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  1. amazighman

    Central locking intermittent

    Super, thank you dan
  2. amazighman

    Central locking intermittent

    My problem seems worse on warm days, at nights and on cold days all works fine most of the time. Does anyone have a good diy link to replacing front door lock actuator?
  3. amazighman

    530i SE rear springs recommendations?

    What height is the height of an se rear spring?
  4. Hi all. Amongst many things that are going wrong with my E39 530i se are the rear shocks OEM Sachs, one is weeping and i assume it has had it. I would stick to Sachs replacement shocks but i have a dilemma choosing the right spring. I am not sure about the height nor the shape. I looked at KYB springs and kilen as i dont want to spend mega monies but i cant decide which is the correct setup. Any help is much appreciated
  5. amazighman

    Front axle suspension service

    MEYLE HD thrust arm are very good indeed and more durable than the originals as they have upgraded bushings. Other standard Meyle suspension parts are quite good too and prices are good. I bought a set of Meyle HD thrust arms for 80 quid from Ebay. Yes you can buy the lots in one go, there are plenty of good sellers like C3BMW or BMWmotormec who have a good reputation. Check this out ,full Meyle front suspension arms set: https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E39-5-Series-520-523-525-528-530-Complete-Front-Axle-Track-Control-Arm-Set/273191856318?epid=6005996117&hash=item3f9b80e8be:g:~Z8AAOSwrwxZ3qqY
  6. amazighman

    540i Touring Auto sale/purchase prices

    Sad thing that this fantastic car was killed by a reckless driver rather than old age or poor maintenance. Maybe you should consider an Import E39, No rust and obviously better condition all around.
  7. amazighman

    E39 2.5d Estate Sill replacement

    Keep us posted ,We like to see diy challenges
  8. amazighman

    Wheel arch gap - missing trim?

    Good time to check for rust , i noticed you have some corrosion on one of your pictures
  9. Those issues are easy to fix and not expensive , cooling system will need overhaul like Dan said simple job if u can diy. Another thing is Waxoyl, if you want that car to remain rust free .
  10. amazighman

    Central locking intermittent

    I guess the actuator is at fault, as it seems to struggle to close the door, but I have another issue, my Keyfob doesnt always work, sometimes it is fine for few times , sometimes i have to try multiple times before it locks everything. Would inpa show any errors? What could be the issue? This my only fob and it is used regularly so it is charged , my spare fob seems like been tampered with and doesn't work
  11. amazighman

    Bmw e39 530i thrust arm replacement questions?

    I figured out my thrust arm bushings are worn by using a pry bar, there was a lots of play, after removal the bushes were split in various places. I will replace lower control arms, anti roll bar bushes, drop links this month, next month I would do the tie rods, if it is still knocking i will do the top strut mounts which i think it is better to fit a new shocks and springs and will be job well done , just sachs shocks are pricey , found online from Germany with top mounts for little over 200 quid.Not sure if Meyle shocks are good as they dont look they are aluminum as they are black In all honesty what could i expect, the car is 18 years old
  12. amazighman

    Bmw e39 530i thrust arm replacement questions?

    I jacked the car up and rocked the wheels trying to see if there is any excessive movement. Nothing found except a little side way play in the tie rods which i think it is the free play in steering lock.
  13. amazighman

    Bmw e39 530i thrust arm replacement questions?

    My track rod ends look a bit shabby but rubber on balljoint looks fine, i ll replace them for good measure not expensive to buy. Not sure about top mounts though but i think the knock is coming from bottom of the car.
  14. amazighman

    Bmw e39 530i thrust arm replacement questions?

    Injabe replaced the thrust arms., shaking is gone and car handles like it should. Only thing left is a slight knock noise when I press the brakes... I might be a track rod end or a tie rod not sure, any ideas?
  15. amazighman

    Rust above bumper

    Definitely it will slow it down a lots as rust will not be in contact with moisture and air .