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  1. LSD options for a 535D?

    I had the birds LSD on the 535d I've just sold. It was fitted in 2015 iirc and it was about £2k fitted.
  2. If you have lost coolant then it's likely you have a small pinprick in the rad
  3. Problems with first start in morning

    The issue with the BMW controller is that it's mounted directly below the inlet manifold and the swirl flaps with age leak oil onto it.
  4. Problems with first start in morning

    Changing the controller is a pig of a job. Unless you have hands like a pygmy fiddler then its a manifold off job - even then its a shitter. That said I've got hands like a bunch of bananas
  5. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    As promised just an update. Car was sold today. Thanks for the interest and positive comments. Missing it already!
  6. Frustrating vibration

    It will be an out of round rear wheel causing it
  7. Injection Cleaner

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BG44K-BG-44K-POWER-ENHANCER-PETROL-FUEL-INJECTOR-CLEANER-/172157971581?epid=688841950&hash=item28156a2c7d:g:w44AAOSwjDZYgLz7 Ive used this stuff for years on many cars and find it fantastic
  8. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    I will do. I've had a few PM's since updating the thread asking to get in touch should it not go ahead. I promise to do so and will update this thread accordingly
  9. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    Just an update I'm placing this car as 'provisionally sold' to a forum member. Due to our locations and logistics its not possible to conclude the the sale for a couple of weeks and of course it's subject to viewing etc. If anything changes in the meantime or for some reason the sale doesn't go through then I'll post up and refresh the advert. In the meantime thanks to all for the positive comments
  10. 545i DIY Front Brake Pad and Disc Replacement

    Nice work Andrew It's great you have gone to the time and effort to produce a guide that I'm sure many will benefit from!
  11. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    haha yeah I learnt to be economical with the truth regarding cars when talking to my wife a few years ago. I just tell her what make and what colour these days
  12. Hello All Background I'm installing a GPS telemetry system into my car (non BMW car) and the kit comes with 2 cameras that connect into a data logger. The system does not come with a screen so setting the camera positioning is going to be a faff. There is a facility to add in an RCA lead in series with the camera and GPS system that I could then connect this to a monitor to aid setting up. Question... Does anyone know of a lead that will be able to connect into the male end of the interface lead and then connect to a mobile phone to save buying an lcd screen? I assume if there is such a video in to a phone lead then I would need an app on the phone to view said image? Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance
  13. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    Sure no problem any time after 10.00 am. I've just edited the number too....id got a digit wrong! Should be fine now. I'm in a village on outskirts of Warrington No...just recent observations after resetting to satisfy curiosity
  14. 2008 e60 535d M Sport LCI

    Hi Sorry not had any text messages through from you. Its remarkably good on fuel as the EGR and DPF are removed along with a remap. My daily duties are basically taking the children to school in average A and B road traffic with a steady driving style and that returns 42mpg I took her out up to Preston at the last weekend and was driving 70-80 and I returned 56mpg On a hard B road blast then it can be as low at 34mpg. Given the performance available then the consumption is astonishing. It's surprising how restrictive the DPF is
  15. My Stage 2 535D

    Awesome results