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  1. amazighman

    Help removing stuck inner tie rod from rack

    Remove the rack from the car, keep it upright somewhere and keep spraying it with WD40 for a day or so and then put it on a bench vice to undo the inner tie rod
  2. amazighman

    What size swirl flap blanks

    https://x8r.co.uk/stainless-steel-tube-egr-valve-delete-bypass-removal-kit-for-diesel-engines-353 EGR kit
  3. amazighman

    What size swirl flap blanks

    I think if you look on the right side of the engine as you stand infront of it and look under the cover u will see a metal rod going through the length of the block, if you see that then ur swirl flaps are still there. Pre 2005 cars like yours need 22mm flap blanks X8R do a swirl flap kit.and they are of a very good quality Check their website also has a PDF instructions and a video https://x8r.co.uk/bmw-diesel-swirl-flap-blanks-flaps-repair-with-intake-manifold-gaskets
  4. amazighman

    Injector removal tool?

    They should come out by hand if you warm the engine for a long while and then do the method clavurion said
  5. amazighman

    Injector removal tool?

    273649498281 Try the item above on eBay. Have you tried running the engine till is very warm and then wiggle them with smth
  6. amazighman

    Injector removal tool?

    Are your injectors stuck?
  7. amazighman

    P0600 & P0700

    First check if the battery / alternator are in good working order, low voltage can make these cars behave weirdly. Could be the ABS module is at fault. They usually go bad and they can be removed and reconditioned plug and play.
  8. Agree, untill you remove those sills undertrays and all the other covers under the car you wont know the extent of the rust.
  9. amazighman

    Battery issues :'(

    You can get basic cheap one from your local screwfix tool station or wilko The idea is to determine the health of your alternator, even if the battery is new, an alternator that is not performing well, at least with an output of 13.8 volts under load (lights heater etc) would be a problem as it doesn't fully charge the battery especially in shorter drives adding the cold dark days when lights and heating is used most. I would do the alternator and battery health check first then if you still get battery drains then time for looking into a parasitic drain.
  10. amazighman

    Battery issues :'(

    Did u measure your alternator output just in case?
  11. Hairdryer will work fine to soften the rubber hose
  12. amazighman

    Mercasol - Waxoyl - Dinitrol?

    bilt hamber dynax is n1 for me
  13. If you decide to pay that much i would insist on the garage to put it on the ramp and look for any corrosion. If buying from private you can always rent a ramp space at garage and they will inspect it for you I looked at a nice 530d the other day, all looks amazing no rust on bodywork but when looked underneath it was shocking all fuel lines and brake lines were heavily corroded as are the subframe mounts..
  14. Unless u want them to fall inside your engine That actuator motor you have to leave in place witbout the rod and.make sure it is plugged in... Otherwise you get a fault. Never had a diesel bimmer ..... thanks
  15. amazighman

    ABS hell (sorry)

    I believe The abs pump and module have to be the same part numbers as the ones you removed from your car. There are plenty of DIYs on youtube how to code it with NCS expert. And then you use Dis to calibrate steering angle sensor.