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    530d m sport
  1. 530d Starting Issue

    thanks for all the advice . car seems sorted. for anyone looking at the same issues....battery, voltage regulator (on alternator), cleaned ecu onnectors of slight corrosion (under passengers wiper area). pete
  2. 530d Starting Issue

    ordered one. ill monitor the voltage....but like to be belt and braces. thanks
  3. 530d Starting Issue

    can i ask where you got the regulator from seperately?
  4. 530d Starting Issue

    thanks for that, great tip! ill get a meter on the cig lighter and see how i goes driving..... thought undet or over charging would of flagged a fault or at least an alternator dash light though?
  5. 530d Starting Issue

    funny you say that... the problem has now stayed continuously.....so put a jump pack on and it started easy....new battery and all seems good at mo
  6. 530d Starting Issue

    ok so this is not just a starting issue. driving along all electrics seemed to die off causing nearly every ecu fault going and screen to go. car still ran but wouldnt start ...not enough power
  7. 530d Starting Issue

    yep its good as gold .. hasnt even faulted recently. the terminals under the bonnet would make sense ...ill check. thanks
  8. 530d Starting Issue

    Alternator? this is a starting issue....although i wouldnt put it past bmws electronics? could it be related? ibs? is that intrlligent battery sensor...read to just disconnect it?
  9. 530d Starting Issue

    battery earth was ok. do you know where the chassis to engine earth is? Thanks.
  10. 530d Starting Issue

    Hi Please help....purchased a 530d m sport with a starting issue, every now and again it will not have the battery power to start (starter motor clicks, dash flickers , windows are slow etc) it generates lots of faults and has latched the airbag fault ....all other clear from driving.. Googled it to death and it looked like it could be the BST (would explain the airbag light) but removed the cover around the pyrotechnic and all looks good. Removed the scuttle cover and ecu cover and found slight corrosion to the power pins to the connector to the DME, cleaned the ECU and connector with electrical connecotor cleaner and made sure the lid was silicon greased and sealed. Could this cause the issue? the corrosion was so minor and I can understand it causing ecu issues but not battery drain (starter motor issues). The fault is so so intermittent that its hard to know if fixed, runs like a champ 99.9999percent of the time.. Any advice would be great. Pete