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  1. G Whizz

    Time to Change the Company Car

    Complete aside. I completely misread this and thought it said panto roof. Whole new meaning - It's returned! Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is! Delirious in Herts
  2. G Whizz

    Real world mpg and range

    520D 10k on the clock Current tank - 34.5mpg (lots of short journeys, coupled with a slightly longer mad dash) Usually 42ish Best full tank - 47 (I think) Best temporary (50mph average speed camera check...) 54
  3. G Whizz

    Reverse Camera G30

    I'd agree. Currently no map upgrade since new, connected drive has a mind of its own, the app on the other hand has no mind at all (currently its unsure whether I have a car), very occasionally the whole console display goes black for 2 minutes before turning back on, mirrors sometimes randomly fold/don't unfold, reversing camera will occasionally not come on, switching driving modes requires 4 or 5 pushes of the button... And more. Don't get me wrong - lovely, lovely car, but I'd expect at this price point for it to be flawless.
  4. G Whizz

    Diesel - full tank range thread

    Blimey. I'm a long way off that. Last trip over 100 miles. Cruise control, eco, 70mph on the nose, no traffic - 48mpg (so 650ish). Ordinarily (mix of a few miles and 10-20 miles) nearer 40. Oh - we should have done a Cornish cruise - I was there over Easter too!
  5. G Whizz

    Diesel - full tank range thread

    I'd be interested to know how the mileage varies depending on setting - eco vs comfort, cruise vs non, and combinations of etc. I don't have a regular commute (ok, technically it's "just downstairs") so I can't tell. Anyone up for a little experiment...? My own feeling is that the cruise control is fractionally worse, but only because I can see the conditions and can adjust accordingly.
  6. G Whizz

    Delivery mile G31's - 30% off!!

    I think you need to ignore list price. An earlier thread suggested that most people have got at least 17% off list and one person said they got 24% of a G31. That makes the car nearer £30k. Wasn't clear whether included dealer contribution either, so could be lower still. £28k potentially isn't that good even for cash. Agreed. You've got to do your sums correctly, and also know what you want to do at the end. PCP is effectively/crudely paying for the depreciation on the car. If you want to keep the car long term, you could still better off doing PCP, and at the end getting a bank loan at a lower APR, for a lower cost, after you factor in the PCP APR and dealer contribution.
  7. G Whizz

    G31 530dx

    I hear you! Once it's in your head... My imagined explanation was far more scientific - they were pressure pads so you knew the exact spot to park in!
  8. G Whizz

    G31 530dx

    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing, looks very nice. Apart from being nosey, and having a good look round your garage, I was also wondering about the carpets. What's the thinking behind them? To protect the tyres or the garage floor?
  9. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    That's very helpful, thanks, and makes perfect sense. I don't think I'll be quite that far over the mileage, but trying to identify what my options are and what they might cost me, and to have a mild idea. For example, if I was going to keep the car (unlikely, but being thorough), I'd need to have the cash or card ready in advance. My inclination was to not worry too much about the negative equity, and that seems to support it. The curve ball was whether both the PCP market and 2nd hand diesel markets might collapse in the intervening period (so approximately Feb 2020), and whether they may take a harder line. I guess that'll in turn be down to what the next car might be. I feel another spreadsheet coming on
  10. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    This is why I asked as I'm heading well over my contract mileage. It's not clear from what you wrote what happened - did you end up at the CarWow number (more or less), or did they factor in the equity as well? I'm tired, so this maybe a dippy question - I'm assuming that the old car didn't count towards/in the deal? I think I plan to try to renew in q1 as the dealer contributions are highest then I believe, and won't have a trade in to add to it. Last time they paid well over the odds for my old car (long story) so that helped significantly as well.
  11. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    Related topic. I've generally kept my cars, so when I get close to the end of my PCP, it will be new territory for me. How does it work in practice? I assume you get to negotiate price all over again...? Or do they have a little more power in that you're at least committed to that brand? Are the discounts we're talking about achievable..? I ask as there seemed to be bigger dealer contributions available at the start of the financial year, while received wisdom would suggest year end, when they need to make targets, is the best time. Or is that all just a red herring?
  12. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    I don't disagree with anything you've written, but I think we're talking about slightly different things. I was talking average profit on a car for the dealership. That's after he's paid everything - heating, car insurance, bonuses, salary, franchise cost, rent, electricity - and umbrellas for special customers . So ((total revenue from new sales)- (total costs from new sales))/total number of new sales. Note that when they accept a trade in it's not revenue for them, but an asset (crudely a cost till sold, and then the profit goes to used car sales). The amount of margin also obviously varies on the list price of the car - even if we assume that there is a fixed rate of x%, obviously the margin on the bottom end (where he operates) is lower than the top end. It's a US article, but this sheds some light : https://www.edmunds.com/car-buying/where-does-the-car-dealer-make-money.html
  13. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    A good friend had two car dealership franchises, neither of which would ever be company car choice or particularly premium. He said years ago he generally made a little money on new sales, but the real money was always on the aftermarket - spares, servicing etc. Typically £400 a car, but costs were covered by meeting sales targets. They kept the dealerships mainly to win this more valuable business. The challenge he faced was that dealers generally have to invest on the look of the showroom, and which are generally in spots where you'd frankly earn more money selling to a property developer. When sales fell, he handed back the first franchise and they weren't surprised. The second... a lot of hard bargaining, and the brand actually paid him, irrespective of sales targets, to keep the franchise. As he pointed out, there is no point doing TV ads etc if there is then nowhere to buy it. He's now shutting that business too, despite the large increase they are offering. BTW, his view is that new sales, particularly post brexit, will fall off a cliff and that PCP is a credit bubble waiting to burst.
  14. G Whizz

    Discounts on new

    It does vary - I did quite a bit of research across a number of the players. It varies depending on how they're doing, but also on the model - I saw a 6% difference in discount depending on which model you went for. The 520d SE generally got the lowest. Comparing them was a bit of a minefield too - some would only offer discounts on certain options, or if you spent x on options, so the list made a difference. The dealer was joint lowest on options pricing At that time (May 2018) the offers were in order of price low to high for my specific spec were: DriveTheDeal, Coast2Coast Cars, Broadspeed, autoebid, car wow 1, car wow 2, There was a £2,500 spread between top and bottom. Note two car wows - I used a different location for where I was based (using a different email address) and got a £600 difference. I didn't speak or haggle with any of them as I used that to get my dealer close enough, got it agreed...and then asked for the PCP and the contribution. Negotiation took 20 minutes, because I showed them my spreadsheets, my annotated emails... my geekiness probably scared them I think ultimately you have to go in with an idea with what you're happy with. I probably could have got a few hundred more off, and I suspect several here did better than me, but feel I did my best.
  15. G Whizz

    Running in

    I explicitly asked and the dealer said it was a thing of the past. Then said what Monkeyfinger said about breaks and mentioned mileage improves after c4,000 miles. Sounds a lot like running in to me