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  1. amazighman

    Alternator query

    More likely you need a new alternator. There used to be a guy on ebay called Alternatorman who refurbishes these things i used him nearly a year ago, not sure of still there
  2. amazighman

    cheap webasto remote start without expensive telestart?

    Seen few telestart t80 modules online, not sure if they ll work for you. http://www.usedecus.com/en/bmw/ecu/bmw-e46-telestart-t80-webasto-70545b-021765-0678/ Remotes controls i have seen separately but they may need some work to get the two to communicate together, but not sure Are you trying to make that car better than when it left the factory?
  3. amazighman

    no engine check light on the dashboard

    Sorry but why you need to access DDE?
  4. amazighman

    no engine check light on the dashboard

    To disable it i assume they blank the bulb behind it...did you remove cluster to check the bulbs?
  5. amazighman

    hi,newbie,LCM 3 repair?

    Could be dirty/ corroded contacts or plug, or you may have just power cycled it when u unplugged it. Like Clav said ,if it happens again fit good working second hand one and code it yourself and it will be much cheaper than ur indie wants. I really cant believe most of the time those over inflated garage prices, my wife's Matiz ( dont laugh) needed rear brake shoes and cylinders and they wanted 260 quid. Costed me less third of that for parts and done in one hour on the drive. Its maybe all those paid tea brakes they squeeze in:)
  6. amazighman

    Some Tasks From The Last Week Or So....

    So clean like it rolled out of the factory... Get some wax injected inside the sills too and anywhere else you can
  7. amazighman

    Could someone help me with these INPA readings?

    Thanks for the input. I did replace the fuel filter with the fuel pressure regulator for a new mahle unit, the MAF is new VDO and things remained same with old or new maf. I think i might have found the issue, as the car sort of hesitates when warm I thought id have a look at my o2 sensors, i removed them and they were covered in crap, i replaced with second hand ones and seems to run fine, possibly new o2 sensors will make it a hell lot better as these deteriorate with age and not give accurate readings.
  8. amazighman

    Letting the air out of fuel filter

    I am not familiar with Diesel cars but i believe if you start the car , it will run bad for 1 min or so untill all trapped air is gone and voila, that what i did when i replaced my fuel filter Or you could turn the key to position two to prime the pump for 30 sec or so then start the car and give it 1 min or so for air to get expelled Sure Dan would be delighted to help:)
  9. amazighman

    Bubbles bubbling sound when engine prestarted?

    My wife is from Lithuania
  10. amazighman

    Could someone help me with these INPA readings?

    Car had a brand new maf not long ago and the manifold was smoke tested allegedly the garage ( grumpy mechanic who wouldn't let me in his garage to see the smoke test), he claimed to have found two leaks which i sorted but surely after i found another leak in manifold blanking plugs at the rear.
  11. amazighman

    Could someone help me with these INPA readings?

    I fitted new intake boots and cleaned the icv. I removed the vanos connector before but situation remained same if not a little worse in power I would not rule out a tiny air leak in such an old car, but with so many hoses and fiddly intake manifold removal it would be like trying to find a needle in hay stack
  12. amazighman

    Could someone help me with these INPA readings?

    I am having sort of a flat spot at low revs,.mainly around 1000 rpms the engine vibrates and lacks power, when you press harder on gas rpms jump and all back to normal again. Wouldnt ECU store an error code if the valve has failed? As i heard the main failure in disa valves is the flap becoming loose I tested the disa this morning and the shaft retracts when i unplug it, so i take it the solenoid valve is ok
  13. amazighman

    Reassurance needed! Massive oil top up

    My undertrays were pretty clean although my car leaked oil like crazy, no wonder the previous owner said the used 1l topup every 1k miles... The pan was leaking and oil has covered all the underbody of the car even coming out from behind the heat shields near diff. Saying that you did the ccv 5 years ago that means it may need doing again especially on cars that drive short distances.
  14. amazighman

    Misfire mystery

    Try cable shack on this forum
  15. amazighman

    Misfire mystery

    Inpa should give you live data how these sensors behave. They should switch fairly quickly from lean to rich and visa versa between 0.10 to 0.90 ish... Anything more or if values arent changing then they are dead, this is for pre cat sensors.