with 275x35x18 on the rear. My query is can I fit these all round or are the rear rims a different size as well.
  4. Apart from the plugs and controller, check your temperature. I have went through many cars over the years but have never seen one like this E60 where the temperature really effects fuel consumption. When it gets up to 90 quickly the mpg is great. Any failure of the three stats where it fluctuates from mid 60s to 80s sends it down again. I fitted the two main stats a few months ago and it was great until now when one has give up again. Going down the £5 stat in the top hose route next.
  5. My 2003 E60 was fine until the really cold weather set in. Then the lumpy start-up appeared together with the white smoke. It wasn't really bothering me until I left it to idle for a while on a particulary cold morning. A knock on the door was a neighbour in a panic as she thought the car was on fire. When I looked the old beemer was doing her best impression of a world war 2 destroyer laying a smokescreen to escape the enemy. Discovered that as long as I drove off right away on starting it went away quickly. Had it checked out and showed all six plugs dead, pointing obviously to the controller. Got lucky and was able to get a genuine one at £62 on the bay which had been priced wrongly (should have been £102). Also 6 Bosch Duraterm glowplugs for £37.62. (These are still available on ebay by the way). Now I have instant start-up, no smoke or lumpy tickover and a noticeable improvement on fuel consumption. This is a barstewart of a job made much easier if you remove anything that is in the way of access. Also the plugs are easier removed when the engine is warm.

  7. Warning light

    Had exactly this fault during and just after the last frosts. Andrews advice above, re holding the window button down cured mine. Rear window seemed to be out of sync and this reset it, with warning sign gone as well.
  8. original parking lights E60

    Hi. Would anyone who has upgraded their 2004 e60 type parking lights (orange angel eyes) still have the originals lying about doing nothing. Want to keep the old girl original on serious budget. If you may have these can let me know your price and approx postage please. Many Thanks.
  9. Refuses To Start

    True story. Many years ago a local garage received a call from a lady who had purchased a used mini some six months earlier. When asked what the problem was she replied that it just refused to start. As her house was only a few hundred yards away, the garage owner, (a man renowned for his dry wit), decided to walk over himself as they were mega busy. On turning into the driveway he was met with the previously immaculate mini displaying a hole in one headlight, front bumper hanging off on one side with twigs and leaves in behind it and through the grill, one wiper missing, front wing and door scraped and dented, one wing mirror hanging off, a broken tail light and a hugh dent in the middle of the back bumper. "I can't understand it" she said. "It has never done this before. Any idea why it won't start"? He swifly replied that it was very evident and he knew exactly why. "IT'S AFRAID"!!!!!!.
  10. Car Salesmen Celebrating.

    Moved to new post.
  11. Parking Light Bulb

    Hi Again. I'm sure this has been covered before but can anyone tell me if it is possible to replace just the bulb on this original type of angel eye parking light and if so what is the procedure please? Car is 2003 (Dec) 530d. Forgot to add that I don't want to upgrade these. Simply want to replace the orange light bulbs if at all possible. Many thanks.
  12. radiator Flaps.

    Many thanks. Just found this description after search which may be of help to others in future.
  13. radiator Flaps.

    Hi again. Monitoring my temps in this cold snap and noticed that even at 92 the radiator flaps behind the two grills are still closed. Can I enquire if these are vacuum or electrically operated please and when, and how, should they actually come into play?
  14. Car warranty companies?

    I was in the car warranty business for about 12 years a long time ago. The two main reasons for not paying out were always mainly, 'wear and tear' and non compliance of servicing requirements. I can assure you that any car warranty issued to cover a vehicle approaching 80-100,000 miles would not be worth the paper it is written on. Wear and tear commensurate with the age and mileage of the vehicle will always give them an out. It is only when a part fails within a period where it would not be expected to do so would you have any chance of a claim being met, for example a camshaft giving up the ghost on a 3 year old car with 30000 miles. Even then, without a full service history it would be declined.
  15. Glow Plug Controller Fitting

    Replaced both stats a few weeks ago. After this temp was 92 and mpg 37.9 average. Few days later temp the same but running a bit lumpy with noticable reduction in mpg to 26.5. Cold spell arrived, then hard to start with white smoke first thing. clearing quickly but mpg deteriorating every day and at present showing 18.6. Only thing showing is all glow plugs out indicating the control unit. Harder to start as temeratures drop to - freezing. Strange start up procedure currrently. If I park in the driveway overnight, facing downwards on the slope, the white smoke is horrendous for a minute and runs like a petrol engine off about 2/3 plugs. This all clears fairly quickly and runs just fine but mpg stiill scary. However when parked outside on level ground there is hardly any smoke and slight lumpy tickover clears and runs as normal. Most of the lost fuel is lying on the driveway I think!