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  1. Probably a silly, simple question...

    Sorted. I'd assumed the two trip counters were the same, but finally found the setting to set up like yours Jo. Mystery solved - many thanks everyone!
  2. Probably a silly, simple question...

    Now that is interesting! As yes, that is exactly 10,000km.
  3. Probably a silly, simple question...

    Quite! And it's c. 800miles ago, so 1.5 tanks, so I can't see quite what I did either. If it'd been when I refuelled, perhaps you could see how I may have inadvertently done something. You start also going a little paranoid. So my Connected BMW app started playing up at the same time, so in my head I'm starting to confuse cause and effect. The app connects, it collects some data, but then says I need an active subscription to work. Yet won't stop sending (I've turned it off multiple times) an address to the car every time I get in it...which only works with a subscription! So you can see from the pic that it connected to get my fuel level, yet it doesn't know the status of my windows. Thankfully it knows the sunroof is shut....particularly as I don't have a sunroof. So I do wonder whether its a software glitch somewhere. If it were a laptop, I'd have rebooted by now!
  4. Probably a silly, simple question...

    Thanks chaps. Yes, will post a picture next time and I remember - it's too far and too cold to go do now! A trip might make sense, except it's been on 6213 for about a week (didn't look just now). I reset the trip on the instrument panel every time I fill up so I wonder if I managed to reset it in a different way...? The other thought was whether it was counting the miles traveled using the navigation. I'll also go investigate the trip computer settings - I didn't think to look there! Cheers!
  5. ....but to which I can't obviously find an answer. And probably doesn't matter anyhow, but now it's in my head... On the centre console, under "My Vehicle", third icon down, there is an icon that looks like a bed. What is it? At first I thought it was showing the total miles driven, as the other two are average speed and mpg (I assume). But. It hasn't changed for three or four days, and it now about 800 miles lower than the trip says. It can't be distance to service as it's going up not down. I've had a flick through the manual (only about 15mins) but I can't see any reference. My one guess is that it's the distance on eco...? Only because the numbers would align. But then why isn't it going up everyday?
  6. Sport Seats Uncomfortable

    Love it. I shall now describe myself as slim, but just looking after some weight for the local curry house
  7. Sport Seats Uncomfortable

    You're not alone, though I had thought this was a height issue (I'm very tall) - my first here: was discussing exactly what you describe, though for me it was more in the hips and bum. I did eventually get the seat in the right position and since then it's been fine. Could I tell you how...? Nope. I wish I'd been more systematic as struggling to get it quite right again after the cleaner had been in it. Indeed, I'm seriously considering memory seats next time purely so once I've got the right position I'll always be able to find it again!! That said, I'd agree, seating position is slightly higher, slightly flatter than in previous cars. The wallet out of the back pocket is a top tip. May not solve your issue, but did make a difference for me. Fingers crossed that you solve it
  8. Where do you put your iPhone?

    I got those extra sockets but I didn't spec them, nor were charged for them. But then I didn't get the twin adapter but I'm glad it's this way round!
  9. Where do you put your iPhone?

    Umm. I hate to break it to you...I think you may have payed £45 for the adapter. I didn't order, and I have a 12v socket...
  10. Where do you put your iPhone?

    I find it a little fiddly to get at the from cubby hole so I put my 8 in the centre console. I have a twin usb converter in the cigarette socket so leave a cable permanently. I also find the sat nav to be a little quirky, so for long journeys and/or new territory I use my tomtom as well which I use the usb in the front cubby for. They rarely agree on arrival time, but Thomas does seem to be more accurate, and BMW very optimistic (usually says at least 20mins quicker, but never has been). It also has the advantage of showing me the speed limits.
  11. G30 520d

    I have g30 520d msport. After 7k, I'm getting c.42mpg. 95%+ in eco mode. Journeys tend to be short (1 mile), or longish (50m+). Generally cruise control at any speed above 50. The car did, for a few trips, show 50-55mpg but doesn't seem to like the cold, so now currently 36-40mpg
  12. iPhone playlists

    This has been driving me nuts too, but looking on other forums, it seems to have been a known fault with BMWs for awhile. Most often mine says that there are no artists to list. It doesn't respect the lists when it does work. Bluetooth has a lag (c. 3 seconds). And usually but always starts with the alphabetically first song it finds. On the plus side (I'm being ironic here) the iPhone connection does a better job than the Music Collection. It seems really niggley thing to say - but given no other music device I've ever owned has ever given me even one issue, so I don't understand how! Android users - do you have issues too? I'm aware that iTunes isn't the best, so that might be causing some issues...?
  13. Interior Colour Choice

    I have Sophisto on mine. I don't think it ever looks black, but does look darker when dirty/at night. But clean/in sunlight, does look to have a mild undertone of blue. It's kinda grey...but not grey. I rejected it as a colour originally in the show room, but instantly chose it when I saw it outside in sunlight. Very happy with my choice!
  14. Does Running-in really affect my MPGs

    I've got a 520D, and have been a little disappointed with the mpg. Or rather, I've probably have been OK with it until you see what they say it should be doing! I'd describe my driving as 90% eco, with the odd burst of middle-age crisis I actually enjoy the smoothness of eco versus comfort. It seems a little random. Example. It's currently on 38mpg, for the trip from Antwerp to north London, doing a steady 70/75 mph. The trip to London to Folkestone it nudged 52pmg, doing about 60 on average. The trip from Aachen towards Maastrict (Autobahn...hehehehe), albeit only 30km at 130mph ...c.47mpg. Now admittedly the latter I'd expect the mpg to fall off rapidly if I'd gone much further at even close to that speed. Over the 5,000 miles it says I'm averaging about 42mpg. For a car that size, and with all the kit, and all the fun I've had, I don't think that's bad. Not great, just not bad. My conclusions are: - Sport mode kills the mpg (duhhhh!) - The conditions play a big part - my hypothesis is that the more it's doing (wipers, heaters, seat heating, lights, etc) actually make a really tangible difference, as does the weather. It may sound stupid but it doesn't seem to like wind! However, I don't have a regular commute to check this - Cruise control is relaxing but unless you're a disciplined driver - and to your question, ...4,000 miles. That's when I saw a noticeable improvement in mpg. Until then I'd never exceeded 46mpg, whereas I have (briefly) nudged 56mpg now. My question is whether the fuel makes a difference. I've stopped using supermarket since I got this car, but would a premium diesel make any difference...?
  15. BTW, I should say I googled a fair bit before posting and the "problem" has appeared on many other forums...but with no answer. Some er great helpful comments from them including "delete the first song in your playlist then it can't play it", "delete all the music on your phone" and "buy a new car". Er, no, no and no!