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  1. G Whizz

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    Thanks @carrman Can confirm the passenger now definitely dips in reverse!
  2. G Whizz

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    Slight update. So the garage still hasn't got back to me and the HUD/SLI - hopefully I'll get chance to ring them today or mail my contact instead. However, I did notice something yesterday. When I reverse into a spot, I tend to use the camera or look out the windows. But yesterday was in a tight spot so used the passenger mirror as well. Put it in reverse....and the mirror dipped! It didn't seem to do it when I got home, but I'd fiddled with the mirror position etc by then. For those of you who have the dipping mirror option, do you have to so something in particular to activate it? I'll then go and see if this reprogramming has now added this. On a separate note, the long weekend run seems to suggests that the reprogramming has resulted in higher mpg for lower speed short runs, and slightly lower longer range runs (42 and 52 respectively), but will need to do a few of my usual runs to really tell.
  3. G Whizz

    530D - Buyers Regret

    One question perhaps is current mileage. I was disappointed with my mpg, and particularly compared to other who drive cars of similar ages. However, once I hit 11k-12k miles, there was a noticeable uptick in mpg. 8 months ago I was getting 42-44 on my Nottingham run - now I can nudge 56-58. Warmer weather helps of course but it's not just that. So looking at when you joined, it'd be interesting to see if you see an improvement in the next say 6 months ...?
  4. G Whizz

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    @Bickers1972 It's still on the first version when I got the car - 2017-2. Spooky. I moan, and connected drive miraculously works again the very next day - at least I can have ago at a manual update. Side bar question to all. I had wondered about the Apple Update given Waze etc. But it's showing as unavailable to my car. I'm assuming that means it can't be done OTA rather than it can't be done at all?
  5. G Whizz

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    I'll double check, but I did try while I was sat in traffic on the way home, and didn't spot anything different. I'm going to drop the garage a note and see what they say. On another note, they were unable to update my maps. They said I have to untick something ("automatic updates") in Connected Drive. When I said I can't access and they don't reply to emails, they said. I wasn't the first to say this... I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and ring them.
  6. G Whizz

    New G30 owner - 530E picked up last week

    Welcome! Very nice indeed - love the colour (yes, same as mine :-) ) Have to say I like the black wheels - I may have to remember that for next time! MPG - you'll see many threads on this, but 50mpg out the gate is a good going, and likely to only get better - mine ticked up at 12,000 miles, and warm weather helps too.
  7. G Whizz

    HUD 3 lines/dots - what are they?

    Spooky. I was just about to post exactly the same question. Mine went in for it's first service yesterday and has the same thing. Interestingly at first they said (after I dropped it off) that they'd need it for two days for "programming". I gave them my best Paddington Bear stare and miraculously it was done by 5pm. They were very vague about what this programming was for. Within 30 seconds on leaving the dealer I noticed the dots. I'm going to ask where my speed limit display is (not that I had ever ordered it :-) ) and see what happens! I also noticed - I thought - that the gear change felt much smoother and the throttle was a touch more responsive. I note this morning that the service doc says "Carried out gear selector switch programming session - Warranty". This would seem to support my initial feeling, but anyone any insight as to what this actually is?
  8. G Whizz

    Muting calls...?

    Ahh! I rarely look at the call screen so not noticed. Perfect! Many thanks
  9. G Whizz

    Muting calls...?

    Jeepers - the call will have finished before I have unmuted myself if I have to do that every time! Thanks though, and hoping someone will say, easy, you just toggle this switch...?
  10. G Whizz

    Muting calls...?

    Got a couple of conference calls coming up where I'll be in the car and mainly be listening. It occurred to me that I've never tried to mute my phone whilst driving. While I've only had a brief look, it doesn't seem obvious. Anyone know...? Cheers!
  11. G Whizz

    MSport Seats

    I had to pull over on the hard shoulder, take pain killers and get the OH to drive. I couldn't walk properly for about 36 hours. Yes, not in the same league as what you suggest, but yes, I feel that's uncomfortable.
  12. G Whizz

    MSport Seats

    I had this at first - it's very much about getting the position right. YMMV, but I found that angling the seat helped significantly. My theory was that all my weight was going straight down on to my hips rather being more supported. It took several weeks of adjusting, given I had to factor in my height (I'm 6'5"), and I came from a manual SUV (and therefore a very different driving position).
  13. G Whizz

    Climate Control Panel - why are there two?

    Conclusive proof of how tired I am at the moment. I looked at the bottom picture and thought jeepers, that's ridiculously hot!!! Then realised it's of course in Fahrenheit not Celsius. Doh
  14. G Whizz

    BMW Connected Drive portal is a bit flaky

    I've not been able to get on the Connected Drive portal for weeks now - I think it must be ab issue with my profile, rather than technology. I've emailed them twice, with no response. When I get chance, going to ring them
  15. G Whizz

    Google maps finally

    My initial ETA is always ...optimistic shall we say. Trip to Cornwall was estimated to be 90 minutes quicker than TomTom, Google and Waze said, who were covered by a 10 minute spread. In my highly unscientific experiments, the ETA doesn't start increasing until the final third of a journey.