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  1. E39 530i oil leaks

    Good afternoon. I was flicking through the service history of my car and spotted that it had ongoing oil leak issues on an off. I decided to take a look and oh my good the underneath was covered in oil,also some oil stains on the ac compressor. I tried to determine the source of the leak but i couldn't and my axle stands were used on another car. Please see pictures , any advice to what are the common leak areas on these car? Cheers
  2. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    Hi. I have tried coding using ncs expert, i loaded expertmode but then i got profilversion 2.0 ungültig error, i downloaded the new 3.0 profile and extracted to correct folder but no luck again. I tried other modes like revtor and got through but when pressing F6 to display modules for coding i get this error COAPI-1020: cannot read file C:\NCSEXPERT\WORK\FSW_PSW.MAN
  3. NCS expert error COAPI-1020:

    Hi all. I had a tinker with NCS expert today, well it didnt go as smoothly as i thought. Firstly expertmode wouldnt start saying profile error, i loaded new profiles but no luck. I then went to try Revtor mode and it did work but when i get to where i need to press F6 to display available modules i get error COAPI-1020: cannot read file C:\NCSEXPERT\WORK\FSW_PSW.MAN any ideas? I think progman is more simple just slow and needs 14 v power supply which i dont have.
  4. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    Hi . I have replaced my abs module with a second hand one. All good except Abs light is one so is DSC and another warning exclamation mark. I know it needs coding to get rid of DSC, but what about abs? Is just case of clearing the fault with INPA or needs sensors calibration as well? Any ideas chaps..
  5. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    unfortunately mine is 0265950002...... would have been great if yours was a match...i had somebody on ebay offer me one for 95 pounds but dont know if it is the going price, i have always owned and repaired Mercedes , so i dont know much about BMW parts prices
  6. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    thanks for that. in order to use NCS do you need that BMW icom unit , or it will work with a usb k line style cable?
  7. BMW E39 Coding voltage

    Hello. i have a BMW E39 with a failed abs module which i sent for repair and it turned out to be that 2 pins were broken so the repairer soldered two wires onto the missing pins and i have to join/solder them to the corresponding wires on my plug wiring. i dont think this will be a long term solution , so i am thinking about getting a second hand abs module same part number and fit it. Does it always require coding and sensors calibration ? or sometimes it can work no issues straight away? i am going to get some k line cable and softwares readily available online , but i am struggling to find a battery charger that will output between 13 to 14 v which i assume is needed for coding, i am not too sure about Amperage i guess it has to be between 10 and 20 amps max. can someone advice me about a cheap charger that will meet the requirements and do the job? Thank you all
  8. Alternator voltage drop

    luckily i have ordered a second hand spare one last week .hope it works. Do you know any companies that recon alternators? Is it expensive? Thx
  9. Alternator voltage drop

    Hi guys, My BMW 530i E39 wouldn't start the last week, i jump started it and then checked the alternator output which was around 13.5 to 13.6 V. I went and charged the battery overnight at home and it seems very slow to charge took almost 20 hrs, refitted back and car run well, checked battery voltage again and it has dropped to 11.7 but never lower and car always starts. i guess i need new battery. Today i tested the alternator after engine warmed up and it was outputting between 12 to 12.7 volts... When engine is cold the output is 13.4 V. Does that mean my alternator is dying? Thanks
  10. Help needed with E39 parts

    Hi everybody. I am a new member and owner of a BMW E39 530i , i find this forum very useful and members very helpful, thank you guys. My E39 530i needs a bit of a refresh, bonnet badge and alloy caps which i found online but i cant seem to find the following items, can someone who has access to parts software help? 1-front lower Windshield cowl 2_ rear screen rubber trim Thanks