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  1. wishicoulddriveit

    dash cam

    i am installing a dash cam to my e39 i have fitted the camera and the wire to the area of the fusebox. i am using a piggy back type connector but i am unsure which fuse to use and also where to connect the earth wire any help would be much appreciated
  2. wishicoulddriveit

    wheel fitment advice

    i am interested in the mv2(style 135) alloy wheels for my e39. the majority of wheels advertised for sale have been for the e46 model. will they fit the e39?, would spacers be required? if so how wide? is there anything else i would need to be aware of when choosing these wheels? any advice would be much appriciated. thanks
  3. is there any progress on the door mirror?

  4. my name and address is:-

    ian ward.

    53 deepdale.

    pine hills.



    TS 14 8JY.

    email:- ian-ward@sky.com

    1. wishicoulddriveit


      is there any progress on the door mirror?

  5. wishicoulddriveit

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    ok i will have it please.
  6. wishicoulddriveit

    BMW E39 530i facelift breaking.

    is the drivers side door mirror available please. thanks.
  7. wishicoulddriveit

    sill cover parts for e34

    part numbers 51 47 1 978 488 and 472. bran new grey plastic sill cover strips. (originally bought for 1989 520i)
  8. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 Sport M kick plates

    can i have one mister?
  9. wishicoulddriveit

    E39 Sport M kick plates

    in your "big job lot" article recently you showed some spare wheel retaining plates. is there any still available,i have just noticed mine is missing. thanks.
  10. wishicoulddriveit

    trim parts swap.

    does anyone fancy swapping some trim parts for a 2003 e39 saloon. the parts are:- rear parcel shelf and "A" and"C" pillar trims. mine are in black and the parts i require are in light grey. alternatively does anyone have those parts for sale? thanks
  11. wishicoulddriveit

    grey carpets

    does anyone have the front and rear carpets in light grey available? they are for a 2003 e39 saloon. thanks.
  12. wishicoulddriveit

    spotted on ebay

    this is from a current advert for a rear seat on ebay.(from lithuania) Manufacturer:- Model:- BMW Type:- 5 (E39) 2926cc Year:- caravan Type of gearbox:- 135 kw Steering:- automatic Mileage:- left side km/280665mi do they have many accidents in lithuania?
  13. i still (again)very interested in the rear seats.

    could you tell me colour of the headling please.


  14. wishicoulddriveit

    rear seat and dashboard top

    the rear seat saga. i bought what i thought was a rear seat for my car and was assured it would fit, it does but just did not look right. so on investigation i found out the lower part is for the fold down option on the saloon model. i am now on the lookout for the correct lower part of the seat. could you help? i wish you could have contacted me 24 hours earlier.
  15. wishicoulddriveit

    rear seat and dashboard top

    please dont go to any further trouble. as i have already managed to obtain the seats. sorry if i have caused any wasted time.