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  1. If your pipes are brittle you may as well just renew the whole CCV system for peace of mind. If you decide to change that pipe only then removal of air filter, Disa,ICV and throttle body is necessary to get the job done, that said going through all that hastle you may as well just install a new CCV with new pipes.
  2. What E39 model have you got? Have you ever overhauled the vanos itself? Exhaust and intake camshaft sensors do show up as vanos issues.
  3. amazighman

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Was so hot here that my parcel shelf lining peeled off and my A pillar too....what to expect car is black and it gets so hot inside, will never buy a black car again
  4. amazighman

    Buzzing DISA valve ??

    Remove the disa and have a look if the flap is intact and that it springs back. You dont want it to break and fall into the air intake and end up causing serious damage. I think those codes above related to intake and exhaust sensors or the vanos itself. Use inpa to check vanos values . Have you ever replaced the seals on your vanos?
  5. amazighman

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    You could return that sensor and get ur money back. But first rebuild your vanos and see. Did you make sure your vanos connector is firmly plugged in and then fire up Inpa and see if intake and exhaust values change?
  6. amazighman

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    I heard that aftermarket sensors are nothing but a pain. I ordered a used genuine sensor from on of the breakers on eBay and just fitted it now , warmed up the car and went for a drive and i can see significant improvement...but time and longer drives will tell. The job was straight forward just the bitchy vanos solenoid wouldn't budge, i ended up rounding it slightly but it is okay and it went back fine....make sure u warm up the car before you remove it and use locking grips and get a firm hold of it and push from driver side towards passenger really hard ( thats if ur stuck)
  7. amazighman

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    My analogue values for the Vanos are changing with rev's.... Dont worry x8r are very good and supply the best quality gaskets witht their kit. Mine before Vanos was still sluggish in low rpms when warm but has no power between 2-3k rpm too, you put your foot dows and car does nothing , you put it harder and the car goes like a sting Thx for Imgur , brill idea
  8. amazighman

    Sometimes won’t crank over

    With an E39 the only way you will run out of things to replace is when you sell the car. I fixed one door actuator only for the rear one to start failing the following days!!!! Simply unreliable
  9. amazighman

    Sometimes won’t crank over

    From what i have heard that they sell you an EWS coded to your car , i think you still have to Sync the new one with DME Owning E39 is a hole in the pocket
  10. amazighman

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    my car runs fine with near empty tank and never stalls or even hiccups , so fuel side is okay i guess. Huff did you fit ur new cam sensor? noticed any improvements?
  11. amazighman

    VANOS Overhaul M54 E39 Manual Sport

    Did your car run better with the new Delphi sensor fitted? What was the initial problem that you bought the new sensor for?
  12. amazighman

    VANOS Overhaul M54 E39 Manual Sport

    You could go for the anti rattle kit if you wish but generally if you have not got a rattle just leave well alone. I was trying to find out about these cam sensors and a lots of BMW owners warn against cheap sensors and a lots of them only recommend genuine BMW sensors which are well over 100 pounds each. Not sure about Delphi but I saw Hella camshaft sensors on autodoc quite reasonably priced ( thats if you can deal with Autodoc crappy service). When you get your sensor could you post a picture to show the serial number as quite a few people claim that some OEM companies do not really produce these parts ,they just rebox OE sensors from Siemens VDO with BMW logo scratched off.
  13. amazighman

    VANOS Overhaul M54 E39 Manual Sport

    I used X8R kit , comes with everything you need and the gaskets are victor reinz or elring which are very good quality indeed. I6 used to sell the kits for 50 quid but if you go to their websites they have not got them anymore ... everyone knows these kits are not worth 500 quid!!!!!! Did you go to stealers for Cam sensor?
  14. amazighman

    E39 530i sluggish low RPMs

    Sadly i have 2 camshaft sensors , well done BMW