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  1. door card

    near side front door card in grey leather. to fit 2003 520i e39
  2. gauge needles

    could some one please tell me the correct method for removal of instrument gauge needles. on 2003 520i e39. thanks
  3. gear stick

    has anyone got a gear stick shifter for sale. its for an e39 auto 2003 model i need it pretty quick thanks
  4. central arm rest

    i have the arm rest off the car its just removal of the handle from the arm rest itself
  5. central arm rest

    sorry its a 2003 e39 5201
  6. central arm rest

    could anyone please tell me how to remove the handle from the centre arm rest. i have removed the arm rest from the car and taken out the two screws from the front but am now stuck. i cannot see any others?