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  1. trim parts swap.

    does anyone fancy swapping some trim parts for a 2003 e39 saloon. the parts are:- rear parcel shelf and "A" and"C" pillar trims. mine are in black and the parts i require are in light grey. alternatively does anyone have those parts for sale? thanks
  2. grey carpets

    does anyone have the front and rear carpets in light grey available? they are for a 2003 e39 saloon. thanks.
  3. spotted on ebay

    this is from a current advert for a rear seat on ebay.(from lithuania) Manufacturer:- Model:- BMW Type:- 5 (E39) 2926cc Year:- caravan Type of gearbox:- 135 kw Steering:- automatic Mileage:- left side km/280665mi do they have many accidents in lithuania?
  4. rear seat and dashboard top

    the rear seat saga. i bought what i thought was a rear seat for my car and was assured it would fit, it does but just did not look right. so on investigation i found out the lower part is for the fold down option on the saloon model. i am now on the lookout for the correct lower part of the seat. could you help? i wish you could have contacted me 24 hours earlier.
  5. rear seat and dashboard top

    please dont go to any further trouble. as i have already managed to obtain the seats. sorry if i have caused any wasted time.
  6. rear seat and dashboard top

    yes i am very interested. is there any headrests with the seat. have you a picture of the seat? thanks
  7. 2003 e39 rear seats

    i am after the three head rests for the grey leather rear seat for a 2003 e39. thanks
  8. E39 restoration project.

    would you be interested in selling your "old man mud flaps" and possibly the wing mirrors?
  9. oem parts

    i am after some oem mud flaps (front and rear) for a 2003 e39 saloon. i have seen the fronts advertised but the rears seem to be only for the touring bodyshape. is there that much difference? any advice would be appreceiated. thanks
  10. rear seat and dashboard top

    revision to this topic. i no longer require a dashboard top.
  11. 2003 E39 Business CD (Alpine flat pin) £40 posted

    is this still available?
  12. rear seat and dashboard top

    i am looking for a complete rear seat in grey leather for the saloon version of a 2003 e39 520i. also a dashboard top.(preferably black) thanks
  13. could you please tell me the price?. do you have the small plastic insert that fits between the door lock switch and central locking switch on the centre console? thanks
  14. are the grey sear runner covers still available?
  15. grey interior trim

    just what i wanted thanks. please tell me the price and how to pay.