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  1. oldjohnny

    Glow plugs and controller

    There is the full kit on ebay at present of a Beru controller and six Bosch plugs for £117.85. This problem only raises it's ugly head when the cold sets in and replacing the lot made a huge difference to my 530d in winter. I described it previously as a world war two destroyer laying a smoke trail to escape the enemy, but no trace of it now. As Edward stated, undertaking this with a warm engine makes all the difference. (Just noticed the postage for this is £15.00, but still pretty good value).
  2. Our house backs on to a mini 'rain forest', a greenway of trees, bushes and a walkway. It's a yearly battle to keep the moss at bay which includes the car. I tackle this with an old toothbrush and a lot of elbow grease. I also use a bottle of decorators liquid moss/mould remover, but be sure to dilute this to protect the rubbers. It's a pain in the arse but using this liquid keeps it down to a twice a year job. Beware the power washer if your car, like mine, is not in the full flush of youth as the rubber surrounds may be slightly dozed.
  3. oldjohnny

    EGR and Emissions Warning.

    With the EGR air intake hose removed we can see the valve seems to be working ok. However there is absolutely nothing coming through as would be expected with engine running as in loose soot or gunge etc. Would this point to the mass air flow sensor at fault hence the emissions warning light? Driving now with the EGR temporarily disconnected, and throttle response is much sharper especially reverse which is a bit scary.
  4. oldjohnny

    Phone line rental advice.

    Send all of these details to Tony Hetherington of the Daily Mail who is shit hot at sorting things like this out
  5. oldjohnny

    All the best....

    I would second that, and working on my first hangover of the year as we speak.
  6. oldjohnny

    BMW Lego ?? is there any out there

    Tell me honestly Captain. Did the lad get a look in when it came to the build? Like my first model railway as a child that my Dad spent most of Christmas day assembling and operating.
  7. oldjohnny

    E60 Boot Opening

    Good man yourself. My boot is still doing its impression of one of the giant slings in Game Of Thrones, so as your solution seems to work fine I shall tackle it at first light. This will tie in with tomorrow as her indoors wants to go to Tescos for last minute shopping at 6.00am when it opens! Bloody Christmas.
  8. oldjohnny

    No DPF?

    Thanks again Jason. I may well replace the EGR and stat too. Are there any hoses that should be replaced as well when in there?
  9. oldjohnny

    No DPF?

    Cheers Jason. Had this readout done for the spannerman in the new year. Apart from the fuel filter, (which I have), it's all double dutch to me but should give him an idea where to start.
  10. oldjohnny

    No DPF?

    My car is registered 25/09 2003. It's build history states EU 3 exhaust emissions standard. Can I take it that I may be fortunate enough not to have a DPF? (Turned down exhaust tail pipes). Asking this to eliminate the possible causes of intermittent emissions warning.
  11. oldjohnny

    E60 Boot Opening

    Be very careful when opening until you get it sorted as the 'flying open' will result in the panel coming away from the body altogether as in mine. Got so bad I had to disconnect it completely and suffer the embarrasement of using a sawn off brushshaft to hold it up until repaired. Its all down to the drivers side strut/spring assembly dying of old age. They are pretty expensive to replace.
  12. oldjohnny

    Fault Code Reader

    Thanks for the advice. Carly wifi gen 2 obd adapter is on Amazon at £61.90 but with a 20% discount, so total of £49.52 and stating it's a lifetime warranty but new technology just as 'updateable'. Sound like the very chap for me at that money. Just an afterthought. Do I have to purchase a separate app for IOS useage?
  13. oldjohnny

    Fault Code Reader

    Eurocarparts are selling the Streetwise OBD11 fault code reader with LCD screen for £17.99. Enter code XMAS75 and you will get another massive discount of .36p! WOW! Anyone know if it is worth buying?
  14. oldjohnny

    Emissions warning.

    DPF seems ok. This is the readout. Apart from the fuel filter they think a leaky pipe is the culprit. Advised to initally check the small one underneath the EGR and the one at the manifold next. Failing that, book it in for further checks.
  15. oldjohnny

    Easy Peasy DPF Regeneration After Install

    Great to hear you are sorted, but I think most of the queries, including mine, are in relation to existing DPFs and how to force them into functioning properly again after the emissions warning has come on. Concensus of opinion seems to be a long third gear thrash for about 10 motorway miles which is what my old dear is in for tomorrow with the help of Archoil AR6400-D Max. Worth a try before splashing out on a new DPF.