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    Terra Clean v re map on e46 325i facelift

    What do you mean N/A engine ?
  2. Hi all, I am new to this forum but have recently aquired my first BMW. As I said in the title its an e46 325i facelift. As much as I love it I have had it for a few months now and, as is always the way after the honeymoon period, I want more power lol. I was thinking of re mapping but the gains are minimal (192-205bhp and 245-264 Nm) but the dude on the phone suggested a Terra Clean as in his experience older cars (mine is 53 plate and just over 100K miles) that usually yeilds better results. I know cars can loose significant power due to carbon build up and its half the price of a re map but I don't want to blow £130 and have nothing to show for it On the phone he said that avg power loss on this sort of age car is 30-40 horses and the clean will restore original power but friends have debunked it One guy I know said Beemers don't get clogged up is that right ? Is there some sort of de carbonising system I am unaware of ? Lastly has anyone with comparable make/model/year had it done ? If so what was the out come ? Thanks in advance Hope someone can help