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  1. Audio & iPods 540i

    Interesting. I'm having similar problems but with an iphone 6 - it's just slowwwwwwww to respond, particularly when connecting by bluetooth and for the first 5 minutes. I'd say 30 secs to play the first track, a lag of 2 to 3 seconds when changing track? Happens with my daughters 7 too. My conclusion was that the car was loading all the metadata first - which, when it's 4,000+ contacts and 40+gb of music ... It's definitely something to do with the car as I stream at home, connect to other cars etc with no noticeable lag at all. the HD is much better, but is a little clunky in places. Bonus question. Anyone figure how to stop it automatically playing the first song alphabetically on teh first play list when you connect? Anarchy in the UK at 5am is a little antisocial.. I've ended up turning the volume off to connect and select! And before anyone says it..yes, I know First World Problems!
  2. Boot mat recommendation?

    Thanks guys. The one I've been looking at claims to be a genuine mat for a G30 - £99 off Amazon, but no reviews.Once I realised Cotswolds wasn't the outdoor shop, I started thinking I may just end up going to my local dealer. DinDan - I very nearly chose the G31 instead - do like the shape of it!
  3. Joining the gang

    Yep. All the time! It actually put a small child in hospital... We live in a quiet side road, and not much I can do until the children move out. Parking is then a fine art - the Fiesta is 1" from the garage door and we can now do it without thinking or hitting. And mine is 3" from the Fiesta!
  4. Boot mat recommendation?

    I thinking about getting a boot mat. Before I go off and research, anyone got any recommendations? I'm thinking Amazon is my friend? Anything I should be aware of?
  5. Joining the gang

    No, I didn't look at comfort seats. I had a test car for 24hours, and did a mix of driving, but nothing more than an hour. It was only after driving for an hour I discovered the issue. I got there finally but still can't figure how i ended up with the right position! I didn't go for the lumbar support either - that was on the test car, but was unsurprisingly not close to where my lumbar needed supporting.
  6. Joining the gang

    Here we go! Needs a good clean And you can tell my height by the fact the drivers seat is in the back of the car!
  7. Joining the gang

    Same height, so you know exactly what I mean! The seat felt very comfortable from the get go. It was more after an hour or so that when I got out, my hips ached terribly (I'm young by the way before there are any cheeky remarks about being old like my children made!). It's been a matter of finding the optimum level of tilt for the seat and the back. All good now - 6 hr drive and all was fine when I got out
  8. Joining the gang

    Thank you! Just loving it, although still figuring out how some things work, and definitely better now I've finally managed to get the seat into a comfortable position (I'm a very tall guy - it's a struggle in most cars, rather than specifically this car). Whilst, like others, I'm still waiting for the fuel efficiency to finally kick in (currently hit the heady heights of 41mpg after 2 hours in eco pro on cruise control!), it was such a comfortable car to drive. Particularly enjoyed just how quiet the car is - almost spooky at times! I actually like driving it in eco - makes it such a smooth ride.
  9. Joining the gang

    Thanks! Yup, thought I'd find the HUD a gimmick on car I borrowed for an extended test drive, but really find it useful. But it's a bit like the folding seats. One of minor gripes I was going to list was that it's a little "nickel and dime" to charge extra just to turn on the speed limit info or to fold seats! A few £s extra, fine, but it's a big leap up to have it. Yet other things are standard that I'd expect to pay for. Hey ho - swings and roundabouts!
  10. Joining the gang

    Hi guys, Finally stopped lurking, and finally joined and posting! I took delivery August 4th (ordered June 18th) of a 520d M-Sport, bought on PCP. The heart cried 530d, but sadly the wallet/head took over - next time! Got a great deal on the car though I think (if I haven't, please don't burst my bubble and tell me ). Used Broadspeed, DTD, Coastal Cars etc to get the dealer to give a good cash price - they initially pushed back, and then saw my detailed spreadsheet, and within 5 minutes, matched the price, no quibbles. I then lumbered them with, sorry, traded-in, my old car that had a death rattle. (But they never even started the car to know that...). It's sophisto grey with Black Dakota leather with blue stitching. Option light for me this time: Reversing Assist camera Sun protection glass Split-folding rear seats Exterior Mirrors - folding with anti-dazzle Head-up Display I'll post soon some initial impressions about life so far, 3,000 miles in, but suffice to say, love it, love it, love it. Long time since I could buy a new car but without the usual constraints of choice, so spent a long time choosing (and had fun doing so!). Definitely think I made the right choice - any observations then are niggles than complaints. Cheers!