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  1. BMW E39 Xenon conversion coding?

    Hello everybody. I am in the market for a set of xenon hella angels for BMW E39, and as i know they fit straight without any wiring mods but coding or error cancelling device will be needed to avoid dash warning light or flickering. Trouble is i could not find any DIY regards coding xenon lights with NCS expert, does anyone have a DIY or tutorial? Cheers
  2. BMW E39 530i oil sump/pan gasket

    Thanks for the informations, as i understood you actually removed the subframe from the car, i guess it can be done with it lowered but fiddly like you said. Did you use any sealant with your gasket? Does steering column have to be unbolted if i am only lowering the subframe? Cheers
  3. Underbody splash guards and arch liners!!

    I could use some Phosphoric acid rust remover untill metal is clean and rust is gone but that will only be a temporary job .i can also cut and weld myself but i dont feel confident welding upside down. I am looking for a good Welder fabricator near me in Tamworth but i cant find one....waiting leads from forum members..
  4. Underbody splash guards and arch liners!!

    Thats all the rot on this car luckily...i just cant seem to find a welder near me, i have a good mig welder but i am not confident welding upside down. Is there any good auto welder in Tamworth or Birmingham? Anybody got any recommendations?
  5. Hello. I would recommend removing all the underbody splash guards and wheel arches to inspect your car underbody for any nasty corrosion as mud tends to stay hidden between these trays and underbody causing the car to rust. Mine seemed that all jack points where intact only one had surface rust,but when i removed all plastics i found that the rear mud flaps underneath was rotten, see picture,i used an endoscope to check inside the rear sill and found nothing serious all good metal. Wheel arches are also fine, i will wash the car underbody and arches and brush in some Waxoyl Underseal in there Does anybody know how much it will cost to chop and weld those rust patches? Any good welder around Tamworth Birmingham areas? Cheers
  6. BMW E39 530i oil sump/pan gasket

    Hello. I am trying to sort out few jobs on my troublesome E39..... it is suffering from oil leak which looks like it is coming from oil sump , i have replaced OFH gasket , vanos hose and rocker cover gasket done not long ago, i had look with an endoscope from front of the engine between crankshaft pulley and block and i can see oil coming from the sump. I am aware it is a big job , but the car is SORN and garaged so no worries if job takes longer , i am planning to buy an engine support beam to help make things easier. Now the tricky bits , do i have to remove the engine mount nuts or just loosen them? does the engine have to be lifted up? Can i just unbolt the PAS pump and the PAS reservoir and let them hang? Do i have to remove clutch fan or the shroud to alloy room for movement? if anyone has got a good DIY can you help ? i found this DIY online https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1823697-E39-6cyl-oil-pan-gasket-replacement-illustrated Many thanks
  7. Replaced alternator still not charging???

    Short joy. The alternator output has fallen and it is only 12.9 at best. This is a recon unit and it was working first few days with over 14v output, I have no ideas what to do....i ll probably sell the car on soon , i have no money spare to keep up with this troublesome car. I have owned 3 Mercedes cars and never had so many issues ...i am slowly giving up
  8. BMW E39 heater blower power draw

    Like you said i think the blower motor is partially seized making it draw too much power. I have an endoscope and I will try to lubricate if with some silicone spray from the duct
  9. BMW E39 heater blower power draw

    I ll have to try that when i have somebody to help. The alternator is a recon unit and it seems to work fine with everything on like main beam , dipped beam ,radio interior lights satnav etc, but as soon as the blower is turned on to the maximum the voltage just drops
  10. BMW E39 heater blower power draw

    Hello. I replaced my leaky coolant hoses today and while putting the blower fan at max after filling with coolant i decided to measure the voltage at the battery terminals and shockingly i got a reading of 12.4 v. If i lower the blower fan to its lowest setting the voltage comes back to 13.8 to 13.9v I decided to test the alternator( new recon unit) under load, so i turned on all lights plus heater fan at LOWEST setting and it seems that voltage stays firm around 13.8 13.9v. I turned off the lights and turned the blower fan to max and again voltage drops to 12.5v. I am i having a failing blower fan motor, although it does not make any noises and seems to blow air just fine... Any ideas chaps?
  11. Coolant and radiator hoses

    Hello everybody. I am going to tackle the leaking radiator hoses so i have ordered some replacement ones. Is it enough to drain just the radiator plug or i have to drain the block as well? Is Eurocarparts red coolant suitable for BMW E39 ? Another little thing, when i was doing some work i removed the air filter housing but i lost one of the little bolts 8mm that hold MAF to the air filter housing, does anyone know any part numbers? Cheers guys
  12. Replaced alternator still not charging???

    It turned out to be a bad alternator and bad luck with sellers claiming their parts are in great working order. Thanks guys
  13. Hi. I have a BMW E39 530i and the seat plastic base cover has lost some of its paint with age.. The color of the car interior is tan, Is there any color match to spray it with ? Thanks
  14. E39 530i oil leaks

    How much do you think it ll cost to replace at a BMW specialist who should have the proper tools for the job?
  15. Replaced alternator still not charging???

    I decided to enlist a help of a more knowledgeable person in car electrics, we did test the wiring, and the battery health and found no issues there, he suggested may be the crankshaft pulley is split , i marked both parts of it and revved the engine for a while and marks still line up fine. He suggested i have a dead alternator so i ordered a brand new recon unit with 12 months warranty, if that doesn't solve the problem then i dont know