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  1. The guard that is under passengers feet (on outside of the car) that covers some pipes and other bits (and I think a fuel filter). Mine is not present anymore
  2. Just to be 100%, lie under the door, and look upward as you gently peel edge of the foam away from the door, you should have a solid unbroken bead of the bitumen material, if you have any breaks in this bead, you can get water ingress if the water is dripping from the glass or seals, on to the membrane and then running down and through the gap between membrane and the door metal. I thought I had re sealed mine well enough, but i ended up replacing the bitumen with new to ensure I had an unbroken seal 100 %, as I very occasionally was still getting a small bit of ingress in the worst weather.
  3. poor running, another EGR thread

    When you say poor running, does it stall or anything, or is it just very down on power? Do you have a better description of symptoms?
  4. did you lie under the doors and check all along the lower edge and near the corners or the membranes to make sure there is no breach, and did you re-warm them to make sure they were really well sealed? - have you tried parking your car in different orientation to see if it stops the leak temporarily - i.e park it nose up rather than nose down? I assume yu checked all door membranes not just the passenger one?
  5. Sudden MPG drop.

    that sounds like duff glow plugs regarding puff of white smoke on startup and slightly rough running for a short period. but that wouldn't cause you to have poor mpg during a run.
  6. Real M5 ownership costs?

    Looks like its about 45p per mile in fuel alone, based on the 12mpg comment above. If your using premium fuel it will be more like 50p per mile.
  7. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    Ridiculous! At least the button on boot should work with key in, if the car is stationary and the engine off? Means if you are dropping someone and they need to open the boot, you have to key off and out, totally stupid.... If you fit a button, does that work with key in? Or is it the same?
  8. 2004 E61 525d Boot not opening

    It always shocks me that they omitted the button on earliuer E60 and E61, my E60 has no button either. Is it correct that you cant open boot with key in ignition either? Even with ignition off the boot button on fob, nor the button on my boot, will work until I remove the key?
  9. turbo failure

    I used some 3.2mm ID when I really needed to fix quickly, it was hard to get on, but if you dip the end in hot water, it will make it soften enough to go on much more easily. Without softening, 3.2mm was very tight. 3mm might be one step too far, even softened you might struggle.
  10. Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    You could try that, however it would be a miraculous coincidence that a sensor would fail at the same time you may have doused the controller in liquid. Was there any liquid near the controller at all? Andy
  11. I really like the big 4 pot, with the balancer it really felt very smooth, compared to an unbalanced 2.2L in one of our other cars. Just something a bit different, which is what I think make it a particularly special car worth keeping around for the future.
  12. Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    yes PDC controller is right at the bottom of wheel well, if you remove spare (if you have one) and then remove the liner polystryrene thingy, then its all under there in another piece of polystryrene/plastic holding it all. If its got wet it may well be beyond repair, but you never know, if you disconnect it and dry it out maybe you will be lucky. Also check fuses pertaining to these systems, you might be lucky and it will have blown a fuse rather than the controller... Will look a bit like this:
  13. Swirl Flaps - Prevention vs Performance

    likely to aid EGR mixing in to cylinder. The BMW has no mixing tube downstream of the EGR introduction point as some lesser engines use, but they are more a restriction to gas flow. Some engines have a perforated tube at the inlet , and the valve upstream of that. I guess BMW wanted to squeeze every ounce of power out where they could, unfortunately it resulted in a mechanism prone to killing engines
  14. X It never had a DPF. When I say ambient, I mean barometric pressure from DDE built in sensor.
  15. Parrot mki9100 - front speakers only

    are you sure they have wired in the line out from parrot? if they have, you would have to be on aux on idrive to hear music if the audio is being sent via line out for media from parrot.