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    another newbie

    hi guys another newbie here, i have a f10 2013 525d Msport in white, car mechanic to trade be it out the trade for a few years now away for a look around craig
  2. rig-pig

    F10 oil level issues ??

    Thanks guys iv found out that after any oil level movement you need to go for a drive of at least 6 miles for the comp to register. So some online info said. So now to try it out
  3. Hi guys this one is a bit of a head scratcher for me, i have a 2013 525d and the issue is that the dash (computer) show's full engine oil level and the dip stick is on the minimum, now i have topped up the engine oil to full on dip stick the dash(computer) show's over filled oil, so i removed some oil down to between the min / max level on the dip stick and the dash (computer) still show's over filled / level to high.i am a car mechanic to trade be it i left the industry 15 years ago and my instinct is go with the dip stick level.any help or info would be massively appreciated thanksCraig
  4. rig-pig

    newbie in scotland

    hi im new here too