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  1. Mirror cover removal help

    Found one from 999 autos who specializes in car mirrors , was like 21 quid plus postage.
  2. Arch clip needed

    Cheers. Certainly worth buying these rather that going to BMW dealers as they may well charge few quid for it.
  3. Mirror cover removal help

    Cheers. Just figured it out because mine the tabs were broken and somebody out silicone sealant in there which made removal difficult. I need advice to buy a replacement, mine is 20.5 cm length folding type. Anyone knows any links?
  4. Mirror cover removal help

    I have removed the glass , i could see about 4 Philips screws one each coerner
  5. Mirror cover removal help

    Hello guys. My mirror cover /housing is cracked and have seen few replacements online but i cant remove it, i did remove the mirror glass as it was old and got new replacement, i cant see an obvious way to remove the back mirror cover. Thx
  6. Arch clip needed

    Sweeet , cheers Dan and Clav you are stars
  7. Arch clip needed

    They are all like the one on the link you posted except for one each side that is l shaped as it clips onto the bumper first and then the arch liner attached to it
  8. Arch clip needed

    Hi chaps. I am looking for a u clip that holds the front arch liner to the front bumper ,it is like L shape and attaches to front bumper and then the arch liner screws into it. Please see pic Any ideas or part numbers?
  9. E39 530d Titan Silver Breaking

    I need a door rubber seal that goes into the body shell for the front door. Pm price and ways to pay
  10. Washer bottle cap required,

    I managed to buy a black cap of ebay for 6.50 inc shipping, second hand but fits perfectly
  11. Angel eyes upgrade to xenon

    Does anybody know the correct size self tapping screws to hold the Genuine BMW ballast bracked onto the halogen lamp, i see few pre drilled holes,could anyone shed some light on this? I got a genuine BMW ballast set, a bulb holder and HID bulbs as per DAN recommendation, also bought a HID error canceller just in case.... Thx
  12. Washer bottle cap required,

    Here you go, few of us knew condoms can be that useful ,except top gear once in Bolivia
  13. Fading in and out interior lights, speedo, radio

    Like said get a multimeter, voltage when engine off will tell you how good your battery is charged. Voltage when engine is on will tell you the alternator output, ideally it should be between 13.8-14.7 or so any less it is the culprit. Also with engine on turn on everything you can like aircon ,blower, main beam ,dipped radio etc and check again, alternator should keep up and voltage should still be in those figures above
  14. Fading in and out interior lights, speedo, radio

    I don't know much about your E39s previous problems but my first suggestions would be to check your battery and alternator health with a multimeter , alternators in these cars do tend to fail and as they try to charge the battery the voltage isnt enough to keep up hence you get flickering and warning lights
  15. Angel eyes upgrade to xenon

    Cheers DAN much appreciated i wonder if those error cancellers will do the job fine instead of coding Does the genuine BMW ballast bracket fit to the back of the Non Xenon angel eye headlamp with no modifications?