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  1. amazighman

    PAS fluid leak

    Best is to clean that reservoir thoroughly and inspect all the hoses too starting from the steering rack all the way to the pump and reservoir. After cleaning top up the fluid and check for leaks later, easier to find leaks on clean parts. There is a chance smth else is leaking, could be your rocker cover gasket leaking onto the manifolds or the oil filter housing gasket or worse oil pan gasket.
  2. amazighman

    Windscreen cowl & microfilter housing replacement

    Are there any aftermarket options? If not try another cowl from an online supplier but get another batch number different than the one you have.
  3. amazighman

    Windscreen cowl & microfilter housing replacement

    Buy another cowl incase the one you have had some manufacturing defects . Mine fitted first time with no issues at all Post some pics if u can
  4. amazighman

    P1074 Fault Code?

    Air leaks are common on these cars as Dan said. I have replaced both intake boots as they looked old and started to crack but no holes yet , remove yours and inspect them I only found the source of my air leak when i smoke tested the intake. Best advice is to get the intake system smoke tested at a garage and that will find any leak if present.... Costed me 25 quid for the test ,well worth it instead of replacing stuff right and left
  5. amazighman

    Windscreen cowl & microfilter housing replacement

    Those links are kaput. How i fit the filters is i fit the elbow and then tilt it back like 20 degrees, then slot the filter housing gutter under the cowl making sure the drain is slotted in the arch then the filter housing is slotted in the cowl tabs and when all good that housing should sit flush on the retainting tab plastic bolt
  6. amazighman

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    You can blast it from the top or try something like a thick wire and poke that hole, no worries if anything ends up in your wheel arch liners as they might be full of crap anyway. Whenever i buy a car I always remove all the arch liners, clean all the mud and apply waxoyl, hence when i did my bimmer the drain holes for the filters were plugged solid with crap which i used a screwdriver to clear it.
  7. amazighman

    ABS/DSC module HELP

    You can install ncs yourself and code it , plenty of youtube guides. But like I said you ll need to calibrate your steering angle sensors on dis otherwise some of the warning lights will remain. I bought my module for 60 quid online and coded it.
  8. amazighman

    front wing cabin microfilter drains blocked

    I think the air filter housing drains into the wheel arch well where the rubber end of the housing goes into. When I removed my wheel arch liners to spray waxoyl i found those holes completely plugged with leaves and mud...cleaned the lots with a wire. I did the windshield cowl few months ago , the worst was pulling that aluminum block spacer which wiper sits on . Mines was stuck due to galvanic corrosion, the rest went back fine If you google BMW E39 air filter housing you will find loads of pictures to help you reposition yours correctly. Post some pictures of yours it will help
  9. amazighman

    Front end clonk

    Thats why i said time for pry bar to find out whats suspension parts are worn. If your control arms are worn again after 30k miles that points towards bad quality parts or them not being preloaded before torquing down Also check if your calipers are not sticking
  10. amazighman

    Front end clonk

    I time for a trolley jack, axle stands and a good pry bar Mine was clunky under braking from.low speed, replaced many things it turned out to be a cheap brake pad
  11. amazighman

    ABS/DSC module HELP

    Get a used one from breakers with same part number as yours, code it to your car using nsc expert and calibrate your steering angle sensors with dis and job done
  12. amazighman

    540i (2000) lacking power under 3000rpm

    Before you start spending money i would say check for vaccum leaks, take the car to a garage to get the intake system smoke tested, did mine for 25 quid and found two leaks which were causing my low power problems. If the test comes back negative then start looking at vanos , sensors,coils etc
  13. amazighman

    Factory Xenons to LED

    1+ for lunex 6000...nice subtle mod with huge improvement...
  14. amazighman

    Zenon replacement headlamp bulbs - Cheap Chinese

    Dan recommend these lunex bulbs when i did my hid retrofit.... Very good quality indeed
  15. amazighman

    E39 530i Idle control valve grommet

    Yeah... similar, apparently they have a notch on the side to help alignment in the housing...and that bellow just goes inside the intake. Emailed Cotswolds and got a price from them, are they usually cheaper that local dealers?