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  1. davmoly

    Rear parking sensor glitch (E61)

    Ok so this problem has not gone away, front sensors ok, back sensors all clicking but no audible warning any more. Also the visual seems off, so when there is only a few inches clearance at the back of the car the dash still shows amber, not red as I would expect Basically I can't rely on them at all. Any thoughts where I should start (all I've done so far is cleaned them)?
  2. davmoly

    E61 no radio signal

    So I bit the bullet and picked up a used diversity module on eBay, fitted and still no joy, so went back to the harness on the right hinge (left set) and turns out I missed a wire when fixing the broken ones first time around. I guess it must have been ready to split (purple/ white is radio) then it probably went when I put the hinge guides back on (have now removed them permanently). Very happy the radio is working but gutted at spending the money on the used module, will have to resell on eBay, or keep as future spare. So in summary if radio not working this is the process I would follow to avoid unnecessary cost or time spent: 1. Check all fuses related to audio system, replace if necessary (check central locking fuses if also not working). 2. If fuses are fine and central locking is working then check fakra plug on end of coax is seated properly. If not then replace plug and check again. 3. If radio still not working then check wiring loom to diversity module on right hinge (left side wiring). 4a. If wires are fine and central locking also not working then replace diversity module. 4b. If central locking is working then check coax cable for damage, this is left hinge (right side wiring). 5. If coax damaged then replace, or aftermarket £4 autoleads seems to work just fine as an alternative. 6. If none of the above then cry, get yourself together and sell the car There are good guides already online for repairing wiring and coax, just Google. Hope this helps someone else with similar problems. FYI, when I fixed the wiring loom on right hinge, central locking didn't work because the fuse blew, I guess on the diversity (5 amp, fuse 59, trunk), so always worth a second check of fuses before splashing out on a new diversity module.
  3. Weird problem with my 2006 E61 rear parking sensors today, they stopped beeping but still visible on the dash. Checked fault codes and returned the following error: 'parking sensor 00, 01, E2, 05 not found' . I'm assuming this means the rear sensors but not sure and it's weird because they are visible on the dash and all are clicking when I checked, so I'm out of ideas and any help appreciated. Fronts seem ok and still beeping. As an aside, I repaired the right side tailgate wiring a few days ago and wondered if the parking sensors go through that loom and maybe there is still a break, or maybe this is just a coincidence?
  4. davmoly

    E61 no radio signal

    Ok, so update after driving a couple of hundred miles today, new aerial is picking up local stations but longer range is dodgy, or no signal in some cases, so it will need amplification and I guess this is what the diversity module adds to the OEM aerial. I don't think the socket is serviceable on the module itself but that seems to be the root of my particular problem. If it's not then I might try to bypass the socket because I don't really won't an aftermarket amplified aerial because they are fugly. Also don't really want to pay £271 for a new diversity module but will see where it goes next few days.
  5. davmoly

    E61 no radio signal

    The picture shows the aerial, it's flat and designed to be stuck to a windscreen. I removed the amplifier (plastic box) and the cables because they're not required. This just left the flat aerial and then I soldered on a longer wire to reach through into the safety of the plastic box surrounding the diversity module. The aerial itself is stuck down just in front of the protective box and provides a very strong clear signal. Trying a new plug is definitely worth it but unfortunately it didn't work on mine and there was no signal unless I bypassed the socket on the diversity module. I didn't want to risk damaging the rest of the module by trying to repair the socket so this fix was less risky and also cheap and easy.
  6. davmoly

    E61 no radio signal

    I did this today (E61), radio stopped working about 6 months ago, finally got around to looking at it today. Diversity module was dry, central locking still working. Pulled coax and associate cables on left side and they were in tip top condition. I called BMW expecting to buy a new module but when they told me a diversity module is now £271 I went straight back out to look again and glad I did! I stuck a small copper wire into the end of the coax cable, coat hanger style, and hey presto perfect radio signal. The problem was the socket on the diversity module. I went to Halfords and bought an autoleads aerial for £3.99, soldered a piece of small gauge copper wire to the antenna (cut off all other cables) then drilled a small hole in the outer plastic box of diversity module and fed the other end through. Soldered on a conductor (used the core of the auto lead cable), pushed this into the OEM coax connector and taped it all up. Worked a treat! Have attached pictures for a better idea. I would suggest if your central locking works but no radio signal then first unplug coax and jam a bit if wire in before doing anything else, including pulling wires to check for damage. Might save time and/or money. The beauty with the £3.99 autoleads aerial is that it's flat and by pure chance it fits exactly in front of the diversity module under the spoiler so nice and clean too.