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  1. Does Running-in really affect my MPGs

    I've got a 520D, and have been a little disappointed with the mpg. Or rather, I've probably have been OK with it until you see what they say it should be doing! I'd describe my driving as 90% eco, with the odd burst of middle-age crisis I actually enjoy the smoothness of eco versus comfort. It seems a little random. Example. It's currently on 38mpg, for the trip from Antwerp to north London, doing a steady 70/75 mph. The trip to London to Folkestone it nudged 52pmg, doing about 60 on average. The trip from Aachen towards Maastrict (Autobahn...hehehehe), albeit only 30km at 130mph ...c.47mpg. Now admittedly the latter I'd expect the mpg to fall off rapidly if I'd gone much further at even close to that speed. Over the 5,000 miles it says I'm averaging about 42mpg. For a car that size, and with all the kit, and all the fun I've had, I don't think that's bad. Not great, just not bad. My conclusions are: - Sport mode kills the mpg (duhhhh!) - The conditions play a big part - my hypothesis is that the more it's doing (wipers, heaters, seat heating, lights, etc) actually make a really tangible difference, as does the weather. It may sound stupid but it doesn't seem to like wind! However, I don't have a regular commute to check this - Cruise control is relaxing but unless you're a disciplined driver - and to your question, ...4,000 miles. That's when I saw a noticeable improvement in mpg. Until then I'd never exceeded 46mpg, whereas I have (briefly) nudged 56mpg now. My question is whether the fuel makes a difference. I've stopped using supermarket since I got this car, but would a premium diesel make any difference...?
  2. BTW, I should say I googled a fair bit before posting and the "problem" has appeared on many other forums...but with no answer. Some er great helpful comments from them including "delete the first song in your playlist then it can't play it", "delete all the music on your phone" and "buy a new car". Er, no, no and no!
  3. I've not tried connecting it via a cable, so only can talk about under BT. lol64 - I don't think it's #3 as I have no restrictions turn on in the first place! I'll experiment some more. And I may go wild. Yunno. Find and read the manual. (the onboard one is of no use)
  4. Thanks Farzad. We've had this issue on IOS 10 & 11, and on 6, 7 & 8s. I think this happened with an Android too but not sure. But to me it does suggest that it's the car (or my too high expectations!). Or there is an issue between the drivers seat and the steering wheel! I'm in the process of moving music across - I have far more than will fit, so have been selecting as I go, and have bought a usb stick that is essentially the same size. Here I discover another issue. Some tracks, but not all, are getting uploaded every time I plug the stick in - I now have 4 copies of a few tracks. It also doesn't read some of the tags so also need to see what tag system & versions it supports (this is a fairly common issue across music devices so not a biggie). As a result, I'm holding and fully loading the stick, then will wipe and start over. However, I won't be loading podcasts so would still like to connect " Have you set your system to play music from the iPhone ? " Not knowingly!
  5. A silly one this, but be nice if I could "solve" it. A two part question! 1. When I connect my iPhone - sometimes the car connects it automatically, sometimes not - it changes from the radio (what is usually selected last) to playing my music playlist. Anyway to say "just connect, don't do anything else"? 2. When it connects, regardless of what I played last, it goes to the same playlist (not the last thing I played) and plays the first song that is listed alphabetically. I like Anarchy in the UK, just not at 5am necessarily! Anyway to change the behaviour?
  6. Navigation Information on dash

    Well I never! Many thanks. I wonder what other things I don't know...!
  7. standard vs Loudspeaker system vs HK

    I think it'll be entirely personal and subjective I'm afraid. We test drove a car with the HK and one without. We both got it wrong as to which sounded better and which was the more expensive. But equally too much music has made me a little deaf - I suspect it's probably lost on me, particularly the top end, rather than anything else. One thing I'd note is that the car is ridiculously quiet, even at speed, so I'd be listening for low/mid volume quality. If you sit in the car in a showroom with the doors shut and the windows open, you probably are not far off at the ambient noise you'll be listening at, so a test should be a pretty straight forward thing to do.
  8. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    Lol yes. Similar experience of them as a dealer. And the nightmare of their car park. I went to 2 other Herts based dealers which had pretty good stock and staff - I bought from one of them in the end because of that.
  9. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    That's terrible! Though I experienced it with at least one Audi dealer too. I'd try a different dealer at the very least for the test drives. Where are you based? Whilst I suspect we can't name and shame, we can probably least give factual answers as to who has what stock to look at.
  10. Navigation Information on dash

    Re HUD. Note that unless you buy an extra option (an expensive one at that), if you have HUD it takes off all the speed limits, of all the maps. All the pics on the website and manuals always show it as being part of the package - see attached. I think I'd still choose HUD again, but it feels counter-intuitive to remove it. Though from the pics above, that would seem to be the case as you are already. If I turn HUD off, will I get the directions in the dash then? (I didn't know that was possible - all the test cars had HUD). May need to go experiment tonight!
  11. Audio & iPods 540i

    Interesting. I'm having similar problems but with an iphone 6 - it's just slowwwwwwww to respond, particularly when connecting by bluetooth and for the first 5 minutes. I'd say 30 secs to play the first track, a lag of 2 to 3 seconds when changing track? Happens with my daughters 7 too. My conclusion was that the car was loading all the metadata first - which, when it's 4,000+ contacts and 40+gb of music ... It's definitely something to do with the car as I stream at home, connect to other cars etc with no noticeable lag at all. the HD is much better, but is a little clunky in places. Bonus question. Anyone figure how to stop it automatically playing the first song alphabetically on teh first play list when you connect? Anarchy in the UK at 5am is a little antisocial.. I've ended up turning the volume off to connect and select! And before anyone says it..yes, I know First World Problems!
  12. Boot mat recommendation?

    Thanks guys. The one I've been looking at claims to be a genuine mat for a G30 - £99 off Amazon, but no reviews.Once I realised Cotswolds wasn't the outdoor shop, I started thinking I may just end up going to my local dealer. DinDan - I very nearly chose the G31 instead - do like the shape of it!
  13. Joining the gang

    Yep. All the time! It actually put a small child in hospital... We live in a quiet side road, and not much I can do until the children move out. Parking is then a fine art - the Fiesta is 1" from the garage door and we can now do it without thinking or hitting. And mine is 3" from the Fiesta!
  14. Boot mat recommendation?

    I thinking about getting a boot mat. Before I go off and research, anyone got any recommendations? I'm thinking Amazon is my friend? Anything I should be aware of?
  15. Joining the gang

    No, I didn't look at comfort seats. I had a test car for 24hours, and did a mix of driving, but nothing more than an hour. It was only after driving for an hour I discovered the issue. I got there finally but still can't figure how i ended up with the right position! I didn't go for the lumbar support either - that was on the test car, but was unsurprisingly not close to where my lumbar needed supporting.