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  1. oldjohnny

    E60 Petrol engine buying advice

    The M Sport tourer certainly looks the business, but would that be the original upholstery as I have never before seen that combination of paintwork and leather in those colours on any car? They don't seem to compliment each other very well, although it's all down to individual tastes I suppose.
  2. oldjohnny

    CIC front plate

    Taking into account your insurance excess and no claims bonus effect it will probably be better to grin and bear it through gritted teeth this time.
  3. oldjohnny

    525i 2009 mot advisory inner suspension

    Just noticed your query. It may well be the rear lower ball joint rose bush. My spannerman picked this up pre mot and said if I get the wrong inspector he may fail it. Nearside was fine but offside bush had worn away the interior rubber. Minimum movement on wheel. Passed mot with no adviseries. It is a barsteward of a job it appears so although I have the part below from ebay at £17.99 it will wait until nearer the next mot date for fitting as, just like you I do very little mileage nowdays. Only problem with this is I have been warned, that if it collapses completely the whole unit may need replacing.
  4. It is a little more complicated than it seems. My spanner man is mainly mercedes but has done this many times. It takes three fills to get to the correct level, with the car up and down each time from the ramp and a correct temperature achieved. Sump is weeping so will change the lot whilst it's off. Also the car will be put up on the ramp overnight to drain completely ready for refitting the next day. He does not recommended a flush.
  5. Anyone used this offer on the bay? Says the Mannol oil is lifeguard 6. £129.99 and free delivery. Seems to be everything that is needed for the gearbox service. With about £100-£120 labour it would be a great total price. Or another at £139.50 delivered.
  6. Hi Duff. I too have this problem in both the halo and the dipped beam. I have changed all the bulbs but no difference. Haven't bothered getting it looked at as I don't go out late at night much, but the dark early evenings and mornings are rapidly approaching. If you find an answer before me could you post it here please? Cheers.
  7. oldjohnny

    Motormania 2019, Grantown on Spey

    I remember the day my DS 'died' when the suspension wouldn't go up. Took it to the local Citroen dealer, dreading the cost of repair and asked when I could collect it. In about 10 minues was the reply. New seal, pump up and a £5 later I was on my way. It was apparently a very common fault and easily repaired. I seem to remember selling it for £500. O death where is thy sting!
  8. oldjohnny

    Motormania 2019, Grantown on Spey

    You have just given me an idea for a few days away next year from Belfast to Scotland. Looks like a fun event. Great to see the old Ford Granadas well represented, but oh boy, that blue Citroen DS! I had one a lifetime ago and this would be at the top of my list of purchases following the lottery win that I just know is coming.
  9. oldjohnny

    Anyone with virgin mobile?

    Giffgaff goody bags are always worth a look, especially if you are not a heavy user. They share the O2 network so are usually reliable.
  10. oldjohnny


    Or maybe just a big sticker, P&O Ferries, GB, Team Scuff Racing, Man Utd?
  11. oldjohnny


    So a six inch brush and a litre of silver paint would not be the way to go then? I have a scuff at two opposite corners front and back after being attacked by small hostile invisable bollards, well, invisible to her indoors! Quotes from a couple of paint shops was scary to say the least in relation to the value of the car. They both said the same thing. " It's not the work involved, it's the price of the paint ".
  12. oldjohnny


    Just watched the video of the Chipex repair kit. Mighty impressive if it is as simple as it seems. Is there anything similar to Chipex to repair a typical bumper scuff? It would need to be as simple as Chipex as I can make a mess of brushing the floor!
  13. oldjohnny

    Really liking this, but....

    Bar a lottery win, this is the permanent future for this one me thinks.
  14. oldjohnny

    E60 535d thermostats Q

    I'm only sorry that I had already done mine when this method by gonzo came up. If you have to end up doing it then this is the best way. Hopefully though you will get a result from the two main stats. When I did mine, one of them gave up after a couple of months so rather than start investigating I took the Renault 5 route.