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  1. Auto Transmission fluid recommendations

    Might be worth taking to a 'box specialist and have them check the fluid level and reset adaptations first. Fluid changes can be a mixed bag with many biting the dust shortly afterwards. From reading then if the fluid is drained then you never get the full amount out and if it's sucked out then all the crap in the fluid can damaged the solenoids in the mechatronic unit. If you do go for a fluid change then make sure you get the full kit tht includes the fluid, sump and filter. As mentioned first, I'd definitely try the less risky option first
  2. A/C issues

    Going from the beginning; you bought the car and ac wasnt great, had it regassed and it worked for a day. So I'd say that you seem to have a leak. Whoever re-gassed it should pressure test it with negative pressure then positive with nitrogen - was this carried out? Also the dye is UV dye so you need a UV torch to spot small leaks (large ones are obvious without) Once the pressure has dropped then the clutch on the compressor wont engage - it the clutch engaging?
  3. White smoke on start up help please?

    No unfortunately not. The glow plugs are used by the engine when the outside temperature is very cold to pre heat the cylinder (diesel coagulates when very cold) to aid starting or to increase temperature when carrying out a dpf regen. As I've posted before, I honestly think your symptoms are due to a failing turbo. It can still make power and pull hard as the turbine will centralise when on boost, it's the bearing and seal failing causing the noise and the passing of oil causing the smoke. Also in the vid, the smoke is a blueish smoke. I know it looks white but there is a blue tinge indicative of oil burning. When you get white smoke there's no mistaking it - it's as pure as the driven snow and looks like father christmas' big fluffy beard
  4. 530i smoke smell in cabin cold start

    I'd clean it all off properly (remove the undertray and allow all residue to be washed away) and monitor it
  5. Washer bottle

    If that o ring you think is leaking was the case, surely it wouldn't drop too low as it's at the highest point of the bottle? If it's leaking beyond that it would suggest the leak is elsewhere
  6. White smoke on start up help please?

    White smoke on start up could be a number of things. Listening to the sound when you rev it, it sounds like your turbo is goosed. That howl noise is the sound of damaged tips on the turbine blades. The blades can become damaged when the bearing fails allowing movement of the turbine and thus coming into contact with the compressor housing. Once they become damaged, instead of a shrill, clear whistle you get the howl. An aside from the fouling you also get oil passing though and this results in the smoke. Without a thorough investigation it's hard to tell but that's where my money would be placed if I were a betting man.
  7. Black kidney grills - E61

    Looks nice Good to see you didn't opt for those kidney grills with the coloured M stripes!
  8. E60 or F10

    I currently own an E60 535d and an F11 520d SE. It's not fair to compare the performance difference but I can certainly comment on the other aspects. The F10/11 is a lot bigger. A very long car with a lot of interior space. The design, fit and finish of the interior is a lot better in the F car. The F rides like a much bigger car, less eager to change direction but does feel more planted on long, fast bends. The engine noise and refinement again is improved and overall it's a nicer, more comfortable place to be. The downside to all this refinement is that despite being a more relaxing cruiser, its a lot less exciting to drive in terms of steering feel and the general feeling of being more nimble. I prefer my E60 to the F11, but if I were to compare an F11 535d and the E60 535d then I'd probably go for the F11 as it offers more or the space and refinement for an overall every day car. The issue with the F cars is that unless you get a Euro6 (2015 on) then the Euro 5 cars will depreciate a lot more in the coming years. The E60 being Euro 4 is in that price bracket that will appeal to people looking for a cheaper route into BMW diesel and I feel will depreciate less longer term as the prices are already low (sub 10K)
  9. Can you feel your car change down?

    I know it's a well discussed subject, but there's an argument for not having the gearbox oil changed at all. I've read of a few instances where people have carried out a preventative maintenance oil change at great expense (new sump, correct oil and filter) and either the box going bump or changes becoming jerky or not as smooth as prior to change. It's a tough one to judge really. Personally I'd maybe just get the adaptations reset and go from there.
  10. All the issues with the 535d autobox, from what I've read, seem to occur with the pre lci 'box. Were there specific changes made to the 'box or is it more case of being age related?
  11. Can you feel your car change down?

    You will get a very very slight sensation of it changing down if you are looking for it but nothing more than that. If it's lurching to a point it attracts your attention when not actually paying attention to the gear change then that's different to mine. The gearbox learns driving style and develops adaptations for the mechatronic unit. It's a while ago but when I had an X3 auto I wasn't impressed with the gear change and it only had 30k miles - I took it to a gearbox specialist who basically reset the adaptations and took it out for a drive to re learn them. If I remember correctly thais involved a few standing starts using full rev range. It was super smooth after that. Also - I know what it's like when you buy a new car. First week is spent bonding with it then after that you start listening for things, looking for things and making sure everything is 'normal' haha
  12. Have to love the 535d....

    It was the R estate that I looked at so maybe not as conspicuous as the hatch but I agree there are lots of young lads razzing around in them most likely on lease deals
  13. Popped over to the local VW dealership today for a test drive in a new Golf R estate. Good deal being pre reg etc etc. Car looked really smart and the boot was just what I need ie no lip. Then came the test drive; youngish sales chap encouraged my to put my foot down a little to see how well it accelerates. I'm not exaggerating whatsoever but the in gear performance fell way short of the 535d shove. I had to try it a few times just to make sure the 'box was dropping down to a lower gear. I know the R would leave the 535d on the traffic light grand pix but to be honest that's not my thing - too old for that nonsense. For daily driving its the in gear shove that I enjoy. I went with the intent and optimism to buy but the thought of finding 30k to buy it left me cold. My 140k mile car felt in a different league for what I need. So as I suspected if I am to get an estate it's going to have to be an F11 535d unless a nice E61 comes up. So I guess the point of this thread is to sing the praises of these great cars and their storming engines!
  14. Volume on

    Mines go the CIC upgrade too Ill have a look on carly if it can be set
  15. Volume on

    So it does! doh Must have been my son fiddling with the radio! Thanks for the reply anyway