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  1. G Whizz

    Google maps finally

    Waze and Google Maps being available would be a significant improvement on the built-in sat nav. I've been using my trusted TomTom & Waze for long/busy journeys as the built in RTTI is just too laggy. Is carplay something you can just buy and it'll magically be turned on, or does it require something more significant?
  2. G Whizz

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    I was fairly sure I did but you may well be right - can't honestly remember, and can't log in to check. Anyone else not able to get on the portal? (It remember my login but then just hangs on a spinning blue circle)
  3. G Whizz

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    Which I have (the portal doesn't seem to be working currently to show you what I have). But my screen looks like this:
  4. G Whizz

    What Can I Do With 'Connected Drive'?

    Is that on an Android? Not only do I not get the majority of those, my screen doesn't even look like that?!
  5. G Whizz

    Adblue refill

    I wrote a similar post a few weeks ago where I said the same. Bless the guy in Halfords. He stopped me buying couple of small bottles and asked what car I had and how many miles. When I said he said pretty much guarantee it'll take at least 10 litres. He was right!
  6. G Whizz

    Heated Seats

    Mine certainly get hot - on all but the coldest day, I have to turn it down a notch because almost too hot. Not had them before to be able to compare though.
  7. I have Sophisto Grey - I like it. When clean (pretty rare ) and sunny it's almost dark blue/purple. I'd agree with the HUD - its generally pretty good. But as before, check previous threads. If you spec just the HUD (as opposed to the considerably more expensive package that includes it), it removes the speed limit info not just from the HUD but also the main map. Given your mileage, I'm guessing you go to places you're less familiar with and so maybe something that irritates you. Like it does me! Given the car is approximately 4 miles long, surprised no one has suggested the reversing camera. I'm actually debating the 360 system next time, given some of the very tight car parks I have to go to occasionally for work.
  8. G Whizz

    Do I need to pay extra for Apple car play

    Is that just Spotify? Or anything played through idrive? I can only change tracks, not fast forward, can't see length of track (they're all mp3s).
  9. G Whizz

    No confidence at high speed

    Quite a few others around too. My daughter started learning to drive at 15/5-16 on Bovingdon Airfield, though I don't think they do private hires anymore. Their neighbours do though I believe: http://www.runwaysfarm.co.uk/. I've been to another farm about 5 miles away to do go karting as well, towards Bourne End. Essex way, there was one near Duxford that Rally driving days (my brother did years ago). One thing to note/ask is how often they swept/maintained the runway - seen a few others in a shocking state. Even though it was someone elses car, we walked away once given how many big stones and potholes there were - just a little too dodgy without the right safety equipment. And when you think I'm being a wuss, some one the potholes were an inch deep, ....and some went over my welly...
  10. G Whizz

    520D Mileages

    Just got 750 from a tank - hurrah! 10,000 miles does seem to have been the magic turning point. One side note. I filled up the tank 1/2m from where I was staying, and reset the trip mpg. What was curious (ok, it was a long journey with the kids with their headphones on and I was bored!) is that the two mpg counters, which should have been the same, were consistently 2-5mpg different for the entire 300m trip.
  11. G Whizz

    Adblu tank size

    Lol. I'll ask why the sun roof won't open. Currently my Connected BMW isn't sure I even have windows... It's only when I got the warning msg that I learnt that when it runs out, the car simply won't start. The AA say they get c20,000 AdBlue related call outs a year! I did some googling, and the estimates for usage vary wildly - Audi says an A4 says 12 litres every 6k miles, Peugeot every 12k. One company - admittedly selling AdBlue says: "G30 - Annual consumption of Adblue based on 20k per annum is approx 30 litres of Adblue. "
  12. G Whizz

    Adblu tank size

    I've just hit 14,000 miles and just added 10 litres of AdBlue - and it still says it wants another litre?!
  13. G Whizz

    Anybody Planning to keep G30 52OD long term?

    An interesting and timely thread - just was talking about this yesterday. I think I'll roll over to a new PCP deal, but I think I'll need to take into account a number of factors. I only put in a small amount in cash as my deposit - my old car was the rest, and they gave me substantially more than it was worth (I suspect accidentally though!). I then got a good discount over list - I think 19% from memory, but there have been various threads on what to expect. I've been told that Q1 deals are better than Q4 deals, and certainly the current 0% interest looks to be a better deal than the 3.9% I'm on. So I think it'll be a timing issue for me then, as I want to minimize the amount of money I put in, but keep low monthly payments. | plan to try and track the deals next year so when they come a-calling in the final third of my 4 year contract, I'll have an idea of when would be best...? Or am I overthinking/simplifying it...?
  14. G Whizz

    Just ordered my new G30 (photos)

    I set the trip on the main dash every time I fill the tank (I tend to wait till it starts shouting at me and fill it to the brim), and now have the centre console to do on a trip basis
  15. G Whizz

    520D Mileages

    If coasting was smart, fine. But the random nature of it suddenly slowing down 4 or 5 miles an hour in the fast lane drove me nuts to be honest. The number of times I went to go past a car, pull a long side, and then go backwards... If I could tweak it - say downhill only, and no more than 1 or 2 mph, fine, but I don't believe you can. In terms of the aircon and heating, again, just too much up and down. No point in having paid for heated seats if the car turns them off. In reality I tend to turn them on and off selectively depending on them on the weather, the traffic etc