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  1. Vapor barrier or not

    Do you mean the two rubber grommets underneath or the holes in the soor skin right at the very bottom lip of the door? I probably have to pull the door card off and check the state of the vapor barrier itself. That little light underneath does it pull straight out like just pull down or there is another way ? Just dont want to break it really looks brittle.
  2. Vapor barrier or not

    Thanks guys for your inputs. My question is, I don't have wet carpets and never had but some water seems to seep between door card and door steel frame. Does that mean the vapor barrier is failing? Water from between car and door drops on kick plate and goes out, but never inside the car. In your cars is between door card and frame always bone dry? Thx
  3. M62B35 235 or 245 PS Engine?

    Decode your vin online
  4. What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Did you use genuine gaskets? I learned that the hard way with my Mercedes, I used cheap Febi gaskets for both banks and both leaked no matter trying sealant and adding/ reducing tightening torque, eventually i bought genuine gaskets and no more oil leaks. But on E39 i would look elsewhere for leaks as well, i tought i had OFH leak and changed the gasket,still leaked only to turn out it was the oil pan gasket
  5. 1999 535i SE - Single or Dual Stage Airbag

    I see. Then in your case you ll have to remove the plastic cover underneath the steering column to unplug some wires. Shouldn't be too bad. I absolutely hate these H steering wheels, they are so thin and feel horrible,no wonder why people change them to Sport ones
  6. Vapor barrier or not

    Thanks Dan you put my mind at rest Hopefully this ia a normal thing and like you said some water will find its way between door card and door. I will get some butyl tape just in case. I should pop the door cards off and check the vapor barrier , but so far so good no water inside the car.
  7. Vapor barrier or not

    Unfortunately the warm days are gone and rain is back again, i am aware about the vapor barrier issue affecting E39s. Checked my carpets no leak but found water drops leaking between door card and steel door frame , they drop on the kick plate and then out of the car... I am assuming my door vapor barrier is failing,right? There should be no water in contact with the door card . Is best method to just reheat the old butyl with a hairdryer and reseal back or better to fit new tape? Cheers
  8. 1999 535i SE - Single or Dual Stage Airbag

    I am in process of doing the same, my car is a 2000 model. I believe the change over was on 03/99 like Clavurion said Check on realoem it will show u which steering wheel u have. Or remove airbag which has two screws and if you find two short wires with connectors plugged into two slots on steering column top then u have new type.
  9. E39 seat cushion foam

    Didn't know that furniture upholsterers deal with cars, i myself would take apart a BMW seat, special pliers, hog rings and so on.... I shal look locally and see How much did u pay for the foam?
  10. Getting the cable was the easy bit for me. Getting the softwares and cable driver to work was another pain especially with new windows like 7-8-10....it does eventually work and there are plenty of threads online to get it running.. I bought an old laptop running on old Vista and seems to work straight away.
  11. E39 seat cushion foam

    I thought so, they wanted to redye the whole seat. I only needed the foam replaced near door and a tear on bolster near gear shifter and dyeing these sections only, i would go 150 tops
  12. E39 seat cushion foam

    I have seen your seat refurb on What did you do to your E39 Today topic, it looks a very nice job. Quote of over 300 quid seems too steep for a car thats worth perhaps twice that trade price .,it is just about comfort for me. I assume they removed the seat to replace your saggy foam? Where did you get that job done?
  13. E39 seat cushion foam

    Hi. My seat cushion foam on the driver side near door is collapsed, it ia rather unconformable and the leather in that area is quite saggy, looks very unpleasant. I asked a trimmer for cost but was well over 300 quid to bring seat back to life with new foan,dye, and a small repair... Was thinking if it is possible to buy a passenger side seat from breakers( less likely to have bad foam) and bolt it onto my driver side mechanism, or it has to be a driver side seat in that case i should look for a very good condition seat which ll be as rare as hen's teeth.? If anyone who had their seat foam replaced can they tell me how much it did cost them and where they had it done? Cheers
  14. 1999 528i new problem

    I agree with Dan about ECP, if you buy stuff from them go for high brands like Siemens for MAF, or lemforder for suspension ,sachs etc....not their own chinese made labeled stuff. About diagnostic, do what i did, bought a cheap laptop off eBay for 60 quid ,with good ram.and hdd, install Windows and your BMW diagnostic tools and thats it
  15. I think dealers will charge standard hourly labour rate for diagnostic, so it wont break the bank. Or You could use INPA diagnostic yourself easy enough.